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This guy is so talented in the way he interprets a tarot reading. Anyone learning to read tarot could really gain a lot by following his blog and observing how and where the information is coming from. Also his ability to to summarize and beautifully story tell is inspirational. So easy to follow too and no mumbo jumbo. Wish I could read like that. He is a natural.

sorcery underground


Someone isn’t admitting the tough time they’re having right now. They are attempting to cover it up or not fully recognize it by acting overly positive and free-spirited. This can be a problem because while it’s important to not let life stress ruin every day, it’s also important to recognize problems so they can be addressed. This person might be doing this in an effort to keep this struggle from worrying others, and that’s noble, but in doing so they risk missing out on help or advice that could be offered.
If this person is you, it’s ok to talk about what you’re going through. Everyone’s been there, so there isn’t anything to be ashamed of.
If this isn’t you but you think you know who it is, ask them how they’re doing. Let them know that you care about them and will help in any way you can.

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