The High Priestess (II) Upright

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



Feminine Principle, Subconscious, Higher-Self, Spirituality, Deep Feelings, Understanding, Passivity, Non-active, Intuition, Reflection, Receptive, Retreat, Withdraw, Solitude, Space, Time Alone, Calm, Peace, Patience, Distant, Independent, Self-Sufficient, Inner Resources, Following your Own Path, Inner Voice/Vision, Insight, Inner-Work, Guardian, Wisdom, Esoteric/Occult, Knowledge – Teaching/Learning, Spirituality, Meditation, Pious, Wise/Mysterious Woman, Pious/Sanctimonious, Counselling, Advice, Mystery, Secrets, Hidden, Concealment, Undercurrents, Hidden Agendas, Motives, Confidences, Memories, Fertility, Birthing, Hormones, Women’s Cycles, Moods, Dreams, Past Lives, Imagination, Balancing Masculine/Feminine Aspects, Sowing Seeds, Germination of Ideas/Plans, Inner Potential, Realising your Talents/Gifts

Astrological AssociationThe Moon –  The Primal Feminine Principal, Unconscious, Intuitive, Mysterious, Memories, Past, Moods. Water

Sun Sign – Pisces – Together with the Hanged Man and Page of Cups, The High Priestess  represents the sun sign of Pisces.  Pisceans are connected with spirituality and psychic abilities. They are dreamers who often appear to be far away on another plane of existence.  Their challenge is to maintain their spiritual gifts whilst remaining and functioning in the physical.  The real world can often appear harsh to Pisceans. They need to find balance between the spiritual and the physical.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life – Walks the 13th Path from Kether (Crown/Source) to the 6th Sephira, Tipareth  (Beauty/Balance/Spirituality/The Son of God)

Hebrew Letter – Gimel – Camel (able to sustain itself in the desert and in times of drought by carrying its own resources within)

The High Priestess  is also associated with the Four Two’s of The Minor Arcana .  Both Justice XI (1+1=2) and The Judgement Card XX (2+0=2).

The Sixth Sephira lies half way between The Divine Source in Kether  and the physical or purely world focus of Malkuth (Kingdom/Physical World).  Tipareth’s role is that of the converter and harmoniser.  All spiritual energy from the source must pass through Tipareth  to become physical and all returning physical energy must pass through likewise to become spiritual.  The pure energy of each Sephira on its own is not possible. Tipareth  on The Tree of Life , is unique in the fact that it is connected to all the other Sephiroth except Malkuth (Kingdom/Physical World).  Tipareth  acts to balance and integrate all of the other Sephirot energies in order to create harmony.  Tipareth (Balance/the son of God) bridges the divide between The Divine God and the physical world.

The Fool developed Conscious awareness and the Masculine Force in The Magician as he traveled to Binah, but conscious awareness on its own is useless without a balancing Unconscious and Feminine Source, for that is how the Law of The Universe works.  The Fool was shown what he could do in The Magician, and told that he had all the tools available to him.  However, he must dwell on these matters now before making any hasty decisions.  He must think deeply about what it is he wants to do with his new-found knowledge.  To do this The Fool must now develop a new kind of knowledge.  He must develop his Unconscious Awareness, and in doing so will gain access to his intuition, inner vision and inner voice.  He must understand and utilise his inner knowledge and hidden depths if he is to succeed in his quest or indeed survive at all.  It is through his Unconscious Awareness and Higher-Self that he will maintain his connection to the source as he travels the road to Tipareth .

As he ventures along the 13th Path he encounters his Higher Self and Unconscious Awareness for the first time in the form of The High Priestess The Fool will come to rely on her energy and knowledge when he encounters dark and lonely times.  He will learn to understand that she may be the only one he can truly and honestly rely on after receiving ill advice and guidance from others and even his own ego.  After running down several blind alleys and after making some disastrous choices he will learn to trust her like he trust’s no one else; for she knows him inside and out like no other.  The High Priestess  is the guardian and keeper of all Esoteric and Occult knowledge.  However, The Fool must earn her respect and trust in turn, before she will reveal her arcane knowledge and share it with him.  He must deem himself worthy.

Card Description and Spiritual Lessons

The High Priestess sits dressed in a gown of pale blue over which is draped a dark blue cloak suggesting that her interest is in purely spiritual matter.  On her heart a cross is depicted.  The cross represents the Four Elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) or the four directions (North, South, East and West).  The cross also represents balance, and at the meeting place of the four arms is God.  The High Priestess  has deep knowledge of all Four Elements and Directions for she stands equal to God in the feminine aspect as the Goddess, the female presence of the Divine.

On her head she wears a horned diadem with an orb or globe in the centre, very similar to the crown worn by the Egyptian Goddess Hathor.   Hathor was the Goddess of love, beauty, joy and motherhood.  She also welcomed the dead into the next life.  This connects The High Priestess with the birthing process, and to those returning from the physical back to the spiritual. A large yellow crescent moon rests beneath her foot, which yet again is another symbol connecting her to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor of the night sky.  The crescent moon symbolises that by reflecting upon life or your situation, the necessary information or the answer will naturally filter through.

In her hand she holds a scroll which is only partly revealed.  The letters TORA are clearly visible.  This represents the Hebrew Torah which is the holiest book/scroll in Judaism.  The Torah is deeply respected and revered.  It is used only on very special occasions during Torah Ritual Reading and Ceremonies.  Much dedicated and highly skilled work goes into the writing and presentation of each one.  It requires patience, self-discipline and can sometimes take years to be completed.  Only those of the highest impeccable standard and skills are deemed suitable to embark on such a divine quest.  One slight mistake or error will render the Torah totally unworthy.

The High Priestess  conceals the last letter, H beneath her cloak. The Torah contains Jewish law in the form of the five books of Moses. Great spiritual knowledge and wisdom is to be found within the Torah. The fact that part of the name is hidden indicates mystery and concealment.  She would need to use her powerful psychic and intuitive abilities to discover its content, or remain for every ignorant.

When the Torah is not in use it is placed in the holiest place in the synagogue, the Aron Kodesh(Holy Ark).  It is stored in an ornate box which is screened off by a curtain   Here we see the curtain symbolically represented by the veil that hangs behind The High Priestess, suspended between two pillars. The High Priestess  is also guardian of this vast wisdom, but will only reveal its contents to those she deems worthy; to those who have put in the time and effort to fully understand and respect the nature of its meaning.  The Language of The High Priestess  is often vague and abstract; laced with metaphors, symbols and archetypes.  Effort and patience is required on the part of the seeker to decipher her code and unravel its mysteries. She reminds you that sometimes you need to go deeper to find the answers as not everything will be obvious at first glance to the casual observer.  You may need to dig deep to find what you are looking for.

One black, and one white pillar support the veil.  The black pillar carries the letter B written in white which symbolises the feminine aspect (intuition, imagination, creativity, receptivity, passivity, compassion – the subconscious). The white pillar carrying the letter J written in black symbolises the masculine aspect (physical force, logic, practicality, action, aggression – the conscious). The letters B and J stand for Boaz and Jakin which were the names of the two pillars in the mystical Temple of Solomon. The letters B and J written in the colour of the opposite pillar symbolises that neither the Feminine nor Masculine aspect is of any use solely on its own.  It is through blending, integrating and uniting these two powerful forces that real power and knowledge can be released.  The white pillar represents her masculine counterpart, The Magician.  Whereas he is the Master of Conscious Power and Self-Awareness or Worldly Knowledge, The High Priestess  is the Mistress of Unconscious Power, Inner Awareness and Esoteric Knowledge.  The Magician works with the Ego, while The High Priestess  works with the Higher Self bringing about a stabilising element to The Magician’s masculine force.  The High Priestess  introduces The Magician to his conscience, assisting him to reflect before taking action.  She maintains his connection to the Divine source.  When The Magician and High Priestess unite, real creation can begin.  Together they are a powerful force to behold.

