Sample Worksheets for Tarot Students

Hail all Tarot Students,


Further to a request for examples of how to use the Tarot Worksheets from Lesson 2, I have now uploaded Three Examples which I trust you will find useful for assisting in this practice.  The Examples have been kindly supplied by some of my ex-students who have given permission for their musings, theories, deliberations and concepts to be shared with all, in the hope that new students of The Tarot will recognise the significance of the Worksheet Exercise.  Obviously identities and personal details have been withheld.

You will notice that the individual students have played around with the Worksheet and not stuck rigidly to its format.  It is important you set up your Worksheet in a format that suits your style of approach and operation. Two of the Examples are based on personal memories and associations of the individual students, while the third is mainly freestyle association from observation of imagery. However, you will notice the associations are coloured by the student’s own life experiences and attitudes.

Using the Worksheets as these three students of The Tarot have successfully done, goes a long way in helping to build your story-telling skills.

You will find the Three Worksheet Examples by clicking on the link below or in the sub-menu for Lesson 2.

Worksheet Examples


Blessings Be,

Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

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