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Out of Body Experiences – My Story

Below is an article I think you might find interesting. If you scroll down further you can read my own personal experience of Out of Body Experience or Astral Projection.


Vivien (your tarot teacher)


SATURDAY, APR 21, 2012 09:00 PM +0100

Near death, explained

New science is shedding light on what really happens during out-of-body experiences — with shocking results.

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Excerpted with permission from “The Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives.” Courtesy of HarperOne.

Mario Beauregard is associate research professor at the Departments of Psychology and Radiology and the Neuroscience Research Center at the University of Montreal. He is the coauthor of “The Spiritual Brain” and more than one hundred publications in neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry.

The Link above will bring you to an interesting article about OBEs and NDEs. Below are my own personal experiences.


My Personal Out of Body Experiences

I started having regular involuntary Out of Body Experiences back in 1998 but do remember also having them as a very young child, probably no more than 5 years of age. They were very different to the ones I experienced as an adult. As a child I would awake from my sleep to feel myself being pulled upwards and away from my body. There was always a large white glowing orb of light, about the size of a football, just hovering above my bed which I felt initiated this process each time. I remember floating around the room with the orb drawing me with it. I would move through the walls after it and then it would pass through the external walls to the outside. However, I was never able to follow it. Instead I would view it through the window on the landing and it would stay just outside as if it was staring in at me. I remember feeling I wanted to go with it and being upset that I couldn’t. I used to tell my family about it but I don’t think anyone believed me. It stopped happening all of a sudden and I remember going to bed at night hoping it would come back. The it, during this time became a she to me and I recall there was some form of mental communication between the two of us. In later years I wondered if it had been my Spirit Guide checking up on me or someone from a past life.

Over the years I had a variety of psychic experiences but no out of body experiences. So in 1998 they began again but as an adult I had lost my trusting childish mind and was initially terrified of them. It always happened the same way. I would wake out of a sleep to feel my whole body vibrating and strong pressure in my head. Then I would find that I could not move except for my eyes that darted around the room in a panic. That is when I would see them. There would be up to six silhouettes, dark outlines of body form that blocked the light coming in the window from the street lights outside. Some were tall, others short, some stocky, some slim. The room took on a very different light and I felt I was in a form of twilight zone. I fought against the inability to move my body and as the vibrations became more intense there would be a sudden pop and the first thing I would see were my legs shooting up in the air, leaving me in a form of headstand on the bed. The head always seemed to detach last and then I would almost hit the ceiling with speed at the sudden release. At this stage I lost sight of the figures but I would be aware of them close by.

For a long time I would stay in the house, floating from room to room, swirling and doing tumbles in the air. While I was out of my body, I was not afraid. It was only the coming out part that frightened me as I would lose total control of what was happening to me. These OBEs became very frequent and after some time I realised that I could leave the house. I discovered that if I put my hands together, as if I was diving into water, I could pass through walls, doors and windows. Up until then I had only gone through rooms where the door was open. I then began to leave the house and travel around where I lived. I knew that someone always travelled with me but rarely saw them.

I decided I would go and see someone who could help me better understand what was happening to me. I found a local woman who was a medium and healer. I explained my experiences to her and she clapped her hands together in excitement and told me that I was lucky, for there were people who trained for years to Astral Project and still failed to do so. For me it was happening naturally. She told me not to be scared and that nothing would happen to me for I was protected. I would always be able to come back to my body at a second’s notice. She then told me that I could travel anywhere I wanted to, even to a foreign land or into space. All I had to do was think of where I wanted to go as my body detached, and hey presto, I would be there.

I am not sure if I was comforted by all this or became more fearful but the next time it happened I decided to do as she suggested. As my body was detaching I thought of a place not far from me, a place I worked in that had night staff and felt that it would be safe to go there, and maybe I could see things and find out the next day if what I had witnessed had actually happened. After I detached from my body, I found myself sitting on the window ledge of an old house. I was quite high up off the ground and the ledge appeared to be made of granite. There was some sitting beside me and I remember wondering why I was not frightened of being in such a precarious position, in danger of falling at any stage. We then floated down and entered through thick walls that I felt dragged on me like glue. We were suddenly inside a large stone room that was full of old furniture and odds and ends. Then I noticed there were other people there, people like me, floating around. Some wore clothes from other eras and whereas most took no notice of me, some did smile as they passed me by. Then all of a sudden I was back in my bed and jumping out of it, physically this time, to check on my young son who had woken crying. I realised then that the woman was right. Regardless of what I had been doing or where I had been, I immediately returned to my body as my son called out for me in the night. However, I had not gone to where I worked and was quite disappointed by all this as I had to question whether I was having some lucid dream and not some mystical experience after all.

I didn’t have to wait long before I had a chance to try it out again. As I detached from my body, I chose to go and have a look at where my ex-husband ran his business from. We had also lived there and I had not been back in a long time due to confrontational issues between us. He did come to visit his son at that time but I never went near the old house. And so I found myself suddenly outside the gate and making my way, down the avenue that led to the house. The first thing I noticed was that the avenue had changed and now forked at a point with an extra pathway that led around to the back of the house where the business was located. I entered through the wall and found that much had changed inside too. Just about everything had been relocated and an extra floor had been added to make a loft area for storage. Later on, back in my bed, I decided once more that I must be making it all up as although it resembled the old house and business, things were very different. This played on my mind considerably as I could not verify one way or the other whether what I had observed was for real or just my imagination. I decided to try it out and took a big risk of being called a lunatic by my ex-husband.