The High Priestess  sits tall and proud in front of the veil.  Pomegranate seeds cover the veil symbolising the formation of plans, ideas, dreams, possibilities, potential and other forms of creation that are germinating within us.  Behind the veil we get a brief glimpse of a large body of calm blue water.  This symbolises the thin veil that lies between the conscious and the unconscious, as well as the veil or curtain that shields the Holy Ark and its contents, the Torah. The High Priestess  sits with her back to the veil facing out to the physical world. Her eyes are dark deep pools of ancient wisdom. She cannot see with her physical eyes that which is beyond the veil.  For her, eyesight is unnecessary because when she becomes still, she can sense its presence and relies on her inner vision to find her way.  The High Priestess  has gone deep within to access this pool of water in order to gain understanding of it.  The pool of water represents the unconscious world where all esoteric knowledge, wisdom and memories of times past, past lives and the future reside.  The pool holds clues to our true soul-purpose and is gateway to the divine.  The High Priestess  has swum the waters of this pool many times and knows every single aspect of it, even its darkest depths.

The pool also represents Universal Knowledge and the Akashic Records.  The High Priestess  provides the gateway or bridge to the divine and spirit world.  Therefore those with certain abilities such as psychics, mediums and clairvoyants understand her true nature, for they have encountered her on several occasions as she helped them relay information from spirit into the physical.

The High Priestess  sits motionless and composed.  She can sit for hours in this manner as she needs to be still both without and within.  She can sometimes appear to be in a constant state of meditation which reminds us that to hear our inner voice or access our intuition we must be still and go within.  She encourages us to learn the art of meditation so that we may hear her voice clearly.  She reminds us too of the patience that is much-needed when we first attempt to hear or listen to her internal whisperings.  The High Priestess  needs little action or movement, preferring just to be.  She also likes her solitude and privacy, for clamour and noise distract her from her true purpose.  Her appearance in a reading will highlight that now is not the time for action.  Better to retreat, reflect and meditate on your situation before making your next move.

The High Priestess  is associated with the Moon; both the light and dark sides of it, so she brings secrecy and mystery in her wake.  The Moon symbolises her deep imagination, feelings, reflections, memories, moods and unconscious yearnings.  The Moon also helps her journey into the dark by throwing its light on shadowy areas illuminating all that is hidden.  However, in her Dark Moon aspect she can keep secrets hidden for a long time.  The Moon also represents Dreamtime, when the conscious sleeps, allowing the unconscious, The High Priestess , to move forward and call to you. She asks you to pay attention to your dreams at present; to write them down or keep a journal for they contain the vital and important information she is trying to relay to you.

Like The High Priestess, the Moon is also feminine so it symbolises fertility, hormonal influences, women’s menstrual cycles and the mysterious side of femininity. The Moon affects the tides, and also influences fluctuations in our moods.  However, The High Priestess  has learned to work with the Moon’s magical energy rather than be controlled by it. The High Priestesses, and witches of all covens, access her knowledge so that they too can utilise the magnetic power of the Moon in their magickal workings.

As you can see from above, the appearance of The High Priestess  in a reading can sometimes be difficult to interpret.  That is her esoteric  nature.  She is mysterious, secretive, aloof and hard to engage with.  She does not readily give up the information you require.  On must approach her in a more reflective manner.  It is sometimes necessary to put yourself in her shoes by going deep within to find that which you seek.  She stares back at you asking “ why should you seek from me that which you have answers for within”.  Literally she tells you that “deep down, if you are honest with yourself, you know what you have to do and the solution to your problems.  Go figure it out yourself and be a little bit more self-reliant”.

Divinatory Meaning

The High Priestess  is a card of mystery, stillness and passivity.  This is not a time for action of moving forward.  Instead The High Priestess  suggests that at present you should retreat from your situation and all external distraction so that you can reflect on all aspects at play.  It would be wise to spend some time alone to allow things to settle and to get a better feel for what is really going on e.g.  Is it that I am not happy in my relationship or is it more than that? Perhaps it is me that is not happy within myself?  When she appears in a reading it is an indication that you need to dig deeper than the surface issues as there are certain things hidden from you right now.  There is more going on than you think and you need to find out what.  There may be deep undercurrents or a hidden motive or agenda that you unaware of.  These things may be either externally or internally related.

We can go through life for many years, doing the same thing over and over, day in and day out, without ever really stopping to think if we should be doing something else, whether we have realised our full potential, or are even remotely happy.  The High Priestess  has infinite patience and will sit for as long as it takes waiting for you to hear her whispers from within.  She assures you that the more you sit and tune out external distractions the louder her voice will become and the clearer her words.  However, her words and subtle nuances are not always easy to understand so we can often find The High Priestess’ presence confusing and frustrating.  We stare at her card imploring her to reveal what it is that she is trying to tell us, but she just silently gazes back at us letting us know that it is we who must solve her riddle.  We hear her in our head whispering to us “you know all you need to know, it is just that you don’t know that you know ” “You know exactly what the solution to your problem is and what or who is causing all the problems. So, why do you ask to hear it from others?” Basically The High Priestess  is telling you that the answers lie within and that there is where you must go to release them.

If you have the patience to allow The High Priestess  into your life she will help you find the inner knowledge that you seek.  It is not everyone who will pursue her or follow her advice for one must be brave and ready to discover, for good or bad, all that she will help you reveal.  You must also inherently trust that it comes from a higher source, and is for your highest good.  The inner work she speaks of is often difficult and trying, but she reminds you that perseverance and practice will bring about success.

The High Priestess  reminds you that she is the guardian of secrets and mysteries so someone may not be telling you the truth or at the very least holding back on all the facts.  It is up to you to work out what it is by employing your own inner wisdom, and by paying attention to any gut feelings you may experience.  She asks you to employ your powers of intuition when seeking the answer to your situation, and to trust your gut instincts, for all may not be what it appears.  Your personal intuition is a powerful tool and ally but needs to be accessed regularly in order for it to fully develop. However, her presence may relate to the fact that it is you who is withholding a deep secret from others, or keeping a confidence.  If she turns up in a Family Reading she may suggest that there is family secret that you are unaware of.

The High Priestess’ connection with the Moon can suggest that is a time for reflection, especially on the past, for somewhere in the past this situation or something similar has happened to you before  Her presence in a reading can also suggest that past life situations are influencing the present.  This is a card for memories too and she often appears to remind you that there is something very important that you need to remember.  The strong presence of the Moon in The High Priestess  may indicate that you, or someone you know, is experiencing a great depth of feeling or emotion.  Moods may be running high or low.  The High Priestess represents the feminine aspect so her presence along with the feminine Moon brings in women’s issues, menstrual cycles, fertility, pregnancy, birthing and the menopause.  Therefore mood swings or emotional instability may have their root cause in hormonal imbalances or disturbances. This may be affecting your perception of a situation.  In relation to pregnancy, The High Priestess’ presence can indicate high fertility.  The seeds on the veil that hangs behind her can symbolically suggest the implantation or sowing of the seeds that will mature or grow into something great.  If The Magician card appears in the reading along with other pregnancy related cards, the querant would be advised to take extra birth control precautions if she does not intend to get pregnant.  Her connection to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, can indicate that the birth of a child is imminent.

In relationships she may suggest that you or your partner has withdrawn from, or need to, withdraw from the relationship in search of deeper significance, or your true worth.  A decision may need to be made.  Your partner is bound to find you aloof, distant or detached during this time.  You can appear unapproachable and hard to reach.  It can be a worrying time for the relationship, but is vitally necessary.  Once the period of withdrawal is over the relationship may reach a new depth or dissolve altogether.  Better to know now rather than waste each other’s time and energy.  If there is a decision to be made, The High Priestess  advises you not to act hastily.  Give yourself time to think and feel.  Remember, it is about you this time and you must follow your own guidance, seek your own counsel and not be coerced by others.

