Course Update

Major Arcana Bulletin – More Cards Online

Between Death and the Devil (24/365)

So, with just 6 more Major Arcana Cards to upload, it looks like I will have them completed in the next couple of days.  Just to remind you, this Site and Course, Truly Teach Me Tarot is a work in progress so I apologise if any of you are getting frustrated while waiting for certain cards to be uploaded.

Let me fill you in on the most recent updates:

Major Arcana – Part III

Information on the Kabbalah and its connection to Tarot – Ready to View

Lesson 1 – Ready to View  – Homework – Ready To View

Lesson 2 Homework   assignments – Ready To View

Cards  –  The Fool O   Magician I   High Priestess II  Empress III    –   Completed both Upright and Reversed

Cards –   Emperor IV    Hierophant V    Lovers VI  Chariot VII  Strength VIII  Hermit IX

Wheel of Fortune X    Justice XI    The Hanged Man XII   Death XIII    Temperance XIV   The Devil  XV – Uploaded but Content Will be Re-worked in the Coming Weeks and Months.  Re-Working these cards involves bringing them up to the same in-depth interpretation as The Fool, The Magician,  The High Priestess and Empress including Kabbalistic Connections, Astrological Associations, Keywords,  and Spiritual Messages.  As each card is Re-Worked I will Re-post them so there will be no need to keep checking cards for updates.

Once the Final Card, The World, is uploaded, hopefully in next couple of days,  I will then go back to finishing work on the actual Lesson Content for each Part of Truly Teach Me Tarot.  In the middle of all this I will be posting Practice Readings, Assignments and Exercises to assist you in your studies.  My plan for 2013 is to get cracking on the accompanying Video Tutorials and by then we should really begin to see the site come together.

Halloween or, Samhain to some of us,  is just around the corner and I have a very interesting Halloween Reading for you to try.  I will post it early next week in time for the 31st.  Halloween, is a time when the veil that separates the physical and spirit world thins for a short period of time.  During this time communication between the two dimensions becomes more accessible.  Tarot Readings are especially accurate and full of wisdom at Halloween.  Why not take your Tarot Deck to The Halloween Party and practice your reading skills on family and friends.  They will think it  great fun and a most appropriate form of entertainment.  You could create a sense of drama by dressing in costume as an old-fashioned Fortune Teller, Witch or Morticia from The Adam’s Family.

It has been a lot of hard work putting Truly Teach Me Tarot together but I have been thoroughly enjoying myself and learning a lot in the process.  Just to let you know, I do look at my Site Stats and never cease to be amazed at how many of you are stopping by to visit.  I am proud to say that I have a growing Global Audience and feel amazed that people in countries so far away from Little Old Ireland are actively engaging in my work to date.  Isn’t The Internet Great! Thank you so much for your support. You really keep me going during those times when I wonder what the hell I am doing all this heavy work for?

Blessings Be My Tarot Friends,


( Your Tarot Teacher)

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