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Linking Tarot Cards – Death, The Empress, Six Pentacles


Continuing my series of posts on connecting and linking tarot cards, today I randomly pulled another three cards with the intention of looking for generic connections or links that may work together to tell a story. I drew Death, The Empress, and The Six of Pentacles. Like the last time, I didn’t dwell on the cards for too long, instead started to type the very first observation that came to mind. That observation led to another and then another. These were my personal observations and theories today, but there are many, many more. I could have continued making connections on various levels but just wanted to give you an idea of where and how I am linking them. If I was concentrating on something very specific, then I would narrow my focus and cater to that query instead of running in various directions.

You will notice that once I made the basic connections, I allowed my creative imagination take over which gave flesh to any story that emerged. I have played with potential before and after scenes outside of the static image portrayed in the imagery of the cards, as it is in the imagination that all archetypal stories and characters can be found in abundance – the basis for all tarot interpretation. Without archetypes, there is no story and we all have an infinite supply of archetypes to play with, unless of course you have no imagination at all. I then began to introduce imagined connections that would not necessarily be found in the card imagery but would fit with the archetypal story I was compiling. It is the initial thread that opens the door to allow a story to build around it. You are not going to be gifted exact information from the cards, so will have to be inventive with making the necessary connections and links. Remember, tarot is the farthest thing from an exact science you can find, but many believe there is a set formula for linking and connecting cards. Connecting and linking tarot cards is a very personal thing and no two readers will do this in the same manner. All I can do is open your mind to the process of finding those links and making use of them, but I can’t show you exactly how that is done. It really has to come from within.

I typed this from beginning to finish without stopping to think if I was still on track. I then read back what I had typed and noticed the first thread pulled, connected the cards to inheritance which fed into several other inheritance related connections. See how one thing leads to another, like a trail of breadcrumbs or evidence at a crime scene. I did not have a client sitting in front of me deciding if I was on track or not, so had the freedom to explore several story lines of my own liking. For this practice I did not reverse any cards but did cover reversed aspects of them when connecting and linking.

There are so many more stories to tell in these cards, but I have done my bit here. Please feel free to post your own connections in the comments section below so that we may all benefit from such collaboration and sharing of ideas.

The potential of an inheritance or monies (Six of Pentacles) bequeathed to you after the death (Death) of a Matriarch figure (mother/grandmother/aunt etc.) – Empress


There could also be an underlying view that one should not have to wait until the Empress passes before benefiting from the inheritance. The Empress seems to be living well, with more than enough to keep her comfortable. Within her world she is well taken care of, but in the outside world, her offspring could be struggling to make ends meet. They could do with  a help out now, and not have to wait until the parent passes to receive that help. The Empress may be intent on taking her money to the grave with her, or she could be using her money for maximum leverage to keep her family under her tight control. We see the scales being weighed over the two kneeling figures in the Six of Pentacles. Most consider themselves deserving causes, but the well-dressed man focuses his attention on the kneeling figure in yellow. He has weighed the scales to determine who he thinks deserves his money which could change from day to day. The scales are depicted slightly unbalanced, thus alluding to the man choosing the figure in yellow over the figure in blue. For today, he will make them believe he holds the figure in yellow in greatest favour. The figure in blue may not have been as attentive or obedient as the figure in yellow (his sibling) and is being punished in return. There may be favoritism at play, or perhaps the favoritism switches from day to day as one or another sibling falls out of favour for one reason or another. You are in the will and then not, then in again. The Empress knows her offspring must keep her sweet if they are to inherit and she has no intention of opening her purse strings to them irrespective of how badly in need they are. The figures in the Six of Pentacles can sometimes be seen as grovelling or fawning, and this maybe where the Empress likes to keep them. Whoever grovels the most keeps in her good books, but it is never constant as the Empress in this aspect would never want any of her offspring getting ideas about being home and dry. She will string this out to the very end.


On the other hand, the figures in the Six of Pentacles could be trying to ingratiate themselves with the Empress and into her will. They could be family remembers or ruthless individuals who prey on those they believe they can financially gain from. The Empress in herself does not imply old age or senility, but she could represent a mother or grandmother figure of any age. As the Death card is close by I am using this to establish potential advanced age, which raises the issue of what monies and assets she may have to leave or bequeath others. Many times we hear of stories where especially certain family members, begin to take an active interest in the care or needs of the person, to the extent they are suddenly always around to take them to doctors appointments, shopping, out for lunch or away on day trips. They make themselves constantly available to prevent other family members getting a look in. Over time, the elderly person becomes dependent on them and may also be influenced by them. When the elderly person dies, the reading of the will reveals that all has been left to this one person who insists they knew nothing of the elderly person’s plans, even though it is likely they orchestrated it and drove them to the lawyer to change any previous will.


