Reading Interpetations


 NB (Please do not read until you have attempted your own interpretations)

1. Should I take the job I have been offered?

Past       Present      Future

Card 1 – Ace of Swords Rx  Card 2 – Ace of Pentacles   Card 3 –  Ace of Cups

I feel that your working environment has not been very happy in the past. There appears to be a lot of conflict and stress around your current or recent job. This is probably what is prompting you to change jobs. I sense that you have been confused as to what it is you really want to do career wise. Your judgement in the past concerning career direction has not always been positive. I believe that you may not have voiced or communicated your feelings about your unhappiness to your employers.

At present I see a very financially beneficial offer being made to you. I feel that this is the job that has been offered to you. The company is solid and well established and I believe this job offers good prospects for you. Whatever it is they have promised or offered you, they are prepared to put their money where their mouth is. I can see long-term prospects and they have offered you the job on that basis. I can see salary increases for you regularly. This reading is missing the fire energy of the wands so I sense that your new position will not have a strong sales or competitive feel to it. I don’t anticipate much travel in relation to this job and with the Pentacles in this position you more than likely will be office based which will have a very stabilising effect on you.

In your future position we have the Ace of Cups and this tells me that you are going to be entering into a very happy and emotionally fulfilling time. So as this reading is connected to your job offer, I can see you being very content in your new career or position. You will be happy to go to work each day and I see that those you work with are happy to be there too. Altogether, a very positive outcome and a far cry from the stress and conflict of your old job.

2. Will my new business venture by a success?

Past      Present      Future

Card 1  – Ace of Swords Rx   Card 2 –  Ace of Wands Rx   Card 3 –  Ace of Pentacles Rx

I see in your recent past that there has been some lack of clarity regarding this business venture. I don’t know but I feel that planning has not been meticulous or not

well thought out. Have you checked and double checked all your paperwork? Have there been arguments or conflict surrounding the plans for this new business venture? I get the impression that not all the people involved in this business venture are in agreement of how it will proceed. That worries me.

Here we have the Ace of Wands reversed which indicates that you are experiencing or very shortly will, delays or setbacks regarding the business. Maybe you are spreading yourself too thin. Have you possibly taken on too much? I get a lack of growth and movement at present in this business venture. I am concerned because there is a possibility from your past position card that you may be trying to push an unworkable plan or one that is not yet ready. I am sorry but I do see plans delayed or possibly rejected. Is there unfinished business you need to attend to that is getting in the way of moving forward with your current business? If so, my advice would be to tie up any loose ends, complete old projects before starting anything new.

Have you invested a lot of money in this new business or are you seeking a substantial loan? With the reversed Ace of Pentacles in your future position there is a possibility of losing money or possibly your business loan application been turned down. More money seems to be going out than coming in. However, you may possibly be spending a lot of money on premises, equipment etc. Watch the money I would say and make sure that all of those you are in business with are trustworthy when it comes to the finances. I would strongly advise that before you part with any money, take some time to review the business plan, do some market research as to whether your business will be viable or not.

Because we do not have any influence from the water element here I feel that this business venture is purely for financial gain and that you have no real love or feeling for what it is you propose. Unless you actually enjoy what you do, you may find it has a negative influence on this venture down the line. Is your heart really in what you propose?

3. Will I get pregnant in the next year?

Past     Present     Future

Card 1 – Ace of Wands Rx   Card 2 –  Ace of Swords  Card 3 – Ace of Cups

I can see in your past that there have been problems conceiving. I feel that you have been trying for some time to get pregnant. I can see by the reversed Ace of Wands that you have looked once too often at the negative screen on pregnancy testing kits. I can see you being all excited believing that you have new life growing within only to get the thumbs down from the little window in the kit. It must have been a tough time for you, getting your hopes up only to be disappointed. Because this reading lacks the earth energies there may have been a health problem surrounding your fertility issue.

Don’t get too excited but I feel that things are about to change or maybe have already. The Ace of Swords can indicate conception. Have you been approaching things in a different way, changing diet or maybe something else? I feel you may have made some changes in your life to increase your chances of getting pregnant. I feel there has been a definite plan or a new attitude that will improve your chances of conceiving.

Great outcome card. The Ace of Cups tells me that you will be getting some very happy news soon. I see celebrations and people toasting your happiness. There will very possibly be news of a pregnancy for you in the coming year. Congratulations and I hope it all works out for you.

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