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Hail Fellow Tarotites,

I thought I would share my Daily Card Reading with you today and will do my best, time allowing, to Post them as often as I can as I know you find them useful as a Learning Tool. Oh by the way, I made up that word, Tarotites just now.

Queen of Swords Upright  7 of Cups Upright  The Empres Upright

This morning, I was lying in bed. I was not fully awake, more like in the tween time, semi-aware that I was awake. I had several flashing images behind my closed eyes and thought I just might fall back to sleep again. With a massive effort I managed to ask my partner what time it was for he always wakes early. I didn’t want to open my eyes just yet and was hoping it was early enough to turn over and go back to sleep. Sadly it was gone 9a.m.  and so my mind kicked into gear. Already, I was trying to do a ‘To Do List’ in my head. Today I needed to fit in my writing hours along with doing some long overdue heavy housework, as well as my workout. Time was ticking by and being wasted every extra second I lay in the bed. Today I had planned to start washing down the cupboard tops in the kitchen, I knew they were covered in dust, and also to begin the laborious task of washing the walls which overtime become sooty looking from burning candles at the dinner table and of course my partner’s love of using the wok which always results in a smoky kitchen and me choking from the fumes of chillies and god knows what other red-hot things he puts in his concoctions. It was going to be back-breaking work, but just couldn’t be put off any longer.

I hauled myself from the bed and down the stairs to make the morning coffee and feed the cats. Once that little ritual was over and done I took myself into my little office space and stared down at all the little notes and post its I have made to remind me of things I want to write about, emails to be returned and phone calls to make. While I am writing it often happens that something pops into my mind that is not related to what I am currently working on, but another area of the course, and sometimes areas I have already worked on that need amending. I write these little notes to myself and my desk is littered with them. Half the time when I pick them up, I haven’t a clue what the little notes refers to.  I have telephone numbers with no names and one note I looked at this morning just read The Star. I know it was referring to The Star in The Major Arcana, but other than that I was baffled. I then looked at my notebook and that too was covered with little reminders of stuff I wanted to add to Truly Teach Me Tarot and everywhere there were two messages repeated several times, ‘Take more Photos’ and ‘ Organise Videos’ .

I sat down, and for a while just thought of all the work I still had to do on The Course and it seemed like a bottomless pit. I suddenly wondered whether I would have the time today to ring acquaintances of mine in relation to doing some mini courses for me that would tie in nicely with learning The Tarot. I want to make them available on my site in the near future. I know a very good Palm Reader who also teaches Palmistry, a woman who teaches Psychic Development and Mediumship. She is also a Tarot Master and teaches the Tarot as well. Oh, she is an Astrologist as well.  An amazing woman, and so down to earth. Then there is the woman who is a Numerologist and has a slot on radio and tv.  How are they ever going to know that I want them to put together a few courses for my site if I never actually get around to asking them? So much to do and not enough time. I decided to do my Daily Card Reading before I went any further with my day.

My Cards came out as follows:

Queen of Swords Upright  7 of Cups Upright  The Empres Upright

As soon as I saw my Cards I quickly looked over my shoulder to see if someone had been watching me for it sure felt like it. There was The Queen of Swords, the Writer staring at The Seven of Cups and asking ‘What is all this mess?’ I saw The Cups in a Symbolic Manner as representing all my pieces of paper and things I had to do. I could see the Figure as me, just staring at them and wondering where do I start and what was that message on that piece of paper in my hand supposed to mean? When had I written it and why? The Figure was looking at all the different areas that needed attention and I suddenly felt that the Figure was a bit overwhelmed by it all. The Queen of Swords was taking no-nonsense from me and her tone was very sharp indeed. She told me in a brisk voice that I needed to create some sort of order out of all the pieces of paper. She asked me where my Daily Diary was and I told her I didn’t have  one, but that I had been meaning to get one except I had been too busy. She cut me off with a razor-sharp retort. ‘Well how do you expect to know what you have to do every day if you do not have a Diary to consult?’ I told her that I used the pieces of paper and also had some sort of mental filing system. She was impressed by the last bit, the mental filing system, but threw me a disparaging look. ‘Well it obviously isn’t working very well for you is it, and just look at the mess and clutter on your desk, how can you work properly with all that stuff around you?’ I told her that I was planning on tidying it next week but she cut me off again with ‘is that what I think it is on the floor, propped up against the wall, is it a notice board?’ ‘Yes’, I replied weakly. ‘Well why isn’t it on the wall and being used as it was intended to be?’. ‘I am going to hang it any day now’ again she broke in. ‘And what day do you  plan to hang it on the wall, the 12th of never?’ She laughed at her own facetious remark. ‘This weekend, I promise’. ‘Good’ said she ‘I will be checking back to make sure you have.

