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Tarot Reading Exercise – The Courts Converse

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends,

Well, here I am back with some new Tarot Reading Exercises for you. This time we will be focussing on The Court Cards and the Exercise today is to match the Paired Court Cards with their Correct Conversation. As before, I have jumbled the Conversations out of order from their Corresponding Cards.

I have attempted to bring through the Personality of each Court Card via their manner of conversation and their reaction to each other, the issue or situation. Don’t expect it to be crystal clear, but look for the subtleties that will help you identify which Conversation belongs to each Court Card Pair. You may come across some that cross-reference. It has not been my intention to do so, but we all interpret differently and see in a unique manner.

My aim is to bring the Personalities of The Court Cards to life so that you can see them as real life, talking, moving, thinking, feeling and acting people. They have jumped out of the Cards and up onto the Stage. They have assumed their roles for a given scene as dictated by their personality characteristics. The props are all in place along with backdrops. Their lines have been rehearsed and they are good to go. Now listen carefully to what each have to say to each other, and how they react to each others comments and responses. Remember each Court is playing him/herself at the end of the day. They may dip into each other’s territory occasionally, but essentially they stay true to what comes naturally.

I do hope you enjoy this exercise and I will post the Correct Matching Pairs later in the week.

Best of Luck! 

The Paired Court Cards


King of Cups Upright  King of Pentacles Upright


Queen of Wands UprightKing of Swords Upright




Queen of Pentacles UprightKing of Wands Upright


Queen of Cups UprightKing of Cups Reversed


Queen of Swords Reversed Queen of Cups Upright




The Conversations



A Residential Nursing Home

Court 1 – Bright and Breezy and carrying a multitude of bags. ‘Hello you’ and Kisses Court 2 gently on the top of the head. ‘How are you feeling today? You certainly look much brighter in yourself. Do you like the new room you are in? It is close to the garden and what a pretty garden, isn’t it?’ Goes about setting down the bags on the freshly made bed.

Court 2 – Looks at the bed and begins to get flustered. ‘My bed, what are you doing. Stop it now, stop’. Tries to get out of chair but Court 1 runs to restrain Court 2.

Court 1 – Settles Court 2 back into the chair and pats Court 2’s hand fondly. ”These are bits and pieces I brought into you. Don’t worry, I will tidy your bed. It’s lovely to see you out of the bed for a while. I told you this new room would make a huge difference. The other room was dark and the colour on the walls depressing. And the garden, just look at those roses, aren’t they the best you have ever seen, such a deep fuchsia mixed with yellow. I think they are a breed of Tea Rose, the gardener certainly has done a good job. Pulls back the net curtain on the window allowing more light to stream in. ‘Look, aren’t they wonderful?’

Court 2 – Looks briefly in the direction of the garden and then begins to get annoyed about the net curtains pulled back. Court 2 waves a walking stick at the curtain and scowls.

Court 1 – ‘Do you not like the light, is it hurting your eyes? ‘There I have put it back the way it was’ , stares out wistfully at the sun on the roses and then settles the net curtain neatly into place.  ‘What would you like to do today, a stroll through the garden, I could read to you maybe, or would you like to spend some time visiting in the dining hall?’ Court 1 moves around the room, straightening and tidying. Dead flowers are taken out of a vase and tossed in the bin. The stagnant water is emptied down the sink and fresh water sloshed around,  the vase is topped up again and placed back on the chest of drawers by the bed. Read the rest of this entry


Tarot Horoscopes – August 2014

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

After spending the last two days trying to get the Proofreading facility to work on this Post, or anything else,  I had to give up. The Service says it is temporarily disabled and to check back in a minute, but those minutes of checking back have now turned into two days. So I have given up and have tried to proofread myself. I know they never pick up everything and sometimes are incorrect but on my own when there is a lot of content to review, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have done my best. Whereas I am not looking for anyone to point out my typos to me, I just wanted to apologise in advance. This Post was ready to go two days ago.

Leo The Lion

Fire Signs –     ARIES   Aries  LEO   Leo  SAGITTARIUS  Sagittarius

Water Signs – CANCER   Cancer  SCORPIO    Scorpio   PISCES  Pisces

Air Signs –      GEMINI   Gemini  LIBRA    Libra  AQUARIUS  Aqarius 

Earth Signs – TAURUS   Taurus VIRGO  Virgo  CAPRICORN  Capricorn



This Month I have taken yet another novel approach with your Tarot Horoscopes. As you know I compile these Tarot Horoscopes not just for entertainment purposes, but also as a means of helping you understand how Cards are linked so that a story, event, situation or personality is revealed. By reading these Tarot Horoscopes you can learn how to weave a story yourself from the associated meanings of the Cards you are presented with.