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She may suggest that you have met someone you feel a strong psychic or spiritual bond with, or may feel that you knew them in a past life.  The High Priestess  suggests a time of solitude and privacy.  She can represent the woman who lives alone and keeps to herself.  She may also suggest that you are craving time on your own and personal space.  This may indicate that you need a break from your relationship.

She may be the mysterious woman you are drawn to; intrigued by her cool, aloof exterior. If this is your partner or the woman you seek a relationship with you must understand that you will never fully get to know her.  Regardless of how many years you spend together, there will be areas of her that are inaccessible to you, and times when she seems a hundred million light years away. This is because she is not fully of this world and can slip in and out of it at will.

The High Priestess  can suggest that you become aware of your potential.  She asks you to remember the talents you brought into this world with you.  She asks you to let the seeds of your potential germinate like the pomegranate seeds on her veil.  She asks you to think of your future so that you may start forming ideas and plans.  Be open to all possibilities and to know your individual greatness and power.  Cultivate your talents and let them naturally blossom.

Like her masculine counterpart, The Magician, The High Priestess  is also the student and teacher but this time of the esoteric, spirituality, mysteries, inner-self and intuition. She is the feminine influence, and he the masculine influence. Together in balance, symbolised by the two pillars, they are powerful and all-knowing. In metaphysical realms, her presence may indicate that you are developing psychically or are seeking knowledge in this area.  You may be studying or teaching meditation, mediumship, Tarot reading or spirituality.  The High Priestess  is the all-knowing all-seeing Wise Woman or Seer.  You may be the woman who people turn to, or she may suggest that you are getting advice or counselling from her.  She could be the Healer, Tarot  Reader, Psychic, Medium or Clairvoyant.

The High Priestess  along with The Hanged Man and the Page of Cups can represent a Piscean person even if reversed. One of Pisces spiritual lessons is to make real their dreams and ideas by taking them past the seed stage.  Many Pisceans are gentle, sensitive, imaginative and creative people, who often possess strong psychic abilities. They can sometimes find the world a harsh place to be in.  They can have a tendency to withdraw when things get tough or unpleasant. They need to learn the lesson of balance in order to curb this trait so that they can survive in the real world without sacrificing their sensitive side.

Sometimes The High Priestess  turns up in a reading when you just want to be left alone or to be by yourself.  There are times when others do not understand this need for solitude and quiet.  They misread it as loneliness, especially if you have just been through a tough time, ill-health or bereavement.  Acting out of compassion and love, they can force their company on you so that you are not left on your own, and to let you know that they are there for you.   All you want is to be left in peace to stare at the wall in front of you, or to let tears silently fall, yet you are surrounded by well-meaning people who want to fill the heavy silence and hold your hand.   I think we have all experienced such times.

The High Priestess  is not present enough in society today, and The Magician too much so. The need for balance in one’s life, and the balance between your feminine and masculine side can be called into question when she appears.  Women today often suppress their feminine side in an effort to compete with men in careers, sport and relationships.  As a result, they can lose their natural gentle, nurturing and feminine side.  Men can feel that it is either unacceptable or uncomfortable to sense any of her presence at all within.  This results in too much aggression, force and a lack of compassion.  If The High Priestess  was more evident in society today there would be less war, less crime and less cruelty. She asks you to go within to examine this balance and see if you are wanting in this area.  She asks you to take a look at her card once more and study the meaning of the temple pillars behind her.  The feminine and masculine aspect must be suitably balanced and integrated in all of us if we are to be successful human beings.

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  1. Hello! I wanted to quote something you wrote here and share it with other thoughts on my blog. Is it ok I do that, of course adding your link/giving you credit for those words? Thank you for this blog! ❤


  2. Hello, hello, Vivien. What would the HP Upright indicate in a work situation? I did a Past ( Devil R.,) Present (HP Upright), and Future (6 of Wands Upright) reading for my current job, which I despise. In fact, most of my coworkers share the same sentiment. Is she saying to continue developing my writing and the the SOWs could mean recognition in the future and I can finally quit?


    • Hi Lyle,

      Sorry to hear you are still battling with your work situation. This is just an off the cuff response but I would see the High Priestess as encouraging you not to make any major moves at present. Sit on your situation and get on with it. The Reversed Devil in your past is acknowledging that even though you are stuck in a negative situation right now, you have not sold out to the Devil and he does not own you. The High Priestess asks you to keep your own counsel right now and not be so outspoken. Maybe you should keep your feelings about your job to yourself at present and focus more positive intentions on the future, your six of wands. You may be wasting too much energy loathing your job right now when you need to be working away in the background with your writing. Shake off any negativity as much as you can as it will have a subconscious impact which may taint your writing.




  3. Such a mysterious and wonderful card. I keep a dream journal and had two dreams two nights in a row about my ex-husband. I often pull cards after dreams and record my findings. In the dream I was trying to get information from him and he was really vague in the dream. I pulled The High Priestess, Magician (R) and the 7 of Cups. The next day I checked online and all of his social media accounts are gone! Google+, Linkedin, everything!


    • Oh that is significant isn’t it. The Magician may not want everyone knowing what he is doing, or is taking a complete break from Social Media. I would see the 7 of Cups as all his social media outlets. Something may have happened to prompt him to delete his accounts. With the Reversed Magician it is likely he was up to something. Could the High Priestess suggest a mystery woman or secret he is trying to conceal from the prying public? He can’t delete your psychic abilities as easily as deactivating his social media accounts! Are you worried about him if this is out of character for him?


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      • He was always secretive (even when we were married) he kept numerous mistresses throughout the duration of our marriage and would often chat with women online (he did this to his second wife as well) I suppose he’s up to his old tricks. He friended me on Google+ but I’m hardly on there.

        I just find it odd that he visited me in a dream. We divorced in August of 2005 lol


  4. Hi Vivien. I am very new to Tarot but I really like it from the first stage. I have a problem with my work, I took a spread last week with 1. Reversed Page of Wands, 2. Reversed Seven of Cups, 3. Reversed Three of pentacles and outcome was the High Priestess. I have read some about the High Priestess but I dont get it much. Could you please guide me some info? Thank you so much
    I enjoy reading your blog very much ^^


    • Hi Max,

      Welcome to the world of Tarot. Now interpreting these cards without knowing what you were asking about may be tricky as they can be interpreted in many ways. It is important to focus the interpretation in the direction that is relevant to the question asked. However, I am going to go by my gut reaction, so here we go.

      1. Reversed Page of Wands, 2. Reversed Seven of Cups, 3. Reversed Three of pentacles tend to suggest restlessness and being unsure of what it is you want or should be doing.

      The Reversed Page of Wands gets easily excited and motivated without giving much long-term thought to the ins and outs of what is involved. He gets bored easily and interests wanes when problems or challenges occur,or when the hard slog work part has to be endured. He can change his mind from one day to the next and can get quite negative when things don’t work out as he expected. As a Page it suggests the immature aspect of his Element Fire. In the upright, he has a vision and will go chasing after it fired up with enthusiasm and vigor. He can be quite determined and relentless, but even in his upright aspect he can lack staying power or follow through. When reversed this can become a repetitive pattern.

      When I see the Reversed Seven of Cups sitting beside the reversed Page of Wands, it reinforces the above for me. The Reversed Seven of Cups suggests multiply distractions that excite and engage the Reversed Page of Wands who has dreams and visions about many great things. However, this card also suggests that the Reversed Page may continuously fail to hit success because he hasn’t taken time out to identify exactly what it is he needs or wants in life. His power can become diluted. It brings in a lack of solid foundations and the Reversed Page may consume a lot of time and energy trying this that and the other, only to feel disillusioned by the reality of it. This can also be a good thing if the Page is very young and wants to try out several different paths in order to discover the one he enjoys the most. Unless he puts some sort of time frame on it, he could become a jack of all trades, but master of none (metaphorically speaking). He may be spoiled for choice and finds everything extremely tempting but he is very impressionable so discipline needs to be applied.

