Major Arcana – Abbreviated Meanings

Major Arcana – Abbreviated Meanings

The Fool (O) –  A time to be spontaneous and break with convention. Freedom and adventure. A time to let your inner child out to play. Take a risk, be daring. Strike out on your own. Enjoy life and live in the moment. Jump in! A carefree time. Travel. Acting on the spur of the moment.  Unpredictable. Young. Idealistic. Innocent, immature, childlike. Breaking free of convention. Eccentricity. Having blind faith. Daydreaming, flights of fancy. Following your heart’s desire. Not listening to anyone.

The Magician (I) – Develop or realise your potential. Every thing is in place for you to succeed. Careful planning will get you everywhere. Communicate your ideas to a larger audience. Teach, learn. Travel. A powerful disciplined man. Master of illusion. Trade and commerce. Communication and study. Travel for educational purposes. The right time to start new things. Things well researched. Being very convincing. Look behind the illusion.

The High Priestess (II)– Time to use and trust your intuition.  Pay attention to your dreams. Go within or withdraw from the situation to gain insight. Time for reflection. Psychic development. Sow seeds for the future.  Women’s cycles. Balancing the feminine and masculine. Secrets and mystery. Withdrawn, aloof, mysterious. Counsellor, healer or psychic. Solitude. Wise woman. Pisces if found with the Hanged Man and the Page of Cups

The Empress (III) – Domestic Stability and Harmony. Positive Growth, good health, fertility, Pregnancy. Moving Plans and ideas Forward. Working from home. Mothers and mothering, Creativity and be creative in your approach to the situation.  Indulge and pamper yourself. Enjoying the good things in life.  Nurture yourself and those around you. Be content with life and who you are. Re-connect with nature or your natural side. Domestic Goddess. Possible pregnancy. Putting effort into the house and home. Animal welfare, the environment. Mother Earth. Mature relationship or moving a relationship to the next stage. Passion and sensuality. Positive growth in a relationship. Possible marriage. A time for family and nurturing. Libra if found with the Queen of Pentacles.

The Emperor (IV) – Success through self-discipline, Keep focused on the target. Order and stability, rules and regulations. Fathers and fathering. Structure and boundaries. Practical approach to life. Law and order, authority, courts and judges, discipline, punishment. Be confident and brave. Strike out on your own. Set your own rules. An older man, professional advice. Establishments and organisations. Be fair, analyse the facts before making a decision. Do not let your heart rule your head in this situation. Establish your own empire. Ruling the roost at home and in relationships. Control and possible over-control. The Military. Aries if found with the King of Wands and the Knight of Swords.

The Hierophant (V) – Spiritual Leader. Be responsible for your own spiritual growth. Don’t give your power away to others. Conventions, traditions, organised religion. The church, priests etc. Don’t be so easily led. Examine the facts yourself and don’t take what others say as gospel. Think outside the box.  Think for yourself. Mine is not the only way. You don’t  have to do what everyone else does. Narrow-mindedness, blindly following rules, not thinking for yourself. Old fashioned. The traditional approach to life. Pious. Morals. Spiritual Teacher or Counsellor. A very conventional, traditional and predictable relationship. Doing the right thing or your duty in marriage. Worried about what the neighbours might think.  Taurus if found with the Four and King of Pentacles .Taking vows. Initiations – birth, marriage, death etc. Clubs, organisations, Institutions.

The Lovers (VI) Decisions and issues about relationships. Sexuality. Safe to move forward with the situation. The need for communication in all relationships.  Examining what it is you are looking for in a relationship and what draws you to someone. Honesty and openness in relationships.  The onset of a relationship. Young love, heady romantic stage of new love. Secret admirers. Infatuation. Temptations of the flesh. Gemini if found with the Knight of Swords and King of Pentacles.

