Course Update

Announcing The Arrival of The Court Cards

Hi to everyone out there,

So, to bring you up-to-date, I am uploading Part II of The Truly Teach Me Tarot Course. You now have access to the card meanings for The Four PagesFour Knights, Four Queens and Four Kings of The Minor Arcana.  I am still working on uploading the rest of the course work but these extra cards should give you something to think about in the meantime.  There is quite a lot of information in the Court Cards so take your time.

I will keep you posted as extra cards and course-work become available.


Vivien,  (Your Tarot Teacher)

Please Click on any of the images below to access the individual Cards or go directly to Part II Lesson 1 to begin reading course content.

Page of Wands Upright Page of Cups Upright Page of Swords Upright Page of Pentacles Upright

Page of Wands  –  Page of Cups  – Page of Swords  –  Page of Pentacles

Knight of Wands Upright Knight of Cups Upright Knight of Swords Upright Knight of Pentacles Upright

Knight of Wands  –  Knight of Cups  –  Knight of Swords  –  Knight of Pentacles

Queen of Wands Upright Queen of Cups Upright Queen of Swords Upright Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Wands  –  Queen of Cups  –  Queen of Swords  –  Queen of Pentacles

King of Wands Upright King of Cups Upright King of Swords Upright King of Pentacles Upright

King of Wands  –  King of Cups  –  King of Swords  –  King of Pentacles

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