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May I wish you a very peaceful, healthy and happy 2017!

After taking a break from writing in November, I am now back in the saddle and have been busy creating some special new content. Part of my reason for taking a break was to step back for a while and reflect on the direction Truly Teach Me Tarot has headed since its humble launch in 2012, along with the viability in continuing full-time commitment to such a large project. With me being the sole author, creator, web developer and site administrator, running and maintaining has become a full-time job, a job that unfortunately does not pay! I have given much thought to how I can continue this level of commitment along with keeping a roof over my head. With about 9,000 views a day from over 200 countries my aim is to keep this site ‘Free for All’. I really hope I can continue to do so. Other than recently signing up to WordAds, the only income generated from this site is via Donations. To date I have received a total of 5 Donations for which I am extremely grateful. My site is hosted by Free Hosting WordPress, and has limited commercial potential. For such heavy daily traffic, my site would need a Dedicated Server to avoid crashing and slow page loading. Unfortunately, the cost of such a service is quite out of reach.

So, as we enter the new year, I have decided to take a bold step forward for 2017 by releasing some new ‘Extra Special Content’ for those tarot students and enthusiasts who want to enhance and expand on their interpretation repertoire. 

From February, I will be introducing some content changes and monitoring its progress. Some content may be removed or altered. Other than that, Truly Teach Me Tarot will continue to run as normal, allowing free access to any content published on site. I will continue to write and add new ‘free content’ throughout the year. There will also be an option to purchase PDF Downloads of Site content for a small fee. Notice of available Downloads will be posted as soon as they have been formatted for download release.

**Further Information To Follow**

New, ‘Extra Special, Download Only Content’ will be created as stand alone modules, and will not be included as on site content. Instead these New Modules will be available to Purchase as PDF Downloads for personal viewing and study. 

For interested Tarot Tutors, I am considering offering a ‘Licence To Teach’ on most of these Modules. Terms and conditions will apply along with a Licence Fee. Further information will be released in the near future. 

**Please Email Me at To Register Your Interest, or Use the Comments Box Below**

The first Download Only content will be released in February  with:

The Wands’ Book of Love 


(Temporary Cover)

The Wands’ Book of Love, is Module 1 of a Series of 5. Each Module in this Series takes an in-depth look at each card, both Upright and Reversed, in a particular Suit, as well as Major Arcana, for Relationship Analysis and Interpretation. Modules also cover analysis of Governing Elements, and the Personalities involved in Relationships under each Suit. Cards are intensely explored and analysed to yield as many options as possible based on their driving element. The aim of these ‘Books of Love’ Modules, is to encourage Tarot Students to Flex their mind, look beyond the obvious, and explore different perspectives. It also facilitates greater connection with the imagery of each card and the array of sublime messages or stories they convey.   The content created is a fusion of traditional, non-traditional and personal connections. In writing these Modules, I have attempted to cover as many approaches as possible. There should be something for everyone.

To get a taste for what these Modules will have to offer, I have inserted an excerpt from The Wands’ Book of Love. The card being explored is The Two of Wands both Upright and Reversed. Each Module contains a large volume of content and will have three download options. With full colour images, with black and white images and without images. This is to ease reduction on ink if printing Module Content.

There will be a Special Offer Price at Launch of First Module. Information on pricing will follow. 

Except From –  The Wands’ Book of Love

Two of Wands – Don’t Know What I Want Anymore

2 of Wands Upright- Card images are © Copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc.”

2 – Decisions about relationships. Being at a crossroads. Weighing up Pros and Cons. Being in two minds.

Two of Wands – Weighing up the pros and cons of a relationship. Finding balance or not. Decision time. Relationship Crossroads. Choosing between two partners. Not really sure about the relationship. Something is wrong as you do not feel fulfilled. You are not content and have doubts about staying or going. Nothing obviously wrong but the fire may have diminished. Withdrawal, disconnected. Focus elsewhere. Grass is greener on other side. You want more out of a relationship. Feeling trapped or restricted. A decision about the taking the next step in a relationship. Wanting to rush into a relationship but circumstances or doubts may hold you back. Hankering after a love from far away. Big decisions about relocating for a couple. Action has to be taken soon. The Sudden departure of a partner or lover. A couple with differing needs. Internet dating.

