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Using Tarot For Past Life Exploration

Hail to all my Fellow Tarot Students and Enthusiasts, 

Tarot and Past Life Exploration

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  • Are You Interested In Finding Out About Possible Past Lives You Have Lived and How They Might Be Affecting Your Current Life?
  • Are You Curious About What Your Personality Was Like in A Past Life and How Your Family Background Influenced its Development?
  • Would You Like to Know What Your Possible Occupation, if any, You had in a Past Life?
  • And What of Your Relationships? Your Financial Status? Your Problems? Your Drive and Ambition?
  • Do you Want to Know The Events of that Past Life That Shaped Your Life, Altered Your Personality, Drove you Off your Path of Destiny or Helped Strengthen Your Resolve?
  • Want to Know What Your Soul Purpose Was in a Past Life and Whether you Achieved it or Not?
  • Do you Want to Find Out What you Learned, for better or worse, in That Past Life that you are now Benefiting from in your Current?
  • Would You like to Discover any Mistakes or Blocks from a Previous Life that you are Repeating in Your Current Life?
  • Would You like to Find Out What Your Soul Purpose is in Your Current Life and How Well You Are Working Towards it?

If you have answered Yes to any or all of the above Questions in relation to Past Life, then my Specially Designed Past Life Tarot Readings Part I and II will help you answer some, if not all of these QuestionsThere are Two Parts to this Reading

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I Includes:

  • Gender
  • Family Background – Father Figure and Mother Figure. Siblings Optional.
  • Your Personality – Three Stages – Page (up to 22 years), Knight (up to 30 years both male and female), King or Queen (30years upwards) depending on Gender.
  • Your Partner Yes/No, their personality, Suited/Happy?
  • Your Occupation?
  • Your Soul Purpose?
  • Where you Following your Soul Purpose? Did You Achieve Your Soul Purpose?
  • The Events of Your Life on Levels Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. What happened at Early, Mid and Latter Stages of Life. Three Cards from Each Suit to Represent Each Stage or all Ten of Each Suit can be used for deeper insight. 
  • Your Personality at the time of your Death

In Part II of The Past Life Reading We will have a look at the reasons behind any Personality Change and the following:  

  • What Blocked Me From Achieving My Soul Purpose?
  • What Did I Learn from that Particular Life Time that is beneficial to my Current?
  • What Aspects/Lessons of that Past Life am I working on in This Lifetime?
  • If I had That Life Time to Live again what would I do differently? Do I have any Regrets?
  • What is my Soul Purpose in This Life Time?
  • How well am I advancing with my Soul Purpose in This Life Time?
  • What are my Blocks to Achieving my Soul Purpose
  • What are my Biggest Challenges?
  • Who is here to challenge me?
  • Who in This Life Time is here to Help Me Succeed
  • Is there someone Important from my Past Life Close to me in this Life Time?
  • Has my Soul Mate Incarnated with me in this Life Time? If not, Why?

Part II will be continued next week after time has been given to complete Part I of The Past Life Tarot Reading.

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I qualified as a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist in 2008 and have conducted many powerful Regressions with some wonderful clients since then. In deed there were a few that were quite Hair Raising in so far as the detailed information that was communicated during these sessions………

TO CONTINUE READING click here or go to Tarot and Past Life Exploration. If you wish to go straight to The Past Life Tarot Reading Part I Page just click

The Continuation of Part II of Past Life Tarot Reading will be available over the next week. Exercises for working with The Knight of Wands and Part II of The Knight of Wands Story are all coming within the next week so there will be plenty to keep you busy.

I do hope you enjoy reading about Past Life Exploration and how you can use The Tarot for this purpose. Some of you may even try to explore one of your own using my Specially Designed Past Life Tarot Reading. I would be interested to hear how you get on with it.


Vivien (your tarot teacher)


Tarot and Past Life Exploration

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I

Exploring Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy – The Process

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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