The Chariot (VII) – Self-control, Self-discipline. Tenacity. Don’t give up, with hard work and determination you will achieve.Victory. Use your logic but take your feelings into account when making decisions. Finish what you start. Don’t commit to anything you may have doubts about being able to complete. Stay calm. Keep in charge of the situation. Torn in two directions. Cooperation, teamwork. Defenses up. Hiding behind your armour. Going into battle.  Journeys, travel, cars. Powerful disciplined and confident man. Cancer if found with The Moon and Queen of Cups.

Strength (VIII)–Your inner strength is being tested. Have courage. You will get through this time. Stay calm and don’t over-react to a situation. Keeping your cool  will save the day. Don’t rise to the bait.  A calm approach may be necessary. Using reason and gentle persuasion to calm a possibly volatile situation. Acknowledging your inner demons or shadow-side. Great power is in your hands. Discovering the power within.You have the inner strength you need to get through this. Others maybe relying on you at the moment.  Courage. Perseverance and endurance. Stand up for yourself.  Where do your personal strengths lie? Are you trying to hide something? Leo if found with The Sun and Queen of Wands.

The Hermit (IX)–  Time spent alone in reflection is important now. Have you withdrawn from everyday life? Going out on your own. Follow your heart’s desire. Reflecting on your past, present and where you want to go in the future. Leaving behind the mundane. Looking for meaning in your life.  Analysing your life. Maturity. Meditation, counselling, spirit guides. Taking a break from everyday life and people. Leading a solitary life. Possible loneliness. Few friends. Keeping to yourself. Withdrawn in a relationship. Alone in a relationship. An older partner. Possibly coming back into mainstream life after a time spent withdrawn. Virgo if Queen of Swords and Queen of Pentacles present.

The Wheel of Fortune (X) – Change in circumstances for the better. Lady Luck is shining on you. Everything you touch turns to gold. Lots of socialising. Life speeds up. High self-esteem and confidence. Abundance and growth in all areas. Relationships improve and possibly several offers of relationships.  Everyone appears to love you. Good omen for taking a risk. Being in the right place at the right time. Make provisions for possible rainy days ahead. Enjoy this time of abundance but observe how it came about. Cycles, anniversaries. What goes around comes around. The seasons. Past lives and Karma. Good deeds been rewarded.

Justice (XI) –  Things turning out just as they should. Hard work beginning to pay off. A time to account for your actions. Everything in divine order. Getting just what you deserve. Be honest with yourself and others. Are you being judged by others? Legalities and signing of contracts. A settlement in your favour. Court cases, lawsuits. Legal proceedings going in your favour. Honesty in relationships. Taking full responsibility for where your relationship is. Possible marriage if other marriage cards around.  Trying to find balance in your life.  Libra along with the Empress and the Queen of Pentacles.

The Hanged Man (XII) – Life seems to have slowed down or stopped altogether. Suspended action.  Inactivity, nothing happening right now. Struggle at this time is futile.  Your hands are tied.  View the situation from a different perspective. Sacrifices need to be made.  Surrender to the situation, nothing will be achieved otherwise. Time to Let go and wait to see what will happen. Reflect on why things have turned out this way. Feeling victimised, being made a scapegoat.  Hung out to dry. A time to withdraw from the situation and go within. Inner growth.  Renouncing the material world. Volunteering for a worthy cause. Charity. Pisces if found with the High Priestess and the Page of Cups.

Death (XIII) – Sweeping changes. The death of a situation. Doors closing. End of a chapter, phase or era. Letting go.  Accept these changes and move on. Release all that is unnecessary. Old energy out and new energy in. Change has been sought on a deep level. Relief at the end of a difficult situation. Change coming whether you like it or not. Stop trying to control the outcome. Have faith in life that you will survive this time. Scorpio if found with King of Cups or other Cups Court cards.

Temperance (XIV) – Calm after the storm. Healing. Pouring oil on troubled water. Finding balance and equilibrium in life again. Karmic issues. Your Guardian Angel is watching over you and helping you through this time.  Good timing. Knowing the right thing to do at the right time.  Keep your eye on the bigger picture. Travel, teaching and learning. Harmony and Inner-peace. Sagittarius if found with the Knight of Wands.