Seeking Progress

You certainly have invested a lot in this relationship and need to know if your partner feels the same. You feel that the relationship has reached an impasse, or fallen into a comfort zone, when really, further progress should be made. You have created a certain life together and believe it should now move on to something more. You seek commitment and security of relationship. You are prepared to make a go of it but you might sense your partner needs more convincing. It might be time to sit down with your partner to discuss long-term goals for the relationship and the best way forward.

The Crossroads – Decision Making Time

In the Two of Wands, we arrive at the sobering up stage in a relationship as it reaches a crossroads. A decision has to be made and action taken. You may feel under pressure from others. The initial high energy of the Ace of Wands has worn off, the excitement eventually calmed. It is time to take stock of the relationship to see where both parties stand. In the Ace of Wands, we explored the crazy in love stage. That has now passed. In the Two, the couple must decide if they want to explore the relationship further. We now see the two sides involved and can get an idea of how they might differ. One Wand is bolted to the wall which could suggest the desire for commitment, to be bound to another. He or she might want something more stable and secure. The other Wand, although held in the hand of the figure in this card, is free to move. The figure holding the Wand stands with his back to the Wand bolted to the wall. He stares out to sea and across to foreign lands. The globe in his hand represents his world and he must decide what it means to him before a decision can be made. The decision comes down to maintaining single Wands status, or opt for the partnership and relationship of the Two Wands.

This is the You, and Me, stage before the couple can announce their committed couple status. The pros and cons of committing or staying single must be reflected on. Should the individuals opt to unite and become a couple, they can no longer act and behave in their single manner. This must be understood. They will need to consult each other in decision making processes, make allowances for each other, respect each other’s feelings, and be prepared to comprise on certain matters. Another’s needs must now be taken into consideration. Be it heavy or light, baggage has been introduced into the relationship.

Part of the feeling that comes with The Two of Wands when looking at relationships is the need to determine if you really need or want to take a relationship to its next level. You might be reflecting on your life and see that you actually enjoy it as it is. You are established and have your own routine and way of doing things. You might value your freedom and find it to be the hardest thing to curtail. There are things you still want to do or achieve, places to go and career to think about. Yes, you admit, the fantastic time spent in The Ace of Wands but wonder if really means anything in the long run. It is important to give this due thought as doubts ignored now may return in greater force in the future. If they do, they may not be so easy to sort. If you are about to propose or announce your engagement, make sure you are sure of this level of commitment.


Hot on the heels of The Ace of Wands, it can be quite difficult to distinguish the reality of your situation if you are still basking in the after-glow. It might be time to stand outside, or apart from the relationship to gain better perspective. Following on from the above, the Two of Wands can suggest a disturbance or shift of energy in a relationship. A partner may become remote or distant if they are unsure of their feelings or ability to commit. He or she may seem emotionally withdrawn, aloof and unloving in their actions. They may not react to you in the manner you have become accustomed to. You might find them hard to reach as they zone out into their own world and become less communicative and animated. He or she may also put physical distance between you while they attempt to clear their mind. In the Two of Wands there is sometimes an urge to bolt, to just get away. He or she might be considering if they are making or have made a mistake. They may have doubts or second thoughts about their partner being the right one for them. Maybe their true love is still out in the world waiting for them.  Am I settling down too soon? Is it what I want?

Not Fully Present

It is quite clear to see from the figure in this card that he is not focusing his attention on the world he resides in. It is quite simple to translate this for relationship. If this is your partner holding the globe and looking out the window or out to sea, he does not appear to be fully aware of you. You may be too busy to notice this change or energy that has entered your relationship but it is there and needs to be addressed. It may only be temporary. He or she may snap out of their withdrawn state and notice you once more, but it might be a sign of something deeper. There is a discontent and general malaise hovering over the relationship. It seems a bit lifeless. There is a lack of full attention and interest. Do not take anything for granted.

Abrupt Departures

A Sudden, and often shocking departure is traditionally associated with The Two of Wands. A partner can walk out, or away from a relationship leaving total devastation behind. Scandal and disbelief may follow. However, when closely examined, the signs are bound to have been there for some time. Typically, there is the withdrawal and aloofness of a partner before the departure. He or she will not have been him or herself for some time but it’s unlikely the other partner pursued the cause of their discontent, perhaps ignoring it, or turning a blind eye. Happy people do not walk away. Something was wrong. He or she most probably checked out both emotionally and psychologically from the relationship for some time before following through with a physical departure.