      With The Reversed Three of Pentacles we get the result of lack of focused attention in the Reversed Page of Wands and the scattered energy of the Reversed Seven of Cups. The Reversed Page of Wands is not putting his best work into whatever the subject the reading is about. It can be half-hearted or not up to close inspection. Now this does not mean that the Reversed Page is lazy or useless, but rather he is not doing what he should be doing in life. He could be in a boring career, or possibly drifting from one job to another just to pay the bills. He is not really interested in what he is about and one way or another it will become obvious, both to the Reversed Page of Wands, and to those around him. If he has chased off in pursuit of what he thought was the ultimate dream, the Reversed Three of Pentacles could suggest he is not getting out of it what he had hoped for. There may be very little reward or recognition for what he has done or is trying to do. This will make his frustrated and restless. However, this could also imply that the Reversed Page of Wands may be letting someone else take the glory for his efforts. General disappointment in what the Page of Wands had hoped for in The Seven of Cups. His bubble has burst and reality may be hitting home.

      The High Priestess arrives with sound and solid advice in the Outcome Card for she is acknowledging there has been too much activity with little deep thought given to its success or outcome. The first two cards suggests distractions and restlessness. There may be little time spent alone or in contemplation. Life may be very busy for the Reversed Page of Wands or with the Reversed Three of Pentacles he could be burnt out from constant running in all directions at the one time. The Reversed Three of Pentacles suggests the Page of Wands does not seem to be making productive progress with his plans or goals. He needs to take a step back and sit in the energy of The High Priestess for a while where he can slowly tune in to his inner self to determine exactly what it is he should be doing. The High Priestess is a ‘Press Pause’ card and she calls a halt to the party and dispels chaos from the Reversed Page of Wand’s environment. She is the calming voice of reason and intuition. She allows the dust to settle and the path to true vision, clear. She suggests you avoid any impulsive actions until you are clear about what it is you want. You may have been giving of yourself too much and need to pull back a bit.

      If this is a relationship reading the High Priestess could suggest the Reversed Page of Wands is a bit out of his depth with this person as she can be a hard nut to crack and can appear aloof or emotionally detached at times. She may be hard to figure out and indeed could be out of reach.

      So, there you have it. This interpretation is just one of many and could be worked in a different fashion depending on the nature of the question asked. Sit with it a while and see if it stirs up any meaning for you.

      I hope it helped,



  5. Wow, Vivien! What an insight!
    Sorry that I forgot to tell you my questions. 1. How does my current work look like? 2. What are real problem I am facing? 3. What should I do with this? 4. How my work in future?
    I am reading your reply and thinking about my current works. I found this is quite close. Do my questions above can lead to different meanings others above?
    Thank you so much xxxx

    Max ^^


  6. Hi Vivien,
    I’m new to this site and have found it to be very informative. I recently quit my job, because I have been very miserable for the last 2 years. I found that since I have a little more free time, my dreams and intuition have really kicked in. I also have been feeling this strange connection to this boy, who I dated as a teenager, which was 24 yrs ago. I woke up today and I pulled the Queen of Swords, The High Priestess, and the Page of Wands. I also google the old boyfriend and i’m pretty sure he is in jail. I should tell you that i’m happily married with an 11 year old. Any thoughts?


    • Hi Martha,

      Very interesting. I wonder if the cards are a reflection of the wise choice you made in the past. The Queen of Swords has a strong sensible head on her and in comparison to the Page of Wands she is light years ahead. The Queen of Swords and High Priestess could possibly be hinting at a case of ‘told you so’. I think you might have seen the way the Page of Wands was heading many years ago and decided that it was not for you. The High Priestess might simply be pointing this out to you and showing you the blessings of your lovely young son. Your life may have taken a completely different path years ago if you had not listened to your inner voice and made sensible choices. It is possible this boy from your past has been reflecting on his past and may have thought of you, prompting a connection in energy on a level that would prompt a dream. Did you 24 years ago see the writing on the wall through the influence of the High Priestess? Yes, very interesting.



  7. Thanks so much Vivien! That makes perfect sense. I did see the writing on the wall 24 years ago, and knew where he was heading in his life. I think this is also a lesson in trusting myself and intuition.


  8. Hello Vivien,

    first of all i would like you to thank you with all my love for sharing all your knowledge.
    I started studing the Tarot for a month now and it’s making me finding myself in a lot of different ways, and you are helping me a lot. But, last week, something really disturbing happened. I had a really powerfull dream.

    I’ve always had lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, and, sometimes, even dreams that seemed to predict the future. Last week i was sleeping and found myself laying in my bed facing the ceiling. I could not move my body. So, in a few minutes, i notice it was a dream, but i could not awake. I tried hard to get up cause i was feeling something really powerfull. Suddenlly, my hands were moving really fast against my will. It seemed like they were looking for something aroud me. My body still couldn’t move. So, one of my hands reached at something: a card. It took the card and started moving it to my sight till i could see it. It was The High Priestess. As soon as i reconized the card i started hearing steps. That really scared me so i tried more than ever to awake. I tried to scream but wouldn’t hear any sound coming out of my mouth. Suddenly, i awoke. A friend of mine who lives with me was in my room shaking me, he said i was screaming loud, so he awoke me. I notice that i was is the exactcly same position of my dream! And my room was just the same. The same light, the same objects. Everyting was just like i the dream. The only thing different was that the card wasn’t with me. I’ve been trying to unsderstand this dream, but sometimes i feel afraid of it. Do you think it could be trying to tell me something? I feel like is telling me that are forces i do not yet understand but are moving my life.


    Thank you very much for all!

    PS: sorry for the grammatical errors, english is not my first language (i’m brazilian)


    • Hi Gabriel,

      Firstly your English is great. Gosh, that sounds like a very interesting dream and I can understand why you might be unnerved by it. However, your description sounds very like sleep paralysis, or borderline Out of Body Experience. If you have been absorbed in studying the cards and were working on The High Priestess, your subconscious may have brought this to the surface in your dream. I have had sleep paralysis as you describe and it is very scary. Google it for better explanation.

      Regarding The High Priestess, she is the guardian of Arcane Knowledge. She is the feminine principal, the psychic, medium, clairvoyant. She may be acknowledging an awakening on these levels if you have opened to studying tarot. If you are nervous, be sure to do lots of cleansing, protection and grounding. You will probably a gifted reader with strong intuition and psychic input.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Maybe some site viewers will see your comment and offer better explanation.



  9. Hello Vivien,

    I had a breakup with my ex boyfriend and I asked my friend who knows a little bit about tarot to do a reading to get me a closure. Each question got one spread. I found out the reason he left me was another girl that he had feelings for. I asked if he was my soulmate and unfortunately the 2-card spread said Yes (ouch).

    There’s one spread that troubled me: “When will get to witness, or at least see karma hit him for the emotional pain he has caused me?” and I got the High Priestess, Knight of Swords and 3 of Swords, all upright. My friend deciphered that this doesn’t show when he will get his karma, but it tells how karma hit him. With the High Priestess represents his action – he strongly believes in his wisdom, intuition, and decision no matter it right or wrong (he believes his feelings for the other girl is real). The Knight (facing towards the Priestess) describes the ‘she’ that he will be with, a lot like me but more idealistic to him. And 3 of swords eventually leads to breakup due to betrayal, we don’t know who will cause it.

    I just want to know if there’s more to this spread that we couldn’t take notice of so I pledge your insight.


    • Hi Megaera,

      You seem to be working the cards out well on your own. Your interpretation may be close to the truth, but I have to advise you are straying into unethical territory by asking when you will witness your ex-partner will be hit by Karma for the pain he caused you. If you have broken up, you no longer have control or rights over who he sees. I know you are hurting but asking to find out when he will be punished may be counterproductive. Which cards did you pull to determine him being your soul-mate? You may be placing too much emphasis on the cards. In all honesty, if you came to me for a reading and asked me to find out when Karma would hit him, I would decline to draw cards and instead encourage you to seek cards for personal empowerment.

