1. What do the Threes in the Tarot Represent?
  2. What do the Fours in the Tarot Represent?
  3. In which Sephora on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life do the Threes and Fours reside in?
  4. Why is it important to work on your psychic and spiritual development while learning the Tarot?
  5. Why do you think that some people are more psychic than others?
  6. Which sense do you feel is strongest in you? E.g. Clairvoyancy, clairaudience etc. Why?
  7. Do you think reversed cards give a more complete and truthful story for the querant?
  8. What can reversed cards expose? Give 5 examples
  9. If you are following the guidelines for attempting to interpret the cards before reading the lesson notes how close do you think your interpretations are to the Course ones?
  10. How does the subconscious answer questions?
  11. Do you think that a question that leaves only a yes or no answer for the querant is constructive?
  12. When do you think that a question worded for a yes or no may be beneficial?
  13. How clear will a reading be if the querant asks multiple questions?
  14. What can happen when the querant has multiple questions but the reading is only based on one?
  15. During a general reading, what should the querant be thinking about?
  16. What do students often have a problem with during a reading?
  17. Why is it important to always come back to the question?
  18. Do several Cup cards appearing in a reading always point to romance and love?
  19. Why would a poorly worded question result in a poor reading?
  20. How does a hidden question reveal itself in a reading?
  21. Why do you think people may not always ask the question that is really on their mind?
  22. Give two examples of well worded questions and two examples of poorly worded questions.
  23. In the Three of Cups, there is a woman dressed completely in red. What does it possibly tell us about her personality and character both upright and reversed?
  24. The Three of Swords suggests upset and hurt.  What other emotions might be suggested?
  25. In the reversed Three of Swords it is implied that healing takes place and hearts are mended.  On the other hand, what else might happen?
  26. The Three of Pentacles is a group card.  Name another group card that we have covered.
  27. Would the reversed Three of Pentacles be a welcome card in a reading about study and exams?
  28. Do you think the figure in the Three of Pentacles looks lazy and untrustworthy?
  29. Who might the figures in the Four of Wands be waiting for?
  30. What do the four Wands resemble?
  31. If the querant is moving to a new house and the Four of Wands appears in a reading, is it a good sign that he or she will be happy there?
  32. When the Four of Wands reverses, would you expect support from your neighbours if you had a problem? Would it suggest that you are house proud?
  33. Why is the figure in the Four of Cups not aware of what is being offered to him?  Do you think he would make good company?
  34. When the Four of Cups reverses what would it be advising the querant to do?  What actions should be taken?
  35. In the reversed Four of Cups what might the figure be suffering from too much of?
  36. In the Four of Swords a Knight lies upon a tomb.  Is he dead?  What is he doing there?
  37. What various interpretations might there be for the figures in the stained glass window in the Four of Swords?
  38. If a querant is asking about a relative who is ill in hospital and the reversed Four of Swords appears will this be welcome or worrying for the querant?
  39. In the Four of Swords, what symbolically represents the Knight’s problems? Why has he taken his helmet off?
  40. If a querant has come to you for a reading about work and his cards have several Sword cards.  You can see by the querant’s body language and cards that he is very stressed.  The Outcome card is the Four of Swords Reversed.  Why would this concern you?
  41. Your querant is sitting in front of you eagerly awaiting a positive reading about the investment they have just made in their friend’s business.  The Four of Pentacles reversed appears in the surrounding energy or near future position.  What might it be warning the querant about?
  42. Does the figure in the Four of Pentacles have a reputation for being generous and giving?
  43. How might the figure in the Four of Pentacles see his partner as?
  44. You are doing a reading for a querant who wants to know when they will find the house they are looking for.  They have the money ready but just need the right property.  The reversed Four of Pentacles appears in the near future position.  Do you think that they will find that property soon?
  45. In the Three of Wands Card, what suggests that the figure has turned his back on the past? What in the imagery suggests travel?
  46. What might you have to look forward to when the Three of Cups appears?  Is it a happy or sad card?
  47. Name the seven main chakras and their corresponding colours.
  48. During the Chakra meditation, which of your chakras did you feel was strongest and which was weakest?
  49. Observe those around you. Can you spot any potential imbalances in those you observe? Ask yourself which Chakra/s may be to blame.
  50. Which cards do you think I am describing  in these brief interpretations?

a. I feel you have experienced a deep loss and are emotionally very low at present. Your friends and family are finding it hard to reach you in your distress.

b. I get a sense that you may be moving into a new home soon. I believe that you will be very happy there and that there is a great community spirit in the area. People are friendly and welcoming. This will be a very stable period in your life

c. You appeared to be bored and disinterested in life. What happened to make you so disillusioned? During this time you became very withdrawn and had little time or interest in going out with your normal friends. You very possibly needed a change of scene. Had you outgrown your friends?

d. The cards are telling me that you might be a bit lonely at present.  I don’t see many friends around you right now and you do not appear to be socialising much either.  What is the cause of this?  Have you fallen out with friends or is it that you find it hard to make friends.  I think you need to get out and have a bit of fun.

e.  Have you or someone you know been ill recently? I sense that there may have been a hospital stay.

f.  I understand that you were badly hurt by your ex-fiance nearly two years ago but the cards are telling me that you have not let this go.  You must learn to forgive and move on in your life.  Otherwise all the painful experience and hurt will eat you up inside and you will become bitter in heart and mind.

g. I can see that you have been saving very hard for some time and that finances were a big issue for you.  The cards are suggesting that you are financially secure now and have more than enough saved to start your business.  I believe your business has the potential to be very successful and you will get the rewards for all the hard work you have put in.

h.  Have you been invited to a wedding or party?  I believe that you will be getting all dressed up for a special day out.  It looks like it will be a grand occasion and you will have a great time.

Things to Do 

  • Begin to revise the Four Aces while studying the new cards learned in this Lesson.  While revising the Four Aces use your highlighter pen and highlight any sentences, meanings or keywords that now hold meaning for you. You may be surprised to find ones which made no sense to you before suddenly now do.  This is because you are beginning to use your brain and observational skills in a new way.  You will be continuing revision of cards along with learning new one all the way through the course as this is the only way to learn.  repetition, repetition and practice, practice.
  • When you have completed your revision of each Ace, I would like you to write or type up your own brief description and meaning for each, both upright and reversed.  This is now your version of the Four Aces.  It may only be a few sentences or a few keywords but don’t worry you will be going back to this again because you will be revising each card several times.  Each time you revise it you will be highlighting more words and meanings and before you know it you will have compiled your own personal interpretation for each card which you will remember long after you have forgotten what I have written.
  • Briefly re-read The Four Twos.
  • Study or re-read the notes on The Four Threes and Fours.
  • Do a daily card reading for yourself.  A One-Card reading as guidance for the day or a three-card reading (past, present & future) in relation to a predetermined question.  Remember to apply the shuffling, selection and question rules.
  • Using just the first 16 cards of the Tarot. That is the Aces, Twos, Threes and Fours do some one-card and three card readings for friends and family as practice.
  • Practice the Chakra Meditation or one of your own choice. Notice if the strength of your chakras improves during the visualisation. Note any sensations or visuals you experience.

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Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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    • Hi Sue,

      I do know what you mean. At present, this is a self directed course. I may some day supply a follow up on these questionnaires but their purpose at present is to highlight areas through the questions that you find challenging. When you do, the best advise is to go back to the content the question came from and find what you are looking for. If you are flying through the questions with little hesitation you are doing fine. I hope this some help.




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