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The Re-Invented Ace of Wands Has Arrived!

Hi To Everyone in Tarot World, 

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of the Re-Invented Ace of Wands. I believe the Launch Card for each Suit should be given special attention as it sets the scene for their very particular, and specific journeys ahead. The Four Aces lay the necessary ground work for all the Cards that follow. Once you understand the Launch or Origins of each Suit, it makes interpreting the rest all the easier to intuit, or deduce.

I do hope you enjoy this new body of work and assure you of my commitment to affording the same level of attention to the remaining Aces of Cups, Swords and Pentacles. 


Vivien xxx (Your Tarot Teacher)

Getting The Green Light/Thumbs Up, Get Going

Ace of Wands *Remember, Wands are governed by the Element Fire and so deal with energy, action, movement, change, work, careers, creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, exertion, strength, passion.

Ace of Wands

A Disembodied Hand appears from out of a cloud or aura. A single Wand is grasped firmly by the hand in an upright position and is offered forth as a gift of opportunity or chance. The aura represents the pure aspect of Spirit. The Wand  sprouts new leaves symbolically representing the beginning of new life and potential within.  Any remaining old leaves fall away to make way for new growth as nature rebirths itself. The budding leaves also represent Spring, a time of new growth, rebirth, regeneration and possibilities.  The Thumb is held in an upright manner, a symbolic gesture for ‘Yes’ or ‘Affirmative’. The sky is clear and bright. Young trees come into leaf in the background while a castle sits atop of a steep hill or mountain. The castle symbolises security, goals, dreams, opportunities, ambitions, the ultimate destination. A river meanders through the landscape symbolising the emotional currents that flow through the situation. The River does not follow a straight path. This symbolises challenges ahead, but non so great that cannot be overcome.

Card Imagery and Description for The Ace of Wands – The Journey Begins

In the Ace of Wands the Element of Fire prepares to embark upon a new journey. Everything is new and fresh and much excitement is in the air for this momentous occasion. Only moments ago, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky and set our nerve ends tingling as the hair rose on the back of our neck. The electricity is palpable. and it is clear something very magical is about to happen.  As we focus on The Ace of Wands we witness the first impulse or emanation of the gift of Fire as a hand from the Universe/Spirit reaches forth from a burst of cloud.   The aura surrounding……Continue Reading

The Re-Invented Ace of Wands Has Arrived!


The Suit of Wands

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  1. Hello Vivien, I am one of those users who loves your site! I always refer to it along with my other reference material to see what resonates well for my reading. I would absolutely pay a reasonable fee that would allow me to download and print information from your site. A PDF would be great, I would need a receipt so that the printer I would go to has the authorization from you to print it. Please keep on writing! Your thoughts, insights and card wisdom are my friends. I’m sorry you no longer do email readings, but certainly understandable. However, if you change your mind or make an exception, keep me in mind. Thanks for all you do!


    • Hi Edith,

      Oh thank you for such encouragement. Yes, I am still writing in the background. It takes a lot of time. So many people have asked about PDF downloads of the content and I will be acting on it. I need to reformat all my word documents and will then share them through Google Drive allowing people to download and print a copy for their personal use. I have moved away from readings as my health has been poor and have had to cancel clients on too many occasions. With writing, I work when I am well etc so that is the direction I am taking. So it’s a case of when I am working I am working, and work non-stop. Then when I am bad I can do nothing. I think I will need to bring someone else on board to reformat all the files for download as that is another heavy workload. My partner doesn’t know it yet, but I have him earmarked for some of it!!!




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