      I do hope you understand the reasons I would be reluctant to give my opinion in this instance.

      Blessings Be,



  10. Hi Vivien, i was wondering if you could please give me your input on a 10 card love celtic cross spread i did regarding a love interest. first a little background. this woman is 7 years older than me, and i been knowing her for about 23 to 24 years; i know her by way of my older brother as she and her friends grew up with my older brother and his friends. i always saw her as a somewhat innocent woman, or just keeping her business (in every aspect behind close doors). I’ve always got ‘alluring’ vibes from her, but didn’t know what it was then; she’s always been nice to me. she has a 20 yr old son by one of my brothers friends. again they all grew up together. for the past 17 years she has been having flings with another of my brother’s friends. so long story short, 2 years ago i saw her after not seeing her for years, but she didn’t see me. ever since then, me and her have been having nonverbal communication with each other; we haven’t been intimate, its just a ‘unspoken’ deep connection type thing. here’s the 10 card love celtic cross spread 1. “Love & Me/Self” (The Emperor) 2. “Situation” (Ten of Cups) 3. “Challenges” (Page of Wands) 4. This was the Crossing Card to the ten of cups–> “Recent Past” (King of Swords) 5. “Higher Power/Crowning Card/Above”(The Sun) 6. ” Near Future “(Two of Cups) 7. ” Issues/Blocks/Inhibitions/Hopes/Fears”(Four of Swords) 8. “The Loved One/Significant Other” (Knight of Wands) 9. “Love Advice” (Six of Pentacles) 10. “Long-term Potential Outcome” (The High Priestess). The High Priestess really has me thinking. is she telling me to look to my “higher power” (the sun)?? or is she telling me to just go with the flow. the two of cups is in the immediate future. I’m thinking this means after we meet,talk and connect physically, the final outcome is unknown (the high priestess)?? and the four of swords in the hopes/fears and issues position. i need to rest up or what? lol! your interpretation and insight on this spread will really be appreciated viv. Thanks.


    • Hi Ricky,

      I have been under pressure with some work deadlines recently so will have a look at this reading as soon as possible. I will have to lay it out in front of me. Can you tell me which card you refer to as the crossing card for the ten of cups as I am not sure.



    • Hi Rickey,

      I have had a look at your cards and attempted to provide an interpretation as best I can. I am not familiar with the layout of your particular Celtic Cross so may not have referred to it properly. You have the King of Swords as both Recent Past and Crossing Card, so was unsure how to read that. Also no 8. The Loved One/Significant other, I took this as the potential for it to be the subject of your heart’s desire or a significant other player in the story. Also, a reading like this really needs a two-way flow of conversation as there are areas that would need clarification to properly analyse, I have thrown out several potentials and hope you get something out of it. It is an interesting story you tell and I feel it has the potential to get complicated.

      1. “Love & Me/Self” (The Emperor) 2. “Situation” (Ten of Cups) 3. “Challenges” (Page of Wands) 4. This was the Crossing Card to the ten of cups–> “Recent Past” (King of Swords) 5. “Higher Power/Crowning Card/Above”(The Sun) 6. ” Near Future “(Two of Cups) 7. ” Issues/Blocks/Inhibitions/Hopes/Fears”(Four of Swords) 8. “The Loved One/Significant Other” (Knight of Wands) 9. “Love Advice” (Six of Pentacles) 10. “Long-term Potential Outcome” (The High Priestess).

      Emperor and Six of Pentacles – There is a need and desire to take care of this person, to provide and protect her. Possibly even help her out financially. You see yourself as being in a better position than she is at present. I can hear the words, “please, just let me look after you. I am the one that will be here for you no matter what.” You would like something very definite between you, not the type of arrangement she has with your brother’s friend. That is not what you the Emperor would be offering. I think you want to offer her something of value and long-term worth, but i could be wrong. I think you see her as someone who may have been used a bit by your brother’s friends and I don’t think this sits well with you. On the other hand the Six of Pentacles could reflect something different altogether and it really depends on how you identify with it. As it is a love/advice position, it may suggest you do not come across as too needy in this situation, or that perhaps you are not prepared to accept the crumbs off her table, as in you want more than a token gesture from her, or a mere fling. It might imply you will have to be grateful for whatever she has to offer you too. If she is the figure deciding who she will be charitable to and how much each one gets, this could put her in a powerful position. You might be advised against settling for what she is offering the others as it is not enough for you. However, as I do not know the extent of your interest in this woman and what you are seeking in the long-term, you may be prepared to settle for anything she has to offer you, as in casual dates, friendship, support, fling, relationship etc. Reflect on this.

      The Ten of Cups highlights the almost family associations and connections. You have known this woman a long time. She was a friend of your brothers, had a child with one of his friends, and is now involved with another. There seems to be a tight bond here between this group, almost a feeling of keeping it in the family. Now you want to play a part too, to take a step further than just a friendship level. The Ten of Cups tells me that you may already have an image in your head of how wonderful a relationship would be with this woman. You could give her so much, and would do anything to make her happy. In the Ten of Cups you also realise she comes with baggage, you would be taking on someone else’s offspring, regardless of what age they are now. The Page of Wands is a challenge and it could represent her child even at 20. However, I feel the Page of Wands is highlighting your infatuation with her. The Page sees you in the light of still being the younger brother, who adored this woman over the years. It seems you have carried a torch for her for a long time. The Page of Wands can get carried away with his feelings and fall madly, head over heels in love. Young crushes are rarely based in reality, with the need to worship from afar. The Page of wands is known to have crushes and I think you did when younger, but were too immature at the time to realise what it was. Now you are older and this woman has come back into your life. The adolescent crush has evolved into something more, or has it? How does the High Priestess see you, as still the kid brother of her friend, or is she treating you as an equal now? The offspring of this relationship between this woman and your brother’s friend may be an awkward area for you as having a child with one of your brother’s friends creates a tie that cannot be broken. This man may be around and you know him too. Will you feel comfortable or are you quite practical about all this stuff, as in the Emperor? Have you clearly defined in your mind how it all might work out and how you will deal with issues that might arise out of this potential relationship?

      The Emperor also tells me that you are a chivalrous person. You have set parameters around this person and have not breached boundaries. As you say, you haven’t been intimate so this suggests a deep control and respect for her. You do not wish to make a move unless you are sure of a positive response, as let’s face it, you can’t exactly walk away and never see this person again. There are so many mutual connections. There is a conflict with the emerging energy of the Page of Wands and the grown up approach of the Emperor. Is the Page your inner child wanting to be let out, to chase the crush and see where it leads?

      You mention that you always say her as “an innocent woman, or just keeping her business (in every aspect behind close doors)”. This again gives me the impression of the need to protect that innocence or vulnerability. Keeping her business in every aspect behind closed doors is something the Emperor would strongly approve of. He admires her control and pride. She is having flings again with another of your brother’s friends and this probably does not sit comfortably with you. You say you always got alluring vibes from her. The High Priestess would fit this description very well as she exudes powerful alluring energy that is hard to ignore. Many become mesmerised and entranced with her. Two of your brother’s friends have been drawn to her also. She is very special on many levels. The High Priestess is also very private and does not like to share every aspect of her life or self with many (behind closed doors etc). She is sought by many admirers or suitors, but very few ever fully succeed in securing her. She can remain elusive and just the little bit too far out of reach. She can be hard to fathom, difficult to understand. Her personality can be quite complex. The High Priestess draws many too her, but not all will stay, or be allowed stay. She can be quite a solitary person and does like her own company. It is clear she has had a powerful impact on you, your brother and his circle of friends. At present, and for the past 17 years, she is having a fling you say with another of your brother’s friends. 17 years, yet no long-term relationship with her? Something tells me this is the High Priestess’s choice. It also leads me to believe you do not place much importance on this relationship, that it has always been transient. 17 years is a long time to be having flings with the one person. Would she be able to stop if something was to come of the two of you? I wonder if you have spoken to your brother about your feelings for his friend, and if you have what his reaction was. Something tells me you are keeping this to yourself. The High Priestess can suggest the secret, or mystery woman who is taking all your attention.