The Empress could also be holding a tight fist on her money, while expecting everyone to pay her way. If she has reached a certain age, she may feel a sense of entitlement that she must be catered for. She could make out to everyone that she has no money or that none of her offspring look after her properly, but this may not be the case. She may be using this as a tactic to have people running around after her. She has a habit of arriving at the check-out only to announce she has forgotten her purse, leaving whoever has accompanied her to foot the bill. They may have a problem getting their money back as she never seems to have money on her when they ask. The Empress could also represent elderly people who refuse to spend a cent on keeping their life comfortable as it is more important for them to leave as much money behind as possible. This is not for the benefit of whoever will inherit, but so that neighbours, family and friends will be impressed by how much they are worth. They see it as a form of canniness. It is more important to leave a substantial sum of money than to spend it on improving their own lot and the lot of their family.


If old issues and arguments stand between you asking for help from a mother figure, Death tells you it is time to bury the hatchet and make peace. The Empress is in a position to help you, but you will have to reach out first. Put the past behind you and let bygones be bygones. Set your pride aside and make your approach. This could act as the catalyst for change between you.


In this connection I now see Death coming to take two children away to place them in care (Six of Pentacles). They may have lost a parent, or even both as we see the King fallen in the Death Card. The children may also be taken away for their own good. The Empress remains standing but I do not get the impression she is the mother of these children as why then the need for hand-outs in the Six of Pentacles? Perhaps she is a grandmother or aunt? Then again, she could be a foster mother who will give the children the love and care they badly need. These cards could also suggest you, as the Empress you are involved in social work or charitable organisations in the community. You want to be of use to those who have been struck with unfortunate circumstances, loss or trauma.


The Empress also reminds us that under Universal Law, all her creations are equal and deserving. She does not stand in judgment but offers compassion and a form of tough love. She is Mother Nature in full force. What she gives birth to and nurtures, she can also destroy if she finds it not in balance or harmony. She has the power to give prolifically, but also has the power to wrench from us that which she has decided we do not need. In Death there is loss or unsettling change. In The Six of Pentacles we find loss and want. However in Death we might find the fall of pride and and a sense of entitled security. In The Six of Pentacles, the Empress observes their new-found humility and modesty as the figures are brought to their knees. The Empress represents the fine line that separates the haves and have-nots. She reminds all, that transitioning from one to the other can happen at any time. No one is immune to a sudden or dramatic change in circumstances for good or bad. The mighty and powerful have fallen in Death and now find themselves on their knees in the Six of Pentacles. However, the rising Sun in Death and the cyclical nature of The Empress encourage the kneeling figures in the Six of Pentacles to not lose hope. They too can rise again and come back to life. If they learn from their experience, any new surge of growth will make them stronger than before. They must believe they will survive the storm. What mother nature destroys and lays waste, can with conscientious nurturing, grow and flourish again.


The Empress in her role as Mother Earth finds her sitting in a beautiful garden that is lush and abundant. The Sun shines and barely a breeze stirs the trees. All is calm and serene. However, when we look to her left we find Death and must wonder why she sits so calmly. In Death there is a scene of devastation. Whatever has come about has brought disaster in its wake. Lives have been lost and families left homeless. Children have become separated from their parents and are traumatised. There is food shortage and lack of basic medical provisions. Rescuers and volunteers make their way to the scene of the disaster ready to offer help where they can. The religious orders rush to offer practical help and temporary shelter. Everyone has been taken by surprise, but there are many who saw this coming for some time (multiple threes). We may be looking at a situation of war and mayhem but with the Empress sitting beside Death, I can’t help but wonder if this might be a natural disaster as she does have the power to command the Elements to do her bidding.

The river that flows gently behind her, may now be a torrent or flood as heavy continuous rain pours down on already drenched and sodden earth. The river swell in response and burst their banks causing widespread flooding which submerge cars and trap frightened people in their houses. The lives of many humans and animals overcome by the wall of water, cannot escape and perish in a watery grave. Winds at frightening speeds uproot trees and cause extensive damage to property. Nothing and no one remains untouched. Mother Nature in the Empress holds her scepter aloft as a show of ultimate power and strength. She has unleashed the storm and will be the one to call it back when it is done.

In the aftermath of the storm, we begin to take stock of the damage in the Six of Pentacles. Thousands have been displaced and left homeless. People breakdown and cry to reporters who are eager to hear the individual stories of survival. They say they have lost everything, absolutely everything. They are not all accounted for. Family members are missing, a pet separated from them in the chaos. Others, weary with stress, fear and exhaustion stumble along the roadside weighed down with young children in their arms. In the badly flooded areas we see acts of heroism and bravery as good citizens work hard to save stranded pets and livestock, at times wading into the deep water to reach a petrified dog or cat, or to rescue a horse that is quickly losing strength as it attempts to swim to dry land. People wave from their roof-tops desperate to be spotted by passing helicopters, neighbours in boats, or the emergency services. Pregnant women and wheelchair bound citizens are carefully carried to safety over strong currents of lethal rapids. Everyone wants to be rescued and get as far away from danger as fast as they can.

