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Yesterday’s Reading – Your Input

Hi everyone,

I am back again, twice in the one day. Very unusual. Why I am back is because I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of comments that were sent to me yesterday, in relation to the Three Cards I had drawn after asking about The Chiropractor being able to help me.

Temperence UprightQueen of Wands UprightThe Magician (I) Upright

Yesterday’s Reading – A Fingers Crossed Quickie Reading – Link

This comment came from Sue, who describes herself as a beginner, but she is more advanced than she gives herself credit for. She saw extra meanings in the Cards which went further than the aspect I approached it with yesterday. Her intuitive assumptions are correct, and believe it or not, I was going to post about the very nature of this Reading myself if I was to turn the Question from The Chiropractor back to myself.


These cards do look promising, and as a beginner i understood how you read them, but also i wondered about the Temperance card, could she be asking you to try and get through your tasks with moderation, the Queen of Wands to me likes to push on and be busy, perhaps you’re trying to do too much so to me Temperance is saying “do what you need to do, but in moderation” I hope your man does his stuff and you feel better soon x

Sue’s interpretation demonstrates marvellously how any Card in a Spread can be read on several levels. It can carry multiple applicable meanings, and when Sue looked at the Cards, she was aware of this. I asked about The Chiropractor, and I chose in this instance to relate 99% of the Reading to The Chiropractor. Should I have had more time, I would have pointed out the fact that not only were they giving me information about The Chiropractor, they also had important messages for me. Read the rest of this entry


The Chiropractic Session

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the supportive comments yesterday. They were much appreciated. I felt I had you all in the Chiropractor’s room with me.

4 of Swords Upright

The Need to Seek Professional Help. Can’t do This on My Own

Well I survived my visit to The Chiropractor and live to fight another day.  I promised I would let you all know how I got on so am now here to fill you in.

I was quite anxious about my impulsive move in selecting a Chiropractor. I have always been given mixed and conflicting advice about the benefits and success rates from this type of therapy. In fact there have been those in the past who lectured me strongly about the dangers of going to either a Chiropractor or Osteopath. ‘You can come out worse than when you in’ or ‘I have a friend whose back was destroyed by a Chiropractor’ and ‘I wouldn’t let a Chiropractor near me’. I have heard all the scary stories, but I have also heard of the successes too. When you are desperate and have reached a stage where you just couldn’t care less anymore, you are prepared to take crazy risks. I woke yesterday morning in a do or die mood and threatened to throw myself out the window if this mess of my neck didn’t go away. When my partner Googled Chiropractors in our region, he came up with the name of one that I knew in the local village/town of Clane, County Kildare. Actually I had been to this Chiropractor Clinic once before back in 2012, but never actually had a treatment. It had been a consultation regarding, yes, my neck, back in October 2012. Richard, the Chiropractor had taken some digital images of my spine, and because he saw a couple of ‘things’ in my cervical spine (neck), he advised I have an MRI of that area before starting treatment.

I had the MRI a couple of weeks later and because the results went back to my GP, he set me forth onto the path of the wearying and exhausting hospital system. I went the traditional medical route instead of returning to the Chiropractor. Somehow or other, I forgot about Richard and got caught up in hospital appointments that took months to come around. While I waited to be seen by the experts, my condition deteriorated and I resorted to finding help elsewhere. I don’t exactly know why I didn’t go straight back to Richard, The Chiropractor. Instead, my niece suggested a Osteopath who had helped her in the past and I eagerly took his number. I managed to secure an appointment, but his rooms were in Dublin City and I could only get in there once a week. He was a very busy man and appointments were like gold dust. When I managed to secure one with him, I arrived in Baggot St, Dublin, in a bit of a wobble. By that stage my balance had been gone for some time and my left cheek and eye-socket felt as if they were fractured.  My lower jaw was moving in an exaggerated way to the left when I talked, and my speech was slurred. I kept biting my tongue and the inside of my mouth. There didn’t seem to be enough room in my jaw for my teeth and they ached and throbbed. My tongue also seemed to big for my mouth and I was at odds as to where to put it. My neck arms and shoulders were a complete mess.

