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Site Hacking Alert Over – Clean Bill of Health

Hi to All My Tarot Friends Around The World,

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Further to the possible Site Hacking Post I published on September 20th, I have spent the last couple of days following the advice of WordPress Staff and Forum Members in taking certain steps to flush out any unwanted activity on my site. This involved me having to totally overhaul my site and email programs. Thankfully nothing was found, and both WordPress and I feel confident that all is well. However, I would like to thank the site follower who took the time to bring the potential site hack to my attention. I did a lot of research after this and discovered that so many site owners haven’t a clue their site is being hacked as the hacker configures the virus to identify the administrator in order to keep them out of the picture. Unless someone contacts the administrator to tell them of issues on their site, the hacker can continue without any challenges. Sites can lose traffic along with their reputation and credibility if hacking becomes widespread.

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I am the sole site creator, developer, content author/creator, administrator, social media manager and a list of other things for I am also developing a new site for Truly Teach Me Tarot at present while working on separate web builds for friends and acquaintances. I have a tonne of correspondence to reply to everyday and work hard to keep on top of it. The idea that my site could possibly be hacked without me knowing about it, never entered my head at all. I just don’t have the time to check up on such things. With the self-hosted sites I have built for others, there are security plugins in place to inform me immediately of the slightest breach in security. I get emailed if someone attempts an unauthorised login for example. employ a huge number of people whose job it is to keep our sites safe and secure. It is highly unlikely that the breach in security will come from their end. We can all sleep more soundly as a result of this. The vulnerable areas where a hacker can find a backdoor into your site is through your browser or browser add-ons/extensions being infected with malware or adware. This issue may also be with the site user’s browser and not the site itself. Email accounts are also vulnerable and should be protected with super-strong passwords.

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So, I have learned a lot in the past two days and feel quite empowered by my new knowledge. However, the scheduled post containing the next section relating to The Pentacles -Love and Romance Associations will now be delayed by a couple of days. I apologise for this delay but it was vitally important for me to attend to the defense of my site. I do hope you all understand.

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So back to business, but I will be on my guard from now on!

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Possible Site Hack Notice!

  • Hi everyone,

One of my site followers contacted me today to inform me that several of my internal page links appear to be hijacked and are redirecting to external sites offering psychic services and similar.  Please be advised that these are not authorised links and have been activated without my knowledge. I have informed WordPress and am awaiting a response.  I apologise for any site disruption while this obvious hacking continues. I get a lot of traffic which I suppose makes me vulnerable to such attacks. Sites are illegally piggy backing off my traffic. Very frustrating. Please let me know if you have experienced this on my site.


Sword Cards – Love And Romance

How to Interpret ‘Sword Cards’ in a Relationship Reading

(Simple Snapshot Reference Guide  – Numerology, Upright, Reversed, Yes/No)

Swords – A little More Complex to Interpret


United We Stand! – Meeting of Minds

Ace of Swords

1 – Real Potential. A balanced and clear understanding of your relationship needs. Breakthrough in finding a partner.

Ace of SwordsUnderstanding what it is you need in a relationship. A logical approach to relationships. Forming new attitudes about relationships. A meeting of the minds.   Click Here or Below to Read More

Sword Cards – Love And Romance Associations


Wand Cards – Love And Romance Associations

Associated Post – How to Interpret a Relationship Tarot Reading with no Cup Cards!

How to Interpret a Relationship Tarot Reading with no Cup Cards!


There is a certain area of Tarot Reading that causes considerable confusion and frustration to those who are in the early stages of their apprenticeship or studies. The area I refer to is how one goes about interpreting a Relationship Spread when there is an obvious lack of Cup Cards to work with. Many students struggle when attempting to link non-Cup Cards to the emotional needs or desires of their client. They can view each Suit in a one-dimensional manner. This results in seeing love and romance only when Cup Cards are present. A good old Wand, Sword or Pentacle doesn’t have the same impact at all.