Sometimes the abrupt departure is a knee-jerk reaction following a row or misunderstanding. Other times it comes after a period of continuous dissatisfaction. He or she may have fallen out of love with their partner, or feel their life and ambition has been restricted or damaged by the relationship.  He/she may feel a loss of identity. Of course, there is always the possibility of leaving one partner for another as betrayal and unfaithfulness is discovered. A new, or old love, could be on the scene and this is where the focus of attention lies.

The Two of Wands can highlight a choice between two partners. A time has come to decide which one to choose. The choice may not be simple and the personalities could differ radically. One may be outgoing, extrovert and open to adventure and travel. The other may be more cautious, settled and introvert. There will be pros and cons on both sides.

The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side

This card can also suggest a partner who wants it all, both a relationship and the freedom to pursue other ones at will. They ‘want their cake, and eat it’. In this instance there is a tendency to be lured to the greener grass on the other side, possibly hopping from one to the other when interest wanes. This person finds it hard to settle with one partner and is open to distraction and temptation.

There may be a hankering for an ex-partner or a reluctance to sever complete ties. You might prefer to keep your options open.

Considering Emigration or Re-Location

Depending on surrounding cards in the spread, the Two of Wands in a relationship reading can highlight the difficult decision a couple has to make if considering emigration. Where Wands are concerned, the decision to re-locate is often career-related or a lifestyle choice. A promotion, opportunity for advancement etc. may entail a major move. For a couple this could mean having to leave behind family, friends and all that is familiar. Children may have to be uprooted from schools and friends. There may be a new language to learn, cultural differences to get used to. For strong united couples this is a decision that will be faced together, taking into consideration what is best for all of them. Not everyone will be happy about the move but in this card we are looking at ambition. We see a couple, or perhaps a partner who wants more than they already have. Their current situation may be considered enviable to many but this couple have their sights set on a bigger prize. On the other hand, they may be in a bind, and have no option but to leave all behind. This might be their chance to make a life, sort out their life or acquire the lifestyle they desire. Sacrifices will have to be made for the greater good. There is also a sense with this card of wanting something better than their own upbringing. They may try to emulate their parents’ success, or better them. There will be a yardstick by which they measure their success. They just have to make a final decision and then act upon it. However, with the Two of Wands we often come upon a decision that should be made fast. There is urgency and restlessness with little time for reflection as a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself.

Long Distance Relationships – My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean

The Two of Wands can highlight a long-distance relationship or a partner from another country, culture or race. Perhaps you met while overseas on work or at a conference. Maybe you connected through social media or internet dating sites. There is a distance involved and you may find it difficult to sustain intimacy or close communication. Even if you are in touch with each other all the time, it is not the same as being together. It is likely this relationship has worked in the early stages as you were content with the arrangement, but now want more. It is not fulfilling you the way it should and you need to decide what to do about it. You are considering all options. Keep going, end it, or take steps to remove the distance between the two of you. This might involve looking into the possibility of re-locating to where your partner is, or asking them to come to you. Think carefully.

If there are race or cultural differences, there might be barriers or obstacles that stand in the way of being together. One of you may not be as free to make certain choices. Others may object to the union and deem the match unsuitable. How does one bridge the divide? Maybe the obstacles are too difficult to surmount. A decision has to be made.

If you have re-located to be with your partner, you may be having some regrets. Homesickness is preventing you from settling down. You may pine for home or want to return. A period of adjustment is required. Give it some time before you make any major decisions.

Yes or No Card? – No-ish, this relationship is not getting the right attention. Focus could lie elsewhere. It could go either way. Someone has doubts. Relationship is in transition, it could go either way.

Two of Wands Rx – Full of Regret

2 Wands Rx - Card images are © Copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc.”

2 rx – Unable to make a decision. Stuck. Extremes.

Two of Wands Reversed – Relationship unbalanced. Dualism. Commitment Issues.  Incompatibility, Opposing Needs and Wants, Making the wrong/poor decision. Disillusionment, Boredom. Feeling abandoned by your partner. The sudden return of a partner. Choosing to stay in a mundane relationship out of fear of change or risk. Feeling unfulfilled or restricted. Sacrifice/sabotage within a relationship. Being held back by your partner. Too many obstacles in the way of love.  External interference, wondering where and when it changed. Failed or doomed long-distance relationship. Over-reliance on virtual relationships/internet chat rooms. Feeling pessimistic about meeting anyone.