8 of Swords UprightThe Hanged Man Upright

Feeling Trapped and Tied Up in Pain

I really didn’t know what to expect from the session, but Paul, the Osteopath, after patiently listening to my long and weird history of symptoms, explained the nature of his work and how he hoped to help me. Then he produced his smart phone and asked me to stick my tongue out. He took a lovely photo of my tongue and then viewed it on his computer screen. He asked me if I had suffered a trauma or grief in recent years as he pointed out a deep line on the image of my tongue. I told him about the loss of my son from cancer in 2007 and he nodded wisely. He explained that it had left its imprint on me. The tongue, he said, was like a map of the body and easily showed up the areas where dis-ease reigned. He suggested that there was a lot of unexpressed grief and emotional repression that could very well be the root cause of my misaligned body. After the consultation he put me up on the plinth and proceeded to feel around the back of my neck, uttering ‘ah’ whenever he found inconsistencies. He checked out my jaw, shoulders, back, arms and legs. Overall he found a lot of things out-of-place. He then began the session in earnest, making adjustments in my neck and doing some painful things with my jaw. He reset my hips and rolled my arms in funny ways. Then he set me up with some acupuncture needles and left me to listen to classical music. I remember lying on the plinth with tears rolling down my face, as emotions rose to the surface. I couldn’t help myself. It was very relaxing and I could have stayed in that zone, perfectly happy and at peace for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, he had another client due in so I had to return to my world of chaos and leave the building. I was to come back for several more sessions and already I couldn’t wait for the next. Read the rest of this entry

A Fingers Crossed Quickie Reading

Hi Everyone,

The Magician (I) UprightQueen of Wands UprightTemperence Upright

Just dropping by very briefly to share my Daily Card Reading with you. I can’t stay long as I have an important appointment to keep with a Chiropractor.

As, you all know I had Major Surgery only 8 weeks ago today. The surgery has worked out very well for me and that end of things seem to be fine, but in the last few weeks an old enemy has flared up, probably from my weakened Body after surgery. My neck, jaw, upper back and arms are in a mess. All the muscles have tightened and knotted leaving me unable to function properly. Sitting at my desk and typing is very painful and cannot be endured for very long. However, I persist. This problem appeared a few years ago and got so bad I lost my balance for over a year and couldn’t drive. I was in and out of hospital with  no success. Eventually on the verge of despair I found an Osteopath in Dublin who helped me, along with a Trigger Massage Therapist. I also had some acupuncture and reflexology. It never went fully away but I could get on with my life.

It is now back with a vengeance and a new twist. I feel as if there is something out of place and that I am being pulled internally within my head, neck, jaw, ear, shoulder and upper back. It travels in a line, and to be honest is making me feel very nauseous. Last Friday, I went to see the consultant who looked at my jaw before and was given some Diffene Gel to apply and muscle relaxants to take. I felt that because I was still in recovery from surgery, I should go to the hospital before seeing anyone else. Neither the Diffene Gel nor the muscles relaxants have worked.  I have broken down in tears each evening for the last three days and this morning said enough is enough.  I could not get my Osteopath, but managed to get an appointment with a local Chiropractor.

I am a desperate woman at this stage, so desperate, I am prepared to knock on the Devil’s door to get help.  After getting off the phone with the Chiropractor’s Secretary, I pulled Three Cards. My question was, Will this Chiropractor be able to help me with my neck and jaw problems? My Cards were as follows:

The Magician (I) UprightQueen of Wands UprightTemperence Upright

Now, I am not going to build my hopes up, but these Cards look very promising indeed. Could it be so? There is The Magician, the man of science and knowledge, skilled and ready to get to work on me. He has all the tools of his trade on the table and is well qualified for the job. I feel confident that he has turned up and believe he is a representation of The Chiropractor himself. The Queen of Wands represents me; want to be active and busy. Have things to do, plans to follow and goals to achieve. I do not have time to feel like this. I am very frustrated with the limitations my condition has put on me. I really need this Chiropractor to free up whatever is causing the problem so that I can get on with my life. Temperance is the Ultimate Card of striking the right balance, finding the right blend and bringing things back into alignment. This is what I need badly. My physical body is out of alignment, probably my emotional and psychological ones too at this stage. I need the Chiropractor to find the problem and then do whatever adjustments are necessary to allow the natural flow of energy once more. These Cards do give me hope, so please all of you, keep your fingers crossed for me this afternoon.