      In the Sun, your desire is to come out in the open with your feelings, to let her know and announce to the world who wonderful it all is. It is as if the Page of Wands is at last emerging, bursting forth and wants to make up for all the lost time. She has brought light to your life, especially for the Emperor who is often tightly controlled and conservative. This is indeed a breath of fresh air and it would bring much joy to you. Having to sit on your feelings, keep them under control as in the Emperor is wearing thin. You want to come clean and get it off your chest. You hold out great hope and are very positive about something happening between the two of you.

      There is momentum building for you and in the Two of Cups, there is a good chance you will make a move and declare your feelings for her, tell her how much she means to you and put your heart on the line. There could be a romantic encounter, maybe not an intimate one, but romantic. The Two of Cups could however indicate an announcement about her relationship with this other person. What if you were to hear that after 17 years of flings with your brother’s friend, they have eventually decided to make a formal commitment. She could remind you that she is with someone else. With the High Priestess and The Two of Cups both being 2, decisions are being processed at present in relation to this matter. Some encounter will likely take place between you but the Four of Swords brings tension and stress for you. As you say, “i also been feeling the Four of Swords in the hopes/fears position represents a characteristic of myself; so maybe its telling me that i ‘fear’ what people think of me for taking time out to myself to think things through?” I am not sure what you mean by this. Does this suggest that certain people know, and if so what is your concern about how they view you taking time out? What sort of time out do you refer to? Time out for the Four of Swords can suggest stress, anxiety and worry. This matter is pressing heavily on you and you are afraid of getting it wrong, making a mistake or blowing your chances, your fears. With the Four of Swords the issue can take over your mind and get under your skin. I like to see this card as you lying in bed at night thinking of her and imagining the Ten of Cups, Two of Cups, and Sun card scenarios, your hope cards. You are certainly dwelling on it a lot and yes, you may need to rest up, to take a break from its intensity.

      The Loved One/Significant other is the Knight of Wands. Now I am not sure how you are reading this, but my immediate reaction to this Knight was your brother’s friend she is having an on/off fling with. This type of arrangement would best suit the Knight of Wands. If it is a reflection of the subject of your heart’s desire, then it could imply a freedom loving person, someone who does not like to be tied down, someone who seeks new experiences. Relationships for the Knight of Wands can be transient as he/she finds it hard to commit and likes to keep on the move. The Knight of Wands is exciting and dynamic, but your description of the woman suggests a quieter more reserved personality. Of course the Knight of Wands could point to a Fire Sign, perhaps Sagittarius which would embody the energy of the Knight as we know him in tarot. However, not everyone is true to their sun sign. I seem to pick her up as the High Priestess, right from the very start, so I do not think this is her per se, but I could be wrong. Usually when conducting such readings we would chat about how these cards might match or mismatch the real scenario. This Knight of Wands could imply you are up against stiff competition and your brother’s friend may not take too kindly to you invading his territory. Is that part of your concern in the Four of Swords? We must also acknowledge that the Knight of Wands is the grown up version of the Page of Wands, so the High Priestess may have dismissed the Page in the past as too young, but now sees you in a new light. The Knight of Wands could also represent your older brother. What are his feelings for this woman, or does he simply see her as a friend? Did anything every happen between them? The Emperor is a giant leap further than both the Page and Knight. He is a more mature version of the King of Wands, his sun sign being Aries, another Fire sign. So there is a lot of Fire energy coming from certain personality types. The High Priestess is Water so there may be a clash between what she wants and what Fire wants.

      Now I want to address the Emperor in another manner and tie him in with the King of Swords. Could this be a father-figure you are dealing with, or even your brother? Or is it the Emperor and King telling you to pull yourself together and get over it? I do not know if you have told your brother but you might be concerned about his reaction. You say the King of Swords crossed the Ten of Cups. It is as if this person or energy has the power to block the positive energy you hope for. This is the voice of reason, logic and practicality, and you may not want to hear what he has to say. He is another aspect of the Emperor and both seem to sit in judgement over you. Would an involvement with the woman be well-received by important family members? Would they want to give you their full support, or be set against it. The King of Swords of course could also be your brother’s friend who stands in the way of you making a definite move. If you do, you are approaching a woman who is already involved with another, a person you know. Even if it is a fling, he may not take too kindly to you getting involved, or disturbing their arrangement. It is going on for 17 years if I read your details correctly.

      With the High Priestess in the Outcome position, my feeling is that it represents the woman in question, and it is the nature of the High Priestess that determines the Outcome. The High Priestess often appears for the woman involved and especially if the relationship is not established. She is the desire, the woman who is still outside of your reach, the woman you have become fascinated with, the woman you get alluring vibes from. She is not a card for action, but for waiting it out. It is unclear what the Outcome will be. There is much you do not know right now. She suggests you observe from a distance for the moment and take some time out to think it all through. Whereas the Sun wants to burst forth, the High Priestess will be more reserved, more contained. She may not be as enthusiastic as you. Her energy is very different from the sun. Hers is complex and less straightforward. The High Priestess could also work to keep you at arm’s length. I would imagine as the High Priestess she is aware of your feelings for her, but it is unclear whether she will do anything about them. If you are really intent on giving this a shot, then I suggest you do as discussed in the Two of Cups, make an approach. The High Priestess will rarely move forward. She prefers to sit and wait for those to come to her. She knows after all that they always do. You must be very clear with yourself of what you want from an encounter. Get it straight in your head and set parameters around it. If you are looking for a relationship and she a possible other fling, then you may have to exert much self-control and back off. You do not want to end up as the third in the circle who takes up with her. It really depends on what you are looking for at the end of the day and what she is or isn’t prepared to offer. Whereas before you saw obstacles between you as in you the younger brother of her friend. The gap has narrowed, but I am not sure what the age difference is as I don’t know how much younger you were at the time.

      Something to ponder and I hope you get something out of it. I am actually working on the High Priestess re love, romance and sex associations at present. Going straight back to writing now as I take only a limited time off to reply to correspondence. You might keep an eye out for it when it is posted.




