My Very Own Tarot Protégé

Billy my partner has been dabbling with Tarot for the last couple of years. He only feels comfortable reading for himself. When he first started, he found my teachings too intense, felt he wasn’t yet ready to delve so deep. Instead he dipped in and out of the various books I have lying around the place, books I still refer to by the way. Over time, I have watched his skill at interpreting grow into something very personal. The deck he uses is the first deck I ever bought for myself. He has now made it his own, and in recent times, has dared to to dive into the teachings on my site. He doesn’t care to read on a daily basis, but when life is challenging, or when the universe seems to pit itself against him, he reaches for the cards to glean some much-needed understanding and inspiration. I advised him to commit his readings to print, to type them up. In that way, he can chart his ups an down in the hope of identifying certain patterns in their comings and goings.

He showed me this reading yesterday evening after he had spent some time uploading it to his WordPress Blog and I was blown away with its profundity. I want to share this reading with you, as I think everyone will find something to relate to in it.

(Just click on the image or link below)

xxx Vivien

Dealing with elderly people can be difficult and trying. A lot of stress and anxiety can be caused as is indicated by the swords cards, leading to cutting words been spoken by both sides.

via TACT. PATIENCE. SUPPORT. — A Drop in the Ocean

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  1. Hi Vivien, thanks so much for sending this I think that Billy is doing a fantastic job of interpretation, I hope he keeps going and I just wanted to say that I’m personally inspired by his insights into these cards. What luck that you found each other! Monica 🙏🏽🦋🌻🐝😊



    • Hi Marnica,

      Well, you certainly made Billy’s day when I showed him your comment. He was all smiles and kept asking me to read it out to him again!! lol. I too was very inspired by his insights. He was amazed by what he achieved. His card reading touched very close to the bone for him and the associated interpretation and story-line just flowed as a result. He is all fired up for his next reading because of the fantastic feedback he got from you. We all need a bit of acknowledgment every now and then to keep us motivated and productive. I certainly would not have gone so far with my work if it wasn’t for the wonderful support I have received from so many people across the globe. We are our own worst critics as you know, unless you are Donald Trump of course!




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