Course Update

The Empress is Waiting

Hello Everyone from far and wide,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have posted another card in Part III of Truly Teach Me TarotThe Empress (III) of the Major Arcana is ready for viewing.  I have a bit of tidying up to do on her and some headings to add but she is ready and waiting if any of you want to take a peek.

I will be posting some interesting items tomorrow so I will let you know once they are ready.  I am also working on Lesson 7 in Part I at present and plan to have it finished within the next week.  In the meantime there should be lots to keep you going.  Just Click on the Images below to go directly to The Empress of The Major Arcana.  There are two Pages, The Empress (III) Upright and The Empress (III) Reversed.

The Empres Upright   The Empress Reversed

The Empress (III) Upright         The Empress  (III) Reversed


Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

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