She then continued with her lecture telling me how much more I would produce if I had some order and plan of action, instead of scratching my head wondering where I should start. She rambled on about the importance of Time Management and wanted to know what I had to achieve today.  I told her of my writing, my housework and my workout. She called me towards her and asked for a piece of paper and a pen. She asked me what time it was and I told her it was 10am. ‘Right she said, the best thing is to get the housework out of the way first, so I am going to put you down for Housework until 1.30pm. Then you must stop that and prepare your lunch while your computer is taking its usual, forever time, to come to life. Take your lunch to your desk and eat it while you are checking your emails and any other correspondence that needs to be dealt with. Once lunch is finished, set yourself ‘Three Must Do Tasks’ that you have to complete on your WordPress Site. I want you to work consistently at this until 5pm. Then you must stop and prepare for your workout. You will need a good stretch after sitting at the computer for three and a half hours straight. Once your workout is complete, attend to a few more areas of housework, things you didn’t get finished this morning. After that get your dinner on, and while it is cooking get the ironing board out, iron those curtains you washed yesterday and re-hang them. Before you eat your dinner get set up for your Tarot Client who is arriving early tomorrow morning. Once you have all that done, sit and enjoy your dinner. The rest of the evening is yours to do as you please for you have achieved what you set out to. See how simple it all can be when we plan things properly.’

Just before she heads off she decides to throw me a guarded compliment. Really Vivien, you have achieved so much in such a short time, regardless of the scattered mess on your desk.  In reality your output of writing is commendable and you have worked consistently hard at it. Just keep it up and each day that goes by, you are getting that much closer to completion. She throws a look over at The Empress who is waiting to see me and asks her opinion? The Empress asks me to take a good look around her at all the abundant growth she is surrounded by. She says that everything is flourishing and that I am making much progress. She tilts her head up to look at the number III above her head and then looks back at me. Everything is maturing and moving along very nicely, so you do not need to get too worked up about things. Just like the environment I sit in, your work has taken on a life of its own and because you have tended and nurtured it so well, your rewards will be bountiful. However, My dear Queen of Swords, I think you need to use your Sword to cut Vivien some slack as she deserves a break every now and then, time for her to do something just for her. I think you should do something nice tomorrow Vivien once your morning client has gone. Get dressed up and go out somewhere really appealing to your senses, or light the fire and lie on the couch for the afternoon reading a magazine or book. No computer for a full day, if that is possible?’

I listen to both of them for they have valid points. I decide to follow The Queen of Swords Program for the day, and to be honest it works remarkably well, even if I have over run my computer time. I should be finished by 6pm and then can do my workout. Just an hour behind schedule, that’s not bad is it? I certainly will enjoy my wine tonight and will watch my favourite Soaps, and maybe a movie before bed. I got three-quarters of the kitchen done which isn’t bad and a lot of work completed on my Course. I promise to get more organised next week, sort out a diary and hang the notice board on the wall once and for all. I will write proper notes to myself and spend some time detailing a complete list of everything I have to do and then draw up a realistic time frame for doing it in. I don’t want to get a tongue lashing from The Queen of Swords the next time she shows up. I know her heart is in the right place and she just wants the best for me, to push me further than I think I can go. She is great to have around when you need a good pep talk, and the best thing is that she says what she has to say and that’s it. She doesn’t harp on about it after that. She will expect me to have heeded her advice for she does not like having to repeat herself. She believes her communication is crystal clear the first time round.

Right so that is me logging off with just a minute to spare. Bye for now.

xxx Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


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  1. Right On! Th Queen was so right! Organization is so fantastic, it makes everything so much easier – except itself… I loved this reading – especially after receiving a chewing out of my own from the King of Pentacles……Quick question for you…What is that under King Coin’s left foot in the Waite-Smith decks? I can’t get past him vanquishing a wolf made of rock – and he just doesnt want to admit that it posed no threat. He’d laugh himself silly if he ever cracked….
    I know you’re busy thanks for you time!



    • Hi,

      I was always taught that it was a bulls’ head under his foot to connect him to the Earth Sign of Taurus. However, it may be a wolf and I have always thought it looked very different to the carvings of the bulls on his throne. It depends on which version of Rider-Waite one is using as there is a bit of let’s say poetic licence when it comes to depicting the imagery from deck to deck. I have a few different version so must study them more clearly.




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