1. List 5 different ways the Tarot Cards give us information.
  2. Why do the pictures on the cards mean different things to different people?
  3. What is Universal Memory?
  4. Who introduced the concept of the Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious?
  5. Explain your understanding of Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious?
  6. What memories are stored in the Collective Unconscious?
  7. How do we access the Collective Unconscious?
  8. What is the language of the Collective Unconsious?  How does it communicate information to us?
  9. Is the information from the Collective Unconscious easy to interpret?
  10. What is your understanding of an Archetype?
  11. What is Archetypal Behaviour? Is it predictable?
  12. Give an example of a modern day Archetype compared to its older version.  Explain your reasons why.
  13. How can Archetypes assist our reading of The Tarot Cards?
  14. When you watch a movie that has strong Archetypal Characters in its plot do you often find that you know how the story will end? Why is this?
  15. Do you agree that many books and movies have similar story lines with the same archetypes and archetypal behaviour being played out in all but with different name and locations?
  16. Give an example of the symbolic meaning of a dream you recently had.
  17. Why are symbols known to be shapeshifters and often confusing?
  18. Why does a certain symbol mean something to one and not to another?
  19. What symbols are you drawn to?
  20. Do you prefer words to symbols?
  21. What does it mean to really look and not just see when reading the Tarot?
  22. Do you think that the pictures in the Tarot appeal to people’s imagination just like works of art in a gallery?
  23. What symbol do you fear seeing in the cards
  24. In dream interpretation, is everything taken literally, metaphorically or symbolically?
  25. What do repetitive dreams tell us?
  26. What do repetitive symbols in a reading tell us?
  27. If a dream is a message, where is it coming from?
  28. Why is dream interpretation similar to Tarot Interpretation?
  29. Are the pictures on the Tarot cards important?
  30. What role does the subconscious play when the querant is selecting cards for a reading?
  31. Why is it that our subconscious has to work so hard to relay information to us? What often blocks this information coming through?
  32. How does the querant select the correct cards for their reading? What influences their selection?
  33. Why are Cleansing, Protection and Grounding important for Tarot Readers?
  34. What operns in all readers during Tarot Readings?
  35. What are you at risk of if you do not cleanse and protect?
  36. Do you intend to follow the advice in this course regarding cleansing and protection?
  37. List 4 signs of being Un-grounded.
  38. What steps can you take to ground yourself?
  39. What ability will you lose if you do not keep yourself grounded as a Reader

Things to do

  • Begin to observe the symbols that surround you in your everyday life and your environment.
  • Begin a dream journal and record your dreams when you can remember them.  See if you can identify archetypes or interpret any of the symbols within your dream.
  • Recall and record a time or times in your life when a gut feeling or  hunch you had about something was correct.
  • Recall and record if you ever had a forewarning regarding an accident or incident.
  • Adopt and practice your methods for cleansing, protection and grounding
  • Adopt and practice your method for cleansing your cards

The Collective Unconscious    Dreams & Symbols   The Subconscious & Tarot    Psychic Protection & Chakras    Worksheets

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Copyright © 2006-2012 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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  1. Dear Vivian
    I would love to learn the tarot and was wondering if you teach this course in a workshop? I would be interested in doing so.


    • Hi Wendy,

      Sorry for the delay is getting back to you. I have so much writing to do and doing all this on my own that it takes time to cover all areas. Regarding workshops, I used to do them but the Course is now so vast that it would take much more than a workshop to relay all the information. I may in the future hold some workshops for those who have covered or are covering this course on-line as then there would not be so much to do. We could concentrate or strengthening your knowledge instead of teaching you from scratch. I have been approached before to teach a one-day tarot course that would cover all the cards!!!!! Imagine that? Impossible. Which part of the country are you from?

      Brightest Blessings,



    • Hi Sue,

      You are a wonderful supporter and when I am finished writing the full course I may decide to do some workshops. At present the workload involved in creating Truly Teach Me Tarot leaves little time for organising anything else. I am a one man band at present but hopefully when the pressure begins to ease, I can start giving time to other areas related to my work.


  2. Hello Vivien,
    the efforts that you have put into this Blog are beyond commendable ! Honestly, the homework needs a lot of brain-storming to do, unlike typical school home-works ! Thank you so much 🙂


    • Thanks Nidhi,

      I have so much more work to do and haven’t homework completed for all lessons either. It is just me writing and managing website so at times I feel a bit weighed down like the Ten of Wands!



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