The Devil ( XV)– Entrapment, restrictions. Feeling that you have no options in life. Being overly materialistic. Control, dominance. Illusion and deception. Feeling blocked.  Enslavement.  Blaming others for your situation. Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. Marriage for money, sex for money. Sex without love. Abuse of all kinds. Addictions. What you sought to possess, now possesses you. Corruption. Immoral behaviour. Capricorn if found with the Knight of Pentacles

The Tower (XVI) – Sudden change, shock, catastrophes.  Clinging onto old negative patterns that have to go. A wake up call. Emotional outbursts or  violence. Your foundations are shaken to the core. Bad news. Too late to avoid what is happening. Mental/brain imbalances or sudden illness. Evictions.  Sudden downfall. Possible huge financial losses.  Collapse of a business or relationship.  A can of worms opened. Dreadful insecurity. Lies, deceit and corruption exposed. A fall from grace. Natural disasters and fires.

The Star (XVII) –  Calm after the storm. Balance, harmony. Inner healing. End of a difficult time. Finding faith in life again. Trusting that the future will be better. Freedom of mind, body and spirit. Clarity of spiritual vision, clairvoyancy. Seeing the bigger picture. Being true to yourself. Following your star. Discovering natural creative talents. Divine inspirational work. Works of art. Let your star shine so that others can see. Karmic relationships. Healthy relationship. Great personal freedom in relationship. Holistic healing. Spirit Guides. Humanitarian issues. Recycling and sharing. Holidays and vacations. A welcome break from stress. Aquarius if found along with the King of Swords.

The Moon (XVIII) – Inner fears  and demons. Deep emotional undercurrents.  Buried issues or memories resurfacing.  Feeling unsettled and emotionally insecure.  Going it alone. Pay attention to your dreams. Reflect on what you are doing and where you are going. A time to listen to your inner voice and not others. Trust your intuition. Even though you may feel you are in the dark at the moment, you will make it through as long as you keep your emotions and imagination under control. Face your fears for it’s now or never. Illusions, deception, underhand behaviour. Look behind the illusion in front of you for everything may not be as it seems. Trust no one but yourself. Secrets, lies, deceit. Clean up your act before you get caught. Mother and mothering.  Hormonal issues. Something lost may be found. Cancer if found with the Chariot and the Queen of Cups.

The Sun (XIX) –  A yes card. Positive. Success. On-going success. Successful outcome. Inner happiness. Content with life. Joy. Rebirth. Great self-esteem, pride and self-expression. Happy in your skin. Free to be yourself. Your day in the sun. A job well done. Brilliant creativity. Passion and enthusiasm. A period of growth and abundance. Celebrations. Working with children or animals. Travel to a warm climate. Father and fathering. Long lasting mature relationship with great fun and happiness. Beginning of a new phase in your life. Leo if found with Strength and the Queen of Wands.

Judgement (XX) – Time to atone for any misdeeds or past actions. Judgement Day. Judges, courts, law Juries. Time for honestly looking back into the past before making decisions for the future. Learning from the past. Transformations, rebirth. Being at a cross roads in life. Life changing experiences. Reinventing oneself. Self-Judgement. Clarity of Judgement.  Spiritual understanding. Understanding the bigger picture.   Vocations. Being called up for a worthy cause. Hearing the inner call.  Enjoying the simple things in life. Karmic relationships. Karmic situations. Finding your true purpose in life. Maturity. Embarking on a new journey or life choice. Re-uniting with those not seen for a long time.

The World (XXI)– Success. Lasting and ongoing success. Awards, promotions, achievements.  Graduation. Personal fulfillment. Achieving your goals. Inner-happiness. Balance. Harmony. Centre of attention. Travel around the world. Partner met while travelling. Mature balanced relationship. International success, humanitarian issues. Positive body image. Self-esteem and confidence. Creating your own world.  The world is your oyster. Finding your place in the world.