Making a Poor Decision

In the Upright Two of Wands a decision is being made, hopefully for the best. In the Reversed Two a decision is made without due thought. Superficial or naive aspects strongly influence you allowing you to entertain delusional aspirations about the future of a relationship. You may make a decision based on misguided intentions. You might presume the initial positive start to be a sign of even better times to come. You could base your decision on first impressions without looking much further.  If you have been looking for love for some time, you may settle for the first partner that comes your way, seeing only what you want to see, making it all fit perfectly. It is likely you are setting yourself up for a big fall. It takes time to get to know someone and you need to allow the relationship to mature before you can really tell if it is what you want. However, you are eager to take it to the next stage too quickly.  The sex may be great but you will need more than that to achieve success and fulfilment.

External Interference – Allowing Others Decide For You

This card could also highlight external pressure being exerted where a relationship is concerned. You may feel painted into a corner and obliged to make a decision that is popular with the crowd but not you. Those around you may think your partner is the best thing in the world and that you should accept a proposal or offer of commitment if it comes your way. Family and friends may already have you nicely packaged as the ideal couple and would be disappointed should you do anything to upset their story. You may be tempted to go with the flow here and believe that if everyone else thinks you should, then perhaps you should. If this is the case, it is vital you start thinking about your own needs. Get your priorities in order and don’t be forced into committing to a relationship that does not offer you a chance of real happiness. It is after all you who will have to live with it every day. Make a bold grab for your Ace of Wands and assert yourself before it is too late.

In the Two of Wands we find a figure of status and power. He or she can be seen as quite an eligible match by many. In the Upright aspect, we can expect the interference of others, especially family on either side as it is a card of opposites and dualism. You may feel pressure from family or parents to make a match that is supported or approved by them, but in the Reversed Two of Wands, you may not have a choice but to go along with their wishes. This could lead to you being partnered with someone who ticks all the boxes for your family but leaves you wanting and unhappy. Arranged marriages, marrying to please family, societal expectations, or for status and position are highlighted. You may play your part in front of others but when out of public view, you cannot hide your true feelings. When we look at this card we can see a dynastic union to form alliances and continue bloodlines. Power, yes. Love, no. You may have to sacrifice your own needs and ambition for the greater glory of others. We find restrictions on freedom and loneliness. You may have no one to confide in. In The Reversed Two of Wands, your place in the world has been made painfully clear to you. It is likely you feel trapped and powerless with no options open to you.

Disillusionment and Boredom

The Reversed Two of Wands brings disillusionment with your relationship. Things have not turned out as you expected. You might feel bored or regret ever getting involved in the first place. It is likely you gave little thought to compatibility and allowed Fire to dictate. You may have confused passion and lust for love.  A sobering time comes for all relationships once the initial fire dies down. This is a natural progression. However, hot on the heels of sobering up, comes a hangover.

In the cold light of day, and with sufficient time passed, you no longer see your partner in the same light. Sexual attraction wanes as you focus on their faults and negative traits. There is a very good chance of boredom and a longing to be free. However, it may not be too simple to free yourself if any hasty commitments were made or impulsive actions taken.

Discovering Incompatibility

The Reversed Two of Wands can bring unpleasant revelations. A gulf is beginning to widen between a couple. There can be the painful realisation that your partner does not want what you want. You have differing needs and priorities. He or she may be happy to keep a relationship as it is, not keen to offer more. You partner may not be open to negotiation on the matter, the conversation closed to discussion, as we see the figure turning his back on the other Wand. An effort may be made to re-visit the early stage of the relationship with a view to rekindling desire but it is hard to reproduce the Ace of Wands if it has to be forced. You might have to accept that as a couple you are drifting apart. One of you is moving on, even if it hasn’t officially been announced. There may be signs of restlessness, or a partner who never seems to be content. Sexual incompatibility is highlighted. One has a stronger sexual appetite than the other. One partner is sexually adventurous while the other is conservative and traditional.

In this Card, we also find a partner who is holding you back for one reason or another. Again, this could come down to wanting different things and being stubborn about finding compromise. There may be a reluctance to find common ground as partners retreat to their own corners with fixed attitudes about their stance. Both partners will try to assert their individual Ace of Wands, no one wanting to concede to the other. There could be a battle of wills and wits. One is content in their world and the other is not. If personalities vary considerably, or if one is beginning to veer off the presumed mutual path, it could be down to a need for creative expression, to fulfil a burning ambition, or plain old boredom. One partner is happy with the status quo and doesn’t see the need for further change or challenge. If there is a commitment between partners such as marriage or family, we could find a partner who rightly or wrongly stands in the way of the other’s personal ambition and progress. They don’t see it the way their partner does. Because we are dealing with Wands (Fire) we might be looking at career, travel or expansion. There could be a choice of opportunities with one carrying risk and excitement, while the other is guaranteed but quite predictable.

