Course Update

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course Update – Downloads Coming Soon!

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around The World,

Today, I have begun work on the Four Tens of The Minor Arcana and hope to be finished re-working and re-formating them over the next couple of weeks.

I have received many requests from my viewers asking if it is possible to make a download available to enable off-internet access.  My answer to that is ‘of course’.  However, I did want to finish certain sections of The Course before a download would be feasible. As you all know, this is an ongoing project and much work still has to be done.  Saying that, I will be preparing a download of the Four Suits of The Minor Arcana, Card Ace to Ten in Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles once the Four Tens have been completed.

This will be the first of my downloads. Initially there will be two options once the Tens are completed.

Option 1The Course Version of The Minor Arcana – Cards Ace to Ten in each Suit which includes Card Description and Imagery, Keywords and Upright and Reverse Interpretations. This option also includes The Card Introduction Pages from Ace to Ten.  (Suitable for those who wish to study The Tarot)

Option 2Card Meanings Only – Minor Arcana Ace to Ten – Includes Keywords and Upright and Reverse Interpretations.  (Suitable for those who just wish to access Card Meanings)

I will make these downloads available through and will let you know when they are available.  If you are intending to print off a copy please be aware that there are a considerable number of pages, so be warned!

The remaining downloads, Court Cards and Major Arcana will be made available on completion of each section. There will eventually be an option to download the Full Course or for those who already have Card Downloads, a separate Course Content Only Version.

Hopefully this will cut down on some of your heavy internet usage as you will be able to view it as a PDF file. Any questions, please ask. If you would like to be informed directly when Download is available please let me know.

I will keep you updated.

See You Soon,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)



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