      • Wow. where do i start? lol! you hit on a lot of accurate points; i’m about to give more detail to this, but have to warn before hand it is somewhat abnormal. a little over 2 years ago, i saw her in the corner of my eye smiling at me in a casino we both frequent. i hadn’t seem her in years; like i said she’s always been nice to me. so she was a distance away smiling at me in the casino, but i was drunk; i remember thinking she was a waste of my time, as i was desperate at the time. i was thinking she was a waste of my time because i thought she was married because the last time i had seen her years before, she was living in a house with her boyfriend, and i had thought they had got married(which turned out to be true, but it didn’t last long) so i didn’t pay any attention to her as i was trying to see who it was smiling at me(remember i was drunk) so a couple months later im in the same casino walking to the bathroom, and she was sitting playing the slots by the bathroom. when she saw me coming, she leaned back in the chair and looked at me, but i just walked by her. i don’t know why i did, but she just looked different, but like i said i was desperate and thinking she was a waste of my time because she was married(again my thinking at the time) so long story short, i saw her a couple more times in the casino(we didn’t lock eyes) but i didn’t say anything to her. so i asked somebody about her if she was married, and i found out she wasn’t. so i remember thinking(okay, the next time i see her, im going to talk to her. so i saw her in the casino, and she was sitting just a short distance from me playing in another row of slots; i saw her cashing out getting ready to leave, so when she looked my way, i gave her a gesture(beckoning) and she just looked at me and got up and left,lol!(payback i guess) so long story short, after that incident, time went by and im in the casino again, and she came back hovering around me, i got the gut feeling that she was sending me a signal like ‘don’t take it personal’, but i didn’t say anything to her fear of her not responding again. so time flew by and about five months ago, i just started thinking and feeling about her. i don’t know what it was, but it kinda irritated me because i couldn’t get her out of my mind. so i decided that what my feelings were telling me was i didn’t like how me and her ended up, so i started to apply the Law of Attraction regarding her. i started to hear her name as well as synchronicities. i was feeling good. i found out that she still works on the same street i live on, so i figured there was a good chance to see her, and definitely see her at the casino up the street we like. so i did see her I’m the casino, but i didn’t want to make eye contact. i just wanted her to see me without locking eyes so she can see im there, and if she was interested in talking, she’ll come by me. so long story short, it has been 5 months of ‘unspoken’ but just know type of thing. between me and her. like we just know that everything’s ok(sorta) like we just know each other’s thoughts and emotions. yes, when i lay in bed or sometimes just sitting watching tv, i get a overwelming sensation of feelings regarding her; like she’s sitting there with me. I should let you know i am a Aries(April 15th) and she’s a Libra(October 9th) i don’t know the time of her birth, so i don’t know anything about her natal chart, but she has both mars and venus in scorpio. my rising sign is libra, but pluto is also in my first house. i also have venus in gemini, but i have moon,mercury,and mars in taurus in the 8th house(house of scorpio/pluto). so the first spread i ever did with regards to her was a 3 card layout. it was the Queen of Cups, The Lovers, and Three of Cups. the first big spread i on her exactly 2 months ago, was 4 of Wands as “Situation”, King of Wands as ” Self/Me”. Nine of Pentacles as “Significant Other” (Basically referring to her). The Star as “Challenge” Eight of Cups in “Near Future”, Page of Pentacles as ” Advice” and The High Priestess as “Potential” Outcome. it was this site that i learned about the eight of cups being ‘traditionally’ associated with Shyness as for as relationships and love go. in fact, i think your exact words regarding the eight of cups in love are “you may be sending the wrong message(being shy) so approach gently”. then it hit me. i think the eight of cups was warning me(near future) to get over my shyness with her. i had the nine of pents, nine of cups, as well as the high priestess come up in a spread representing her. one spread i did, the last three cards were majors. the tower, judgement, and the fool as ” potential ” outcome. now just about a month ago, I was “Strength” and she came up as “The Moon”. which i take is also the high priestess territory. so in this spread i think the emperor is a archetype i need to adhere to. the page of wands i think is telling me to get some fire in my belly because both of us won’t make a move. i’ve also had both king and queen of cups show up in two 3 card spreads with regards to her. one was where the lovers was the second card, and the king and queen were on both ends. and a while back i had both the king and queen of cups show up in the same 3 card spread, but this time they were facing each other; so i think the page of wands might. be telling me to find something we’re both passionate about? i have kept everything about her to myself, and as far as i know my brother just sees her as a friend, but they fail out with each other about 13 years ago due to something she said about one of his dear friends. her and my brother have never been intimate. I took the king of swords being a obstacle because of lack of ‘verbal’ communication. and its telling me that my “ten of cups” dream will take more effort now because she isn’t going to be as open, maybe? this is the 3rd time the six of pentacles has showed up in a spread with regards to her. the first time the six of pentacles referred to me in the “Self” position. the second time it came up as the “Situation”. i have to tell you viv, that the six of pents could be a ‘karma’ type thing as i know its associated with the ” what goes around comes around ” theme. if it is financial then she is definitely the giver holding the scales(libra) although i do feel like i can rescue her; from what? you might ask? i just believe im the best man. but as advice it could mean that make sure its balanced out. the knight of wands coming up in her position puzzles me, but i do have a theory. like i told you she came up as the moon about a month ago. i know the sun is about shining light on things; like everything is about to be exposed? so maybe its the universe telling me that she’s fleeting type? i don’t know her time of birth, and the moon was changing signs the day she was born, so she either has moon in aries or taurus. the high priestess i think is telling me that it’ll be up to her. i am curious since this is the second time the high priestess came up as the outcome in a spread about her. or telling me approach gently? just recently i did a 3 card spread with regards to her, and i got Temperance, Four of Pentacles, and Judgement as a “challenge”. i think judgement is telling me to be honest and take make good ‘judgement’ on which action to take. what im about to tell you is bizarre. about a month ago im walking back from the store, and i remember feeling angry that i didn’t take the car instead of walking, as the grocery bags were heavy; i remember feeling insecure at the moment. so im walking thru these apartments to get to my house; its around 7 in the morning. as im beginning to exit the parking lot of the apartments, and i see somebody sitting on the steps of an apartment smoking a cigarette; at first i just glanced and thought it was just some dude smoking a cigarette, but then i looked again and got a thought that it could be her. now im walking out of the apartments so me and whatever that was were diagonal to each other. i kept looking back up at it, and what ever it was was just staring at me. not a mean look, but a look like it was sitting there waiting on me to pass by, as i walked thru the same apartments to go to the store; as i left the apartments getting closer to my house, i had the strangest feeling that that was her; i don’t know why, when i first glanced, i just thought it was a guy sitting smoking a cigarette. then something hit me… if that wasn’t her, it was the universe telling me that i had insecurities to deal with, and my brick walls with her are only coming from within. as i did feel insecure about carrying many groceries home. when i got home, i didn’t even put the groceries up, and walked back to those apartments to get a better look if that was her, but nobody was on the steps; to this day i haven’t seen anybody on those steps, as i walk by just to see. anyway the same day i saw whatever that was on those steps smoking a cigarette, was the same day where later i did a spread, and she came up as the moon. interesting huh? lol! you hit major key points on target. either way we’ll find out here real soon. Thankx


      • Ok viv, just a little update; i usually wait a month after doing a big spread like the celtic cross, but i just did a 3 card layout yesterday just to see where im at. i pulled the ten of cups as representing where im at with her. the next card i pulled was the wheel of fortune as the “Situation”, and i pulled the nine of wands as a ” Challenge “! I pulled a clarifier to the nine of wands, and got the seven of wands.


      • Hi Rickey,

        Only getting to these cards now. It seems like family could get drawn into your situation Which you may feel quite challenging. I think they may not be as enthusiastic as you are and I would suspect you will find yourself on the defense, having to stand your ground and argue your point. I am not sure if you will receive support for this relationship. You may be on your own in this one. The Wheel of Fortune could indicate that something will happen, that there is movement, momentum building. Now, I am also getting a sense of cycles here and cyclical behavior, which also pops up in the Nine of Wands. There may be a sense of going over the same ground here, similar territory, tied in too closely to your family and circle of friends, a feeling of deja vu. I would get the feeling from your cards that you have moved things on a bit, or are ready to. I wonder if you did?


      • Hey Viv, yeah you are on point with the “cyclical” behavior regarding her. I decided to move on for now due to uncertainty. the high priestess keeps popping up a lot when i do readings about her; I also been getting six of cups and justice a lot lately. the last spread i did on her i got seven of swords followed by the high priestess, and the last card i got the tower as a ‘challenge’. I took the seven of swords to either mean me coming up with new “communicate/clever” ways to approach her and this situation, or there’s something ‘sneaky’ going on. i don’t know what that could be since me and her aren’t even together yet, but the seven of swords followed by the high priestess doesn’t feel like a pleasant combination to me. maybe the tower is saying there’s a ‘shocking’ revelation ahead? i don’t know, but i’m just leaving it alone for now; too much confusion, lol!


      • Hi Rickey, Just logging off here. The High Priestess and Seven of Swords would worry me as there seems to be stuff you are not aware of, or being deliberately withheld. The Tower along with these could indicate trouble, the High Priestess at the centre of it. The Seven of Swords would warn you of allowing yourself to become too blinded by infatuation of the High Priestess to the extent you lose clear judgment. The High Priestess is a strange cookie and rarely does she bring straight forward relationships. There are always twists and complex scenarios involved. Neither does she make for a full deep warm relationship.