The Tarot Horoscopes are primarily meant as a Teaching Aid and are not Astrologically Designed. Therefore, there is no need to limit your Reading to just your own Sign. 

This month your Tarotscopes have been compiled as follows:

  • All Cards are used except for The Court Cards.
  • The Cards are separated into Five separate piles. The Four Suits are split so that you end up with a pile of Wands, a pile Cups, a pile of Swords and a pile of Pentacles. The Fifth Pile belongs to the 22 Cards of The Major Arcana.
  • The Cards are cleared and put in their Upright Position.
  • For Each Reading, I start first with the Pile of Wands and shuffle, reversing a couple as I go. I Ask of the Wands, The Fire Element, what relevant information it has for a particular sign for the month of August. I take the Card from the top of the Pile once shuffling has been completed and place this Card on the table in front of me. I then do the same for the remaining Four Piles, remembering to ask of the corresponding Element/Suit what information it has for the Sign in question.
  • When this is done I now have in front of me, one Wand, one Cup, one Sword, one Pentacle and one Major Arcana Card.
  • I now take in the whole Reading, the Four Cards. I see a story begin to form. It may be  right, it may be wrong, but I do not have any in particular I am Reading for, so I go with the story that comes to mind. However, even though I am looking at the story as a whole, I now want to break up the Reading into the individual Cards so that I can demonstrate where my story has come from.
  • Starting with The Wands Card, I begin to interpret it as it is but try to also keep in mind the nature of The Sign I am Reading for. The story sits at the back of my mind and guides me through the individual interpretations so that I do not use every possible association for each Card as I do not want it to come across as a ‘catch all Reading’. The Reading has a very definite story, even if I know it will not resonate with everyone who Reads it. It would be impossible for me to do a reading that would reflect everyone of that particular Sign. So this is more about finding a story in the Cards and then putting it together bit by bit.
  • I do the same with the Cups, Swords and Pentacles.
  • With The Major Arcana I look to find the Key Message the Reading is trying to impart. I search the cards for connections and links that will give meaning to the Major one and vice versa. I find a way of interweaving them so that it all makes sense. I trust my intuition and the story that finally comes together under the guidance of The Major Arcana Card. This Cards pulls the other Four Cards together and gives the Reading some weight. It adds flesh to the bones of the individual Suit Cards.
  • Finally I write up a summary of my observations and why I think such is such and so is so. I explain my connections and demonstrate where the final story has come from. The story is told from the aspects of The Four Elements and the Key Message of The Major Arcana. The summary literally sums the whole thing up and comes to conclusions.

****I must remind you once again that these Tarotscopes are not based on true Astrological Horoscopes where alignment of planets and their configuration is taken into account.  Without a specific individual to Read for, I try to interpret the individual Readings going by my gut feelings.

Remember not to take these Tarotscopes too seriously or literally as they are meant for Fun and most importantly, as a Novel Teaching Aid. They also stretch me as a Reader to compile a Reading for each Sign based on the Cards drawn, rather than Reading for an individual who has a particular question or issue. As with any Generic Horoscope, some people reading them will find them very relevant, while for others they will mean absolutely nothing. I do hope you get some enjoyment or even amusement out of Reading your own Tarotscope.


Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Ace of Wands5 of Cups Reversed6 of Swords Upright6 of Pentacles UprightDeath Upright

Wands – Fire Element (Work, Motivation, Inspiration, Optimism, Activity, Travel)

Ace of Wands – The Fire Element brings you a brand new surge of energy and inspiration this month. The Ace of Wands gifts you the potential to get up and moving with any plans or ideas you have been toying with. August brings a new lease of life and a wonderful sense of adventure and fun. This may all come down to heading  off on Summer Vacation or it may simply be a feeling of joie de vivre due to the bright evenings and warm weather (this side of the world obviously). For certain it is a time to shake off the blues and get out and about and active. Your energy will be high as well as enthusiasm and motivation so make it work for you and do not let this time and feeling go to waste.

Cups – Water Element (Emotions, Feelings, Happiness, Relationships, Family, Creativity and Spirituality)

Five of Cups Reversed– There seems to be a welcome relief as a depressing or upsetting period in your life is eventually coming to an end this month. You will feel a definite sense of healing setting in and a renewed interest in life once more. This card suggests that you have been through a difficult time of late and have not been feeling your normal self at all. This may indicate a time of forgiveness or self-forgiveness. Enough time has been spent in mourning or regretting a situation of the past. It is now time to move on and come back to the land of the living once more. Read the rest of this entry