How to Interpret ‘Wand Cards’ in a Relationship Reading

I spent several years teaching Tarot, and at the end each class lesson, students would pair up to do mini exchange readings for each other. I would oversee these readings as I circulated around the class, stopping occasionally to observe the interactions. Time and again, I saw students fall into the same presumption trap that seems to be particular to the Cups’ Suit.  Here are some examples:

The_ Lovers_Upright

Student A – Wants to ask about their career and in their near future position lies the Ace of Cups.

Student B– Face lights up and announces that they are going to meet someone on a romantic basis in the near future. Love is in the air. Student B hooks onto this card and bases the rest of the reading around the new romance that is just appearing on the horizon.

Student A – Is quite flattered but still would like to know more about their career.

I ask Student B if there is a possibility the Ace of Cups held others meanings that might be connected to career rather than love? The Point being that Cup Cards do not automatically mean ROMANCE or LOVE.

How to Interpret ‘Wand Cards’ in a Relationship Reading


The Lovers Reversed

Student C – Wants to ask about relationships and whether there is a ‘special other’ waiting for them in the near future. The cards drawn reveal no Cups.

Student D – On seeing no Cup Cards suggests that the time is not right as they see no romance in the foreseeable future.

I ask Student D to ponder the cards in the Spread and consider the possibility that Student C is not the romantic type and is looking for a less traditional type of relationship. Could they be seeking an intellectual match, or someone who is daring and adventurous, or then  again it might be financial security and stability that means more than romance. The Point being that no Cup Cards does not mean NO RELATIONSHIP or LOVE


I had a query recently from a site viewer who couldn’t work out why she had drawn so many Cup Cards when she had deliberately asked about her career. She asked if it meant that she should be concentrating on her love life at present instead of her career? Now, maybe the cards did mean that, but my response was to examine the personal emotional associations of the Cup Cards she drew, as opposed to automatically connecting them to romantic involvement with another. I reminded her that personal happiness comes before seeking it with another. I asked her to revisit these Cup Cards in relation to how she emotionally felt about her career choices. Were the cards suggesting a career associated with the Cups’ Suit? Where they questioning the long-term emotional fulfillment that would be derived from certain career options she was considering? Could she be choosing to turn down a career opportunity that would bring great happiness, but little wealth, in favor of one that promised the very opposite? There are endless possibilities and she would need to analyse the spread as a whole to find the answer.

So, the next time you do a Relationship Reading, and upon turning over the cards you find not even one Cup Card to run with, don’t panic. Look at the cards that are present and work from there. Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Our definition of love also changes throughout of our life. What we consider love as a teenager, is perceived as no more than naive infatuation as a young adult. When we are busy building our careers we may take another view of love and romance. It may not be as vitally important to us during that busy time. Love that involves committing to each other, or starting a family, takes on yet another slant. Then we have the type of Love that develops into a deep rich friendship. We also have a Love that demands the retention of personal freedom, the love of one’s own company. We have love that comes and goes, many loves in one lifetime, love that is delusional or elusive, and of course love that is timeless. As Tarot Readers or consultants it is not our job to attach a blanket understanding or meaning of love when doing Relationship Readings for ourselves or others.

What might sound preposterous to you may very well be extremely acceptable to another. A lack of Cup Cards could easily suggest that the person you are reading for is looking for something other than the typical romantic idyll. They may not feel ready for that type of love, so it is not our place to cast judgement.

I have taken some time to compile a list of possible meanings and associations (both Upright and Reversed)  that can be used for the other Three Suits; Wands, Swords and Pentacles when they turn up in a Relationship Reading. I have already written extensively about the relationship aspects in the more detailed versions of each card which are available to view on this site. These however can be used for quick access.

I have also given snapshot Yes/No meanings that can be applied, but remember they are only snapshot, and not definitive. There is also a reference to the Number of the Card with its numerical associations. 

I will be releasing these in installments over the next week, starting with The Wands Suit. Of course I will also include The Cups Suit at the end. For today, I bring you The Wands Suit. Just Click Here or on the link below. 

How to Interpret ‘Wand Cards’ in a Relationship Reading