The next time he called to visit my son I blatantly started remarking about all the changes he had made to the old house, the driveway and the business area. Instead of looking at me as if I was a nutter, he got quite angry with me and accused me of spying on him and how dare I enter his house or business without his consent. I refused to let it go and insisted on knowing if what I had said was in fact true. He just wanted to know how I had got into the place and when I told him that I hadn’t, not in the normal sense, he then accused me of having spies inform me of what he was doing. Before he left I demanded to know if I was right. He eventually agreed but warned me not to go near the place again unless I was invited. So I had been there after all, and all that I had seen was not a figment of my imagination. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually astral travelling.

These OBEs continued for some time and I had a variety of experiences. One night as I was travelling down a roadway, well, floating down it at speed, I became aware of a presence behind me. I knew instantly that it was not a nice energy.  I slowed down and turned around. Behind me floated a mass of dense black. It had no shape or form but I could feel the heaviness of it and knew it wanted to follow me.  I remember suddenly going into some form of automatic response. I pulled myself completely upright in the air and started to do some strange things with my hands before stretching my arms out in front of me with the palms of my hands facing outwards as if I was pushing against something. A huge roar erupted from my open mouth shouting ‘no’ in a long strung out manner. I did not recognise my voice but I felt intense energy flood through me and out of me towards the black mass.  I knew I had done this before as it came naturally to me and felt that I was in total control. The black mass began to retreat and dissipate and I stared at it for some time before eventually continuing on my way.

In time, these episodes began to calm down and I would not have one for weeks on end. Then when I had almost forgotten about them and life had returned to normal, I was asked in work one day to deliver a parcel to a house across the road which sat behind a high stone wall. As soon as I went through the gateway, I experienced a strong de ja vu feeling. It all felt familiar to me but I had never been there before. It was a large old stone house with sash windows and original shutters still intact. I went up to the front door and rang the bell and a woman came out but directed me to one of the outbuildings instead. I made my way to the old stone building which had probably being the coach house and stables at one stage. The door was open and so I walked in. As I stepped in out of the daylight outside, it took a while for me to adjust my vision to the darkness inside. As my vision settled I could not believe what I saw in front of me. I was transported back in time to the first night I had actually asked to go somewhere. In front of me was a store room of sorts but it was filled with antique furniture; tables, mirrors, chairs, settees, paintings. I knew instantly that I had been there that night, the night where I had met others from different time periods floating around too. I was so excited I could barely speak but delivered my parcel and went back to work trying to figure out why I had gone there and not to my place of work instead.

It came to me quite suddenly what I had done. Both the House and my place of work were called after the area they were located in. I had always referred to my workplace by its first name and not the full title which was quite long, and so when I had asked that night where I wanted to go, I had just used the place name out of habit and as a result went there but not to the exact location I had intended, although I was close enough, just across the road from it. I realised that one had to be very specific with one’s intent where Astral Travel was concerned, otherwise who knows where one would end up.

Since then I have the occasional OBE and these usually occur when I fall asleep doing a Reiki Healing on myself with my hands still resting on my Solar Plexus. I sometimes go off to other places but generally stay put in the house. At times I have woken to find others in my room staring over me in the bed, but they are faces I know and I doubt if they even realise they are out of their body and paying me a visit. There was one, a family member who I felt comfortable telling. She woke me up one night as she leaned over me with her long blonde hair. She was giggling and I asked her what she was doing here and why she had come? She didn’t answer me and I could hear other voices on the landing calling her. She had not come alone. The next day I texted her and asked her what she was doing in my house in the middle of the night when I knew she was away at college. She couldn’t’ believe what I told her for she had had the strangest night’s sleep and the weirdest dreams herself. What she described to me was very similar to my experience of OBEs. She had been frightened by it, just like I had.

Sometimes after being out of my body I have found that I don’t always come back correctly. It is as if I have not fully reconnected with my body and will feel spaced-out and heady for the whole next day. I need a full night’s sleep the following night to settle back in again.

I could tell you a heap more stories about my OBE journeys but will leave it at that. I will say though that my son, who passed from this world in 2007 as a result of cancer at the age of nearly 12 years, spoke constantly of his Out of Body Experiences that started from quite a young age. He would tell me the most remarkable stories, and he was able to do these projections at will, even while he sat in the schoolyard at lunchtime. He told me he was meditating, I never showed him how, he just did it himself. He told me he would close his eyes and relax. He would then see a lot of colours and he would choose one, let’s say yellow. The yellow would then explode and he would find himself travelling at speed down roads and across fields where he would just look at what was going on around him. He would then come back and get up from where he was sitting in the schoolyard and go back to class.

He soon began to see the colours around people too and told me one day that he thought everyone could see them and that it was not unusual. He spoke of spirits he saw in the house and would come home from school complaining some days of the heavy energy in the class, or coming from a certain boy. He would say to me that he thought the boy was not happy and he would be sad for him. He saw orbs of bright lights floating around the house and then took a shine to crystals. He built quite a collection of them but was insistent on buying his own as he had to hold them in his hand to see if he liked their energy or not. Some he said were heavy or burned his skin and he would immediately put them back. He seemed to know what he was doing and then one day requested a crystal pendulum which he took to instantly, knowing how to use it without being shown. He would use it to talk to the trees in the local forest, asking them if they were happy or not.

I am not sure as to the nature of what I experienced and the experiences of my son but I know they were not a figment of my imagination and have been able to verify my travels on several occasions. Why they started when they did and then ceased I have no explanation for and I suppose will remain a mystery until the day when I pass over. Hopefully it will all become clear then.



Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

Copyright © Vivien Ni Dhuinn 2014

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