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Greetings and Wishes for 2014

Hello to all around the 180 countries WordPress informed me that my site has been viewed in. Wow!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all my viewers and commenters for all the tremendous support you have given me yet again in the last year. It is very hard to believe that another year has already gone by,  but here we are once more on the 31st of December with 2014 creeping ever closer. I wonder what you are all up to tonight and I know the New Year has already come for some of you. I received a WhatsApp photo and message from my nieces and their partners in Cambodia drinking champagne and toasting the New Year.  We all celebrate in our own way so I know some of  you are out to party party, while others will go to bed early just to escape it.

I myself have a lot to look back on in this year and celebrate. My beautiful niece Jessica got married to her big love Stephen in Santorini, Greece, my other beautiful niece Julie had her first baby, Harrison, My beautiful daughter Katie got engaged to her long-term boyfriend John and my health has been on the up and up in the last couple of months. I also got to see a lot of my clan in the Irish Gathering this year, have been trained in singing, made more of my beloved dolls, have helped my fantastic partner Billy find  a lovely home while his son released a wonderful new single which I think would make an ideal backing track for a movie (if you want to hear it let me know).

So I have pulled two Cards asking for a message for the New Year and I got:

The Emperor Upright King of Cups Upright

Just before I log off for 2013 because I have already started Partying (wine and writing do not go hand in hand), I believe that we have a situation here of a desperate need to get everything back under control again, but not in a dictatorial sense as the Emperor may approach it, but rather with a more softly softly approach of The King of Cups. The King of Cups is more than aware of how emotionally we have been blasted in the last few years and even though The Emperor, representing Governments and International Banking and Finances can make rulings based on hard facts and what is long-term beneficial for the economy, and themselves, The King of Cups is there to remind them of the human aspect to the situation. While The Emperor and his friends are playing around with figures, there are real people on the ground suffering. A definite balance is required and the King of Cups is there to remind him of that. Then again, the King of Cups may have his own agenda? He can be a sly one! Oh who knows, except this is the last day of 2013  and lets be grateful we survived it. 20014 is another story altogether. God and Goddess, let it bring peace, hope, health, harmony and prosperity to us all. The World badly needs a lift.

A Happy, Peaceful, Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year To All and let your hangovers  be mild and forgiving.

See you all next year, be good tonight!!!!

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn



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  1. Good for you, Vivien! I love your site and personally believe your following is still rather understated (and that’s saying something). I wish you so much success in 2014 – and many more years to come!


    • Hi Kyana,

      Thank you for your very supportive comments. Yes, I have great plans for 2014 and look forward to making much progress on my site. Let me also wish you the very best for the coming year.

      I have just been on your blog and am very impressed. You have some very interesting articles there which are very relevant to what I am striving to achieve. I will certainly be visiting it regularly and checking up on what you have to say as there is heaps of good advice.




  2. Well done on reaching so many people with your site Vivienne. It is a fantastic resource and you are very kind to share it with us. So proud that such in-depth Tarot knowledge is coming out of Ireland where in my experience the art of Tarot is still very much in its fledgling stages. Thanks a mill for sharing. Happy Taroting!


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