The Major Arcana – Part III

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  1. Would u do a quick reading for me? The question is should I take the new position at the main office where I work? It would mean the world to me.


    • Hi Philip. Sorry this may be too late for you. I have been away on work and only returned today. This is my first opportunity to reply.

      So you have a chance of a new position where you work. I decided to draw three cards. The first would indicate the job and the overall answer. Second card would be the pros, the positives of accepting it and the third card the cons, challenges that could present.

      Card 1 – The Answer/Issue – The Three of Pentacles.

      Well, this suggests to me that the new position will certainly be a step in the right direction. You are being given the opportunity to advance yourself but it could involve extra work/training and even the need to take a few courses to build upon your current knowledge and skills. I suspect you are a good worker and always give a 100% to your job. This will be an exciting new project but it does carry more pressure as the bar raises higher for you. If this is the career you are going after and desire, then The Three of Pentacles suggests you are heading in the right direction. However, it could also imply you are simply a diligent and conscientious worker regardless of the level of task you are working on. You are a man of detail and leave no stone un-turned when applying yourself to the job at hand. Your work to date has caught the eye of those above you and they have been impressed with your capabilities. These people; manager, boss, employer etc. see you as someone they want to hold on to. This job not only brings a promotion and reward for all your hard work, it also will bring a better pay pack. Pentacles need that incentive. This is a three card which means progress and ascension where your query is concerned. You can progress happily with this career if you wish.

      The Pros/Positives of taking the job – The Knight of Cups

      Now this card is all about taking action on your feelings and doing what you believe to be right. The Knight of Cups suggests that you need to be emotionally connected to your work and not just as a means to earn a living. He is also creative and I wonder if this new position will allow you to express this in your work. What will you create, how much of you will go into it? Will people recognise your style? How proud will you feel? The Knight of Cups is also the card for a very genuine offer or proposal, and because this is work we are looking at, then you will may easily feel that it is an offer you cannot refuse. The Knight’s presence alerts me to the fact that you are guided by you heart and your intuition. With these two cards I feel it is a no-brainer as they confirm a brilliant offer or chance to progress in your career doing something you really love, something you can put your heart and soul into. However your third card throws a bit of indecision into the ring.

      Cons/Challenges – The Two of Wands

      All the above sounds wonderful and something you had hoped for but has it come just at a time when you were thinking about making a move or changing career direction. I get a sense of feeling a little trapped. What will it mean for you if you do take this position? Will it curtail other aspects of your life or interfere with the plans you had in place. Is there a chance you are unsure about whether you will find it boring after a while and start to grow restless? Does this new position restrict your freedom? Is it really what you want? I can sense you are trying to find peace in your mind and heart about what is the best thing to do. On the other hand, this new position may entail having to do a lot of travel. It might be part of your work. As this is in the Cons position it could pose a problem for you. The Two of Wands often suggests a desire to go, but that something or someone holds you back. Does this make any sense?

      To summarise, this new position appears to be a great move for you and will allow you to express your creative side. Your career looks like it is heading in the right direction. However, there are some niggling issues. You are unsure of something and need to make a decision on it before you can happily move forward. Possibly you see this position as a progress in your career but not the exact one you were looking or hoping for. Can you be happy doing this or will you outgrow it? Remember The Knight of Cups will need to feel emotionally fulfilled. Follow your heart in this matter and go with your gut feelings.


  2. First of all thank you so much for the reading. Let me tell you more about the situation and please comment afterwords when you have the time.
    I work for the United States Postal Service currently as a custodian. I am 54 as of January 28. I have worked for the postal service for 19 years in various positions not only as a custodian. My retirement pay (pension) is based on my level of pay . I am presently a level 4 pay scale . If I take the position now available I will be a level 7. A pay raise of $7,000 a year. The position is maintence on a machine. My passion is not my work. My passion is psychic development/ Tarot and metaphysics. Work is a means to a end to me. When I retire in a few years I will do readings full time. So maybe the 2 of wands is showing I don’t have my heart in the new position? I did my own reading and I got the Fool card. I read that card as a opportunity. Get out of my comfort zone. Go for it! I can use more money for sure. Please comment.