The figure in the imagery is restless to do more with his or her life. He sees great opportunities all around and possibly great career advancement potential if he was to relocate or emigrate. This is an intrinsic burning desire in true Fire personalities, not something that will go away after a practical talk with their partner. Rather resentment can build and begin to burn into the core of the relationship. An example of this is a partner who sees nothing wrong in uprooting the whole family to go chasing across the globe for their career or sense of adventure and exploration. Fire tends to want control. This was fine in the Ace when all it had to do was think of itself. However, now in the Two there are others to consider, a partner, and maybe some children. Fire’s partner may have his or her own career, their own Fire, or do not share the sense of adventure their partner does. The Fire partner may feel claustrophobic in their community, neighbourhood or social circle, while their partner is perfectly happy with the lifestyle. So, what happens under these difficult circumstances? A standoff, resentful resignation and acceptance, or force to seize control. Then again, if Fire does not get its way, it can do something impulsive and go behind its partner’s back to set the wheels alight and in motion. It really depends on who can assert themselves in the strongest manner and the personality types involved.

Treachery or Sabotage

In this instance the Reversed Two of Wands could show Fire begin to make major plans or decisions without the consent or knowledge of their partner. In extreme cases a partner may not choose to compromise and will leave, believing they will fare better on their own.  If Fire is blocked by an obstacle, it will seek to go under, over, around or through it. It rarely retreats. You may not be prepared to sacrifice your dream for the sake of your partner. On the other hand, this card can also indicate that you have. If so, deep down you are likely to be unhappy or feel unfulfilled. Such are the complications of a relationship. Balance has been lost and the one who got their way, needs to be prepared to return the favour when payback time arrives.

In the Reversed Two of Wands we can also find deliberate sabotage of a partner’s dream or ambition. He or she could be the eternal fly in the ointment of your advancement and happiness.  This could be down to plain old jealousy or envy. There is bound to be a control aspect at play. You may also choose to blame you

In the Reversed Two of Wands we must also look to another extreme with a partner holding you back. You may be quite ambitious and want more out of life, not just for yourself, but as a couple too. Unfortunately, your partner may be slowing you down if he or she is lazy and lethargic. You might have painfully discovered your partner is going nowhere fast and is prepared to settle for less, mediocrity or mere subsistence. You might have to do all the work, while they sit back and lean on you for support. This is another example of a relationship out of balance. You must decide if it is worth the effort or not. It may be time to review your relationship to see if it is delivering on its expectations. This Reversed Two warns about letting it drift along in an unhealthy manner. Better to get out when you can.

Calling it a Day on Your Relationship

In the Reversed Two the decision to split may be taken. You have concluded, that the relationship as it stands, does not have a future and steps will be taken to make the break before it goes any further. You might miss being single or want your single life back. The party turned out to be a flop or a one hit wonder. A relationship under the influence of the Reversed Two of Wands may have been all show and no substance.

Reluctance to Commit

With the Reversed Two of Wands, you may have a habit of dropping a relationship before it gets too serious if there are commitment issues involved. There may be a lack of understanding regarding the natural evolution of a relationship. You may deem it a failure if you cannot deal with the normal every day aspect of being a couple. You may only focus on the superficial side of the relationship or see problems where there are none.

This card can also suggest you are not looking for a committed relationship and know when to call it a day. You might be interested in dating and having a good time but do not wish to settle with anyone in particular. If you have just returned to the dating scene after a previous relationship, separation or divorce you will be cautious about getting involved. You have experience behind you and are painfully aware of the powerful influence of Fire. You know all about Fire and how it can lead one astray. You have read the book, worn the t-shirt etc. You won’t fall so easily and are able to keep any amorous advances at bay. It is likely you communicate this clearly at the outset and enjoy the freedom of singledom.