However, there are also thousands who run towards the disaster zone. These are the good souls who have come to help. They come from every background, religion and culture. They desire to help their fellow human. Already donation lines have opened as people around the world rush to offer funds to aid those who have been affected by the disaster. People in their droves are arriving at the temporary shelters erected. They come on foot, on bikes, in cars, in vans and truck. They unload supplies and food paid for out of their own money. Businesses send in trucks with clothes and bedding to ease the suffering of the victims. Young people run around handing out bottles of clean drinking water and high-carb and protein bars to sustain the weary. The help comes from far and wide. Wealthy celebrities pledge massive donations. Airbnb set up a free accommodation program and people throw open their homes, offering beds and shelter. Taxis and their drivers who have survived the storm, turn off their meters and transport people back and forth from the danger zone. Animal rescue organisations round up frightened animals that have strayed from their owners, and the poor unfortunate wild animals who have unwittingly got caught up in the nightmare. Many have succumbed to the storm and flooding.

The scenes of disaster will continue for some time to come. Those who have lost so much will need ongoing practical support and help to recover from such a blow. The Six of Pentacles will ensure this happens. Government budgets are in place for such disasters and they will be called upon to release funds. Then, there will be the big clean up and rebuild. The mayhem sent by The Empress and released through Death will eventually fade into the past. The Sun will rise once more. The floods will recede and the land will dry out. What has been destroyed will be rebuilt. In time, there will be little visible evidence of what has come to pass and Mother Nature sets about restoring order and new growth takes over. However, the scars left by Death will be different for everyone. Some will have lost loved ones or cherished pets that can never be replaced. The Six of Pentacles reminds us that life can change in an instant. This time, Death and disaster visited the lives of the figures who kneel before the kind and wealthy benefactor, volunteer, rescuer, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. The well-dressed man who offers help and aid may have to take his turn at another time. Death could choose to land on his doorstep at any time, leaving him in a position where others will need to help him.


A dramatic change in circumstances. In the Empress you are used to the good life, luxuries and having everything you want. Your life has been prosperous and bountiful up until now, but that is all set to change. It may seem that all you have worked hard for could be lost (Death). There may be a collapse of business, a dream job. You might be entering a period of shortage in your life, which would have a strong financial or material emphasis. The Six of Pentacles might suggest having to rely on the help, generosity, or support of others which will be very hard for you to accept. There may be social welfare payments to apply for. The shoe is on the other foot now. Look at the young girl and child who kneel before Death and his white charger. They are well dressed in comparison to the two who kneel at the feet of the wealthy man or benefactor in the Six of Pentacles. Death has brought traumatic change to their life. The Empress will have tried her best to protect her children from want or lack, but she too has fallen under the hooves. They are now at the mercy of others. The Empress however, is aware of cycles and seasons in life. She will come back to life after this difficult time.


Several threes in these cards. 3 can be found in 13 (Death), the Empress is a 3 and the 6 of Pentacles is a multiple of 3. Multiple Threes suggest that the change in circumstances has been building for some time, but perhaps escalated or will escalate rapidly. Others may have seen it coming, but depending on the attitude of the Empress, she may have scoffed at the warning signs or was overly optimistic about the outcome. Several threes could also indicate the situation has been brought about by several decisions taken in the past (twos) that now in hindsight may not have been the best. Several threes could imply forced growth. The Empress may have been impatient or is too impatient to wait for things to evolve naturally. If in business, she may have tried to expand too fast, was too eager to push a product before carrying out sufficient market research. She may also have started to harvest her crops before they were strong enough, (spending before there was a strong safety net in place) and now has no contingency fund to get her through a rough patch. Her crops that showed so much promise have now failed leaving her penniless or bankrupt. Several threes could also be pointing to having to learn lessons the hard way. Threes encourage growth, but that growth can sometimes be painful as we go through it. The Empress needs to learn from any mistakes she has made and carry her experience forward.  The road to the top never runs smooth.


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  1. My first thought was – She married well, the husband was elderly and rich. He died and left her very well cared for financially. There were two sons in the marriage – her son – the one in yellow and his son in blue (her stepson) and now that the husband is deceased she is favouring her own son over the stepson who she perhaps didn’t get on with and is now not wanted – he looks very unkept and uncared for?


  2. This really felt like an inheritance to me. As if someone in the family, Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, had died and she was wealthy. Her will may not have been what everyone felt was fair, or at least what they thought they may get in the end. This happens so often and families fight and feel slighted, but the scales look in balance and she looks like she is sitting on the throne and has decided what shall be done.


    • Hi Bern,

      Yes, I agree. Where there is a will there is family. A Matriarch of family balancing the scales to determine how best to distribute her estate. No matter how fair she believes it to be, there will always be those who feel hard done by. It is hard to get it right but she is trying. I do also get a feel from the Six of Pentacles that she may be enjoying her sense of power over people, her family, as she watches them fawn around her, determined to stay in her good books, get noticed by her. They all want to do well out of her will, to scoop the majority, and she can see right through them. As you rightly stated. She is sitting on the throne and has decided what shall be done!They fawn in vain, for her mind is already made up, her will signed and sealed.



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