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Truly Teach Me Tarot Course Update

Greetings to All Out There,

Work is progressing nicely on updating and uploading my Free Tarot Reading Course For Professionals, Truly Teach Me Tarot.

Today I finished re-working and re-formatting The Four of PentaclesThe Homework Section for Lesson I and 2 is also complete as is the homework in Lesson 6Homework for Lessons 3, 4 and 5 still need to be re-worked but I hope to get Lesson 3 Homework sorted today.

4 of Pentacles Upright

Today, I am have decided to release the Course to all those excitedly waiting to start it.  While I am working on Lessons 7, 8, 9 and 10 you will have plenty to be getting on with.  Most of the lessons should take you a month to cover, that is if you are determined to learn to read the Tarot.  There is really no fast-track method in learning to read Tarot.  It is something that evolves over time and the student must be patient.

For those of you who are not interested in learning the cards but wish to check card meanings regardless, you are more than welcome to browse around the site.  The more the merrier

Please note that this course is not complete yet and card meanings are being uploaded over time.

At the Moment Lessons 1-6 are complete (except for homework in some lessons).  Part II and Part III have yet to be uploaded.  Accompanying video tutorials will be added over time.

For information on course please check out the About Section on the Menu and for course contents please click on Course Menu.

I am looking for as many as possible to jump on board and become regular visitors to Truly Teach Me Tarot.  I have many exciting plans in store for those who decide to become students and it should be great fun.   Those who do not wish to be students have a part to play aswell as I am hoping that students can get practice doing readings for you.

If you wish to go straight to the Cards that are Completely re-worked click on any of the links below.  They can also be found in Part I – Minor Arcana Section.

Wands –  Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV

Cups – Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV

Swords  – Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV

Pentacles –  Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV

The Remainder of the Cards in Four Suits 5 – 10 are uploaded but have not yet been re-worked.  You can view these in the Section The 78 Cards.

Remember, this course is Free of Charge.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  You can also follow my blogs and receive updates on the course as they are released by clicking the Follow link on the site page.

I look forward to hearing from you regularly and do hope you enjoy the Course.

Blessings Be,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


Truly Teach Me Tarot Course Update

Hi Everyone,

4 of Swords Upright

Click on Image to go Straight to Page

The Four of Swords is now complete so feel free to take a look.  I also uploaded the rest of the cards for Part I so that means that the Ace to 10 in each Suit is now up online.  You will find these extra cards in the Main Menu under The 78 Cards.  Cards 5 to 10 in each Suit need to be re-worked and re-formatted so what you see online now will be up-dated in the near future.

Today I will be working on the Four of Pentacles and hopefully tidying up lesson 6 by the end of the week.  Lesson 7 will then get an overhaul along with the Four Fives and Sixes so there is plenty to keep me busy.

If you have any comments, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

More Cards Coming Online

Hi Everyone,

I am back at my desk today and ready to complete work on the Four of Swords.  On Friday I worked on re-writting the Card Imagery description.   Because I used to teach this course in a classroom environment it meant that I could part produce notes and part verbally teach it. However, this is an online course and I am not in the class so I want to ensure that you all get as much from your studies as possible.  That is why I am giving you so much information in each card.

I want you to know the story behind each card as well as the traditional meanings and to do this it is essential that the card imagery is gone into in detail as that is what holds the key to its meaning.  Once you understand the background story of each card then you can use your own imagination to tell your version of it. 

I have decided that I will get as much of the course loaded as time permits and then spend time going back over it to rework.  This means that I will be putting the rest of the card meanings up minus their lesson content.  These cards will be updated as  I go along and the course work added.  I think people like to be able to get access to all the card meanings even if they are not 100% ready to go so I will upload as many as I can each day. 

Again patience with me please and I do hope you are enjoying what I have put up so far.  Any questions? Please let me know.


Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Truly Teach Me Tarot Update

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all of you who have been visiting my site are getting some beneficial information from it.  Just to let you know that progress on Uploading and Updating the Truly Teach Me Tarot Course is coming along nicely but as you can imagine, quite time consuming.

Today, I finished re-working the Four (IV) of Cups so that is good to go if you wish to get studying it.  I also uploaded the basic card content for the Four Sevens and Eights.  Both these cards will be re-worked but there is enough there to get going with.  You will find them in Lesson Eight of Part I of the Course.  However, the Lesson itself has no content yet, only the cards.  Lesson Eight content will follow after Lesson 7.

In the next couple of days I will be re-working both the Four of Swords and the Four of Pentacles.  I also plan to start recording accompanying video tutorials by the end of next week.  So very shortly we should see the course building considerably.

I am already very, very grateful for all the visitors so far and I am thrilled to see that my course is getting viewing from so far afield.  It motivates me to keep going.  Thank you for your encouragement and your comments.

Blessings Be,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Truly Teach Me Tarot Update

Hi All,
I see that some of you out there have been visiting my site and I am thrilled but just want to remind you that it is a work in progress at present.  The Course is free so I am trying to put it up in my spare time.  I have many ammendments to make so please be patient with me.
At present I am working on Lesson Six and re-working the four Fours of the Minor Arcana.  I have amendments to make to course menu too but am getting there bit by bit.
Thank you for your patience so far.
Your Tarot Teacher, Vivien