    • Hi Philip,

      I am going off line soon as dinner time approaches here in Ireland. I will pull a couple of cards for you tomorrow. However, the information you have just shared now throws light on the cards I drew for you. So the Three of Pentacles shows your new position, The Knight of Cups shows your other side, the side of psychic development and metaphysics (the cups own this realm). The Knight of Cups also shows you the offer of the new position, and it being a very generous offer (which is often associated with the Knight of Cups). The Two of Wands shows your dilemma in making the right choice and taking the action you need to either move forward and progress, as in The Three of Pentacles with the new position, or to stay where you are (the wand bolted to the wall) in your comfort zone. You say you will retire in a few years and your pension will be based on your salary which is Grade IV. Should you take the new position that is on offer to you, your salary will increase by $7,000 a year to Grade VII which will influence your pension going forward.

      Yes, the Two of Wands would certainly reflect that your heart is not in your work. You want to get to retirement so that you can do what you love best. The Knight of Cups shows you following your true passion, which one way or another taking the new position will not influence. The Three of Pentacles shows the financial gain of taking the position, but I also mentioned in my reading that you may have to learn new things, training, courses etc. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? You have had several positions in the company over the years, so moving internally is not new to you. Why then does this new position make you feel nervous? Could you have done without it at this stage, but now that it is on the table you are being forced to confront it? I mentioned before that I believed you were a very hard worker and that your employers were recognizing this by offering you a new position in a higher level.

      Now, I am speaking from personal experience here, and often when interpreting tarot, I call on my own life journey to tell another’s story. We are all archetypes, living archetypal lifestyles of one sort or another. I have, and always have had, and presume will always have, the belief or sense that I do not know enough, that I am not up to the job, that I could always do better. I always do too much, work too hard, go too far. I suppose it stems from my childhood and seeking praise from a father that never came to be. I did so much to capture his attention but it never worked. He died in 2005 but I believe I am still seeking his approval. My work will never be up to scratch. Being given a sudden promotion and a pay rise, would scare the hell out of me. What others see in me, I don’t see in myself. That is why I wonder if you feel under pressure to prove yourself in this new role. You were in your comfort zone, minding your own business, working away, and then bang this has landed on your doorstep. I know I have to push myself continuously to step out of my comfort zone. Believe me, just because I have a large tarot site doesn’t mean I have it all sussed. It is much easier for me to sit at my keyboard each day than it is to do a face to face reading.

      You did your own reading and The Fool appeared. Rightly so, you took it as a good sign to go for it. Yes, you can use the money and it is bringing you closer to the day you can retire and do what you really desire to do. Can I ask you more about this new job? Will you feel like a novice all over again? Maintaining a certain machine, do you already know how to do it or will you have to be trained? Sounds like other people will be relying on you to keep that machine in order. I know that would unnerve me. What are we supposed to do?? So glad The Fool appeared. We really need him at times to shake us up. You are not leaving a job you love to go to a job you hate. You have acknowledged that the job is just a means to earn a living at this stage, so it will not make any difference on that level. You intend to retire in the next few years. I think it is a case of cold feet and nerves. I am the same age as you, well will be on April 29th, and I don’t handle change too well, even though I know it is what keeps us young, open and that brain mass working.

      Will have a look tomorrow. Sorry, I have gone on! Sorry.




  3. Hi Vivien
    Please don’t apologize for rambling on. I look forward to the day when I can ramble on. You asked about a description of the job I will apply for. The job entails vacuuming (cleaning dust),changing belts and fixing racks where the mail goes on. I talked