        I have just finished a major article on The High Priestess where Love, Relationships and Sex are concerned. You should have a browse through it and see if any of the titles mean anything or resonate with you. It may give you a better feel for the energy she brings in her wake. Here is the link to it.


  11. I have got this card for the question I’ve made for my little girl who has the developmental delay. With Celtic cross, the fool in opposing positing and 7W in the 6th position, the high priestess the outcome. While 7W made me confused, I think it means she will be a new statement of stillness? no any significant change? I mean, she walks everything but about a year behind her peers (she is far-sighted, using glasses since she was 11 months). Is there something I am missing as far as the point? What else should I check in the positions? the rest of the cards are all positive? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Essie,

      Just back at my desk today following a house move to new location and some issues with getting broadband installed. I have a lot of correspondence to catch up on now so will be steadily working on it over the coming weeks. I will be in touch with you in that time. Thank you for your patience.


      Vivien Ní Dhuinn


    • Hi Essie,

      Well done for attempting to interpret this yourself and I don’t think these cards are anything to worry about.


      Now before I start, asking questions about your child can be a bit of a minefield and should not be entered into lightly. From your account above I do not think you are asking about her condition as in looking for a diagnosis or suggested treatment as you won’t get that from tarot, and I certainly will not be offering it. You would need to seek professional medical help in this area. So we are looking at these cards on a generic level and zooming in on the few cards you are confused about. As you state, the other cards were all very positive and I feel you just want to know how she is getting on etc. I also suggest you read this interpretation on a generic level, not read too much into it, take on board that which makes sense to you and dismiss the rest. I do not know what your question was or the other cards involved so the reading could be very much off the mark. It is with this understanding I offer it to you.

      My first reaction when I read your comment was that the lovely Fool represents your daughter’s innocence which is wonderful to behold, but also suggests you worry for her safety, her future, her development. You speak of her being far-sighted and the Fool could be very upfront in your concerns of her challenges in this area. You see the Fool about to step off a cliff and we wonder if he is aware of the imminent danger he could be in? Can he see the dangers that are out there in the world in his childlike naive sense. To the Fool all is wonder, amazement, interest and curiousity. He fears nothing, but I am sure his parents fear plenty for him! Perhaps they want to protect him, shield him from the outside world so that nothing bad happens to him. As a child they have the power to do most of that. The young Fool is under their jurisdiction, only allowed to venture a short distance away, but always under the watchful eye of his parents. However, his parents do know that the day will come when their child ‘The Fool’ wants to make his own way in the world, do his own things, be independent and this worries them. The Fool will push for independence even though it terrifies his parents. He will think himself all grown up and ready to take chances and risks in life. His parents will of course have to facilitate this as that is the role of The Fool after all. He steps off the cliff and his parents must watch with bated breath and rapid beating hearts. The Fool is what makes us all take those first baby steps into independence, gives us the motivation and enthusiasm to believe that anything is possible. He is positive and optimistic about his abilities and although some of his ideas and plans may be delusional and airy fairy, he must be allowed reach towards them regardless. The Fool must learn for himself, find his own way and place in the world.

      The Fool also suggests you may see your child as ‘Special’, not like the others. He is after all quite unique and quite happy to be so. I feel there is a lovely quality about your child but you worry she may be treated or seen differently by others because of her developmental delay. The Fool does things in his own way, in his own time and in his own style. Your daughter is no different and great effort must be made to not continuously compare her to her peers development. The tools carried in the Knapsack of the Fool give us an insight into the very special gifts and talents your daughter has entered this world or incarnation with and this is fully borne out in her Outcome Card, The High Priestess.

      The High Priestess demonstrates her potential as she grows and matures. She is wise, but sometimes remote. She is quiet and still but is the guardian of great knowledge and power. She is powerfully intuitive and very likely displaying this gift already. She has a special connection with you I think, you can read each other’s mood and state of mind. She is very tuned into her environment even though you may think she is not fully engaged or willing to participate. Your daughter is indeed ‘Special’ but not in regards to her developmental delay and sight issues. There is a mysterious quality about her that should be nurtured and facilitated. However, there are drawbacks to the High Priestess. She can sometimes retreat from the world for long periods of time in favour of an inner or alternate world of her own. You may need to draw her out when she disappears for too long as she quite enjoys her own company and solitude. You will want her to socialise and interact with other children and continue to do so as she moves into teenage and adult years. There is no denying the High Priestess is quite a unique woman. She will be very different from the rest. She may also be artistic or musical, her inspiration coming from other dimensions. The High Priestess may however have a problem with emotions. She may not connect emotionally when you expect her to, leaving you to wonder what it is she is thinking or feeling. She will place more emphasis on non-verbal communication which to the High Priestess works just as well.

      Being the High Priestess she may be a child, teenager and adult who likes to keep to herself and doesn’t feel the need for multiple friendships. She could however have an imaginary friend. You do not mention any of these cards being reversed so I will go on the basis they were all drawn upright. Your daughter has immense potential and with this card and I feel the High Priestess is reassuring you that although she may have developmental challenges in certain areas of her life, other natural abilities will emerge to compensate for this. Whereas your daughter is far-sighted, the High Priestess relies on her inner vision to guide her through life, not her physical vision. The High Priestess sits still while those around her run here and there. Perhaps she is a mental traveler too. She will indeed turn into a very special young woman, who like the Fool, will need to find her own way. An interesting point in this is it is the High Priestess who guides the Fool throughout his life. It is she he turns to, returns to, when he cannot find answers or solutions in the outside world. She is like his guardian angel and won’t let him down. Your daughter has the ability to tap into the energy of the High Priestess too in this manner. When you worry about her as she grows, perhaps thinking her still the naive and innocent Fool, she will surprise you with her maturity, insight and perception. She will be who she wants to be and do her own thing.

      Now you may be worried about the 7 of Wands and yes this card does see her making a statement to the world. What I see in it are the challenges that lie ahead for her, and for you. At times it will seem like you are up against it, that all is a struggle and battle but the 7 of Wands is a card of tenacity and determination. Your daughter as she grows will have to face many challenges but there appears to be a fierce determination about her. That is unless this card is representing you in relation to you possibly wanting to fight all her battles for her, to protect her from the brunt of life’s unpleasant side. You might also have to fight to get your daughter the proper resources she needs so that she has the same chances as everyone else. I am not sure which part of the world you live in. It might be a country where all facilities are freely available and accessible, but then again you may be living in a country where you have to scream loud, knock or kick down doors to get basic support and resources for her. So this card could be showing us a lot. Whether it represents you or your daughter, there is a fighting spirit on display and a refusal to take no for an answer.

      This also highlights your daughter’s inner determination and yours too for her to do as everyone else does. What other children do automatically and quite easily, your daughter may have to work extra hard to match them. She will certainly give it her best and this is certainly not a card of defeat. Both of you may be up against the system at times but you are good for it. Nothing scares you and your daughter will overcome many challenges along the way. Remember she has the inner power of the High Priestess on her side. I wonder too if you might be a High Priestess too. If so this card could show you sensing what the Fool needs and when he is in trouble. You may be able to read your daughter like a book and are very tuned into her needs.

      I do hope you got something out of the above and that these cards are not worrisome. Remember they are only cards at the end of the day and whereas the may offer a lot of information, they can never, and should never, replace professional and medical advice. This reading is not based on a certain medical condition. I offer no diagnosis or suggest a certain treatment or medication. What the reading above offers is an insight into the potential of your daughter and the role you play as her mother.

      Blessings to you and your daughter,



  12. Thank you, no problem. I understand. It is just tough to be objective when your child is involved. I watch and read your articles, very sighful and inspiring.


  13. Thank you, Vivien. Makes a lot of sense what you have commented. I am learning a lot from your inspiring comments and articles. Thank you! x


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