Taking the Safe Option

The Reversed Two of Wands can suggest being too fearful about taking the necessary action when you are not happy in your relationship. You know you are not suited but you might choose to stay in an unfulfilling relationship if you are unable to find the strength to leave. The upheaval of change may be too much for you so you decide it is best to stay where you are. You settle for mediocrity and convince yourself that things could be worse. He or she may be better than no one or having to find your own way in the world. You may rely too heavily on your partner. You prefer to be cautious and take the safest option at all times. You believe there is a big bad world beyond your environment and so do not venture out into it. It is too risky. The Two of Wands Reversed can highlight the issue of settling down too young or marrying the first person you have a relationship with. There is a lack of knowledge of what else is out there or the potential of other partners. You have sacrificed our life too soon.  Deep within you are aware of this but feel you cannot do anything about it. You think it is too late but this is only being used as an excuse for taking no action. See the wall in the imagery is not too high, it is not a prison. The figure can step over it is he so wishes. However, we do not know how much of a drop there is the other side. He may have to accept a change in status or discomfort should he step over and beyond. He may not be prepared for that. He would free himself if only he hadn’t so much invested in the relationship. He has laid his bed and will now lie in it. In Ireland we have a saying ‘better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t’. We see this scenario play out again in the reversed Eight of Cups.

Pessimistic About Love

In the Two of Wands you may feel you have done all you can to meet the perfect match but you just can’t seem to get anywhere. You dress well, go to all the right places, are friendly, interesting and get out and about regularly, but you are beginning to believe that love is not meant for you. The problem could be down to appearing to eager, coming on too strong or simply overdoing it. Sometimes, the more we try, the greater become our failures. It is possible you need to relax a bit more and do not come across as desperate. Love often strikes when we least expect it to and not when we have arranged it to.

Also, if you are highly ambitious, assertive and possess a powerful personality, this can sometimes confuse potential suitors as they can make a quick judgment about their chance of success with you. They may feel you are out of their league and cannot live up to what they presume are your expectations and standards. Because you are so wonderful and amazing, people often assume that you are already taken. A dilemma!

A Partner Returns/Reconciliation

If separated, then The Reversed Two of Wands can indicate the sudden return of an ex-partner or a reconciliation. Under the influence of Fire, a partner may take sudden action or an impulsive move. A partner may have left abruptly or for another partner. There may have been angry words and much drama. In the cold light of day, or after the initial Fire has burnt down, there may be remorse and regret about making the decision to leave. In this case, this card could highlight the desire to come home. However, pride and hurt on both sides may complicate the matter. The door may be closed to you or it will take much convincing if you are to return. Then again, this could be a habit within the relationship and it might simply be a case of turning up at the door with good intentions of starting over once more. Some couples thrive on this sort of drama, fight, storm off, then return and make up.

Unable to Sustain a Long-Distance Relationship

In the Two of Wands Reversed we find increasing difficulty maintaining a long-distance relationship. It may not be working out as you had hoped. You might feel lonely and miss the physical connection with your partner. You are beginning to reconsider meeting someone more local and accessible. If there are cultural differences they might begin to become more obvious. With the Two in Reverse it is unlikely to result in an easy decision making process. You may be having second thoughts or cold feet about re-locating to be with your partner.

 It really is a big step and you are not sure if you are ready for that.  If you partner is making the move to be with you, then you are likely to examine your immediate world with concerns about how it might change. Perhaps this decision was made too rapidly without thinking about the long-term impact on your life. It will take a lot of adjustment on both sides and a considerable period of settling in. You may be worried about making such a commitment and think negatively about its success. You may want to back out or hold back.

If you have already made the move, you might feel dreadfully homesick. You might decide to go home before giving yourself a chance to settle in. Then again you may feel disillusioned, your magic bubble burst in the reality of it all. He or she is no longer the dream image from the faraway world, but rather, suddenly around all the time. Your impressions may change once the distance has been removed as it now requires real interaction and commitment on both sides. You may realise the grass is not always greener on the other side and wish to undo what you have done.

Virtual Relationships

The Two of Wands Reversed can also suggest the avoidance of a real living and breathing relationship due to addiction to online chat rooms and social media friendships. You can dip in and out of contact as you like without having to demonstrate real commitment. You can pretend to be whoever you want without having to back it up with real proof. You can have many so called ‘relationships’ running at the same time. You may be relying on chat rooms or dating sites for meeting someone and neglecting the social aspect of getting out and actually meeting someone.

In certain cases, depending on supporting cards, the Two of Wands Reversed, can highlight a partner who may be spending too much time on the internet, engaged in long distance friendships, or finding entertainment and titillation in chat rooms, when really they need to pay more attention to their own relationship. Their focus is not at home and could be warning sign of trouble ahead. As a couple, or partner, you need to wake up to what is going on.

Yes or No Card? – No. Not healthy and not a good enough reason for a relationship.




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