I will let you know how I get on. I do hope my over-riding desire to be fixed didn’t taint the drawing process. I tried to stay disconnected from the outcome. Hope these Cards are  not just a reflection of wishful thinking. I hope.


Vivien x

Making Connections Between Cards

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Making Connections Between Cards 

Queen of Cups UprightThe World Upright

(Sample Reading Below)


When it comes to learning Tarot, there are questions I get asked over and over again. One of the most common is concerned with making connections between Cards in a Reading. This question is usually put to me the following manner:

‘how do I  make connections between Cards?’

‘how do I link Cards?’ ‘how do I find a story out of all the Cards in a Spread?’

‘how do I read Card x when it is drawn beside Card y?’

‘Can I get a book that tell me how to connect Cards?’

I get emails from people who ask me how to read particular Cards together. This is a very difficult question to answer. I could supply on average, probably twenty ways of Reading any, let’s say, two Cards together, but which is the right one? Which is applicable. Maybe they all are, but you can only pick one or two.   I hate to say this, but there is no set formula for reading two, three or four Cards together as there are so many variables involved. There are hundreds of Tarot Courses to choose from, and each will promise to teach you how to Read the Tarot, but the simple truth of the matter is that even the most expensive courses can only teach you a certain amount. The rest unfortunately is up to you……………………………..

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New Practice Reading – Careers

Career Practice Reading

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course

(Using Court Cards – Based on an Actual Reading)

Step by Step Analysis

This Career Practice Reading is a Guided Reading to assist you in understanding how a Mini Storyline emerges from each Card in a Spread. All these Mini Stories are then pulled together to form the Main Story which is the ultimate interpretation. You will also see that each Mini Story carries its own weight and importance. It demonstrates the fact that there is never just one story going on in anyone’s life at any given time. All the individual Mini Stories going on at the one time do have a cumulative effect however. Some of the Mini Stories are inter-related with other Mini Stories, while others appear to be quite separate. All together, they show the Whole Story; the characters on stage, behind the scenes, and audience perception.  This Guided Reading aims to demonstrate how by linking and making cross connections between these Mini Stories/Cards in a Reading, one can arrive at an in-depth and thorough interpretation of the Querant’s issue or situation. 

This Reading is based on an actual Reading from a few years ago. I have made a few adjustments to allow for greater variety in interpretation from a Student’s perspective. Essentially I have given you more to work with in order to compensate for the absence of communication with the Querant.


When you are ready, lay the Cards Out In The Spread As Detailed Below. Please attempt this Reading on your own before reading my interpretation. Then slowly follow mine and see how close our interpretations are. Again, there would be something mighty unusual going on if your Reading was exactly the same as mine. No two Readers are the same, so neither will their Readings be either. There should be some similarities however. Remember that your Reading may be different, but that does not mean it is wrong. You may pick up on another aspect of the Querant’s issue that I do not. So when you are ready slowly proceed.


The Querant

A young male in his mid-twenties.   He is looking for information, guidance and direction concerning a specific area of his life. This area is Career related. In this instance, we have little to go on except that he wants some insight on his career as he has given me no other details. He doesn’t want to ask a specific question about his Career so this Reading could result in a very Generic Career Reading. We will have to be quite alert to the imagery and make connections and links wherever we can. We will also have to use our intuition with this one.

Me – I ask him to shuffle the Cards concentrating on the Career area of his life; what he wants to do, where he sees his Career going in the future and any concerns he may have. I ask him to connect with his Higher Self, Subconscious and the Universe for guidance and direction. I suggest he Reverses a few Cards as he Shuffles, but watch to make sure he does not Reverse too many. I suggest he asks “what is it that I need to know right now in relation to my Career and the decisions I have to make around it?”

He shuffles the Cards and Reverses some. He puts the Deck back on the table. I pull the Base Card and set it aside on the table. I then draw the Cards for the Spread from the top. ………………………Continue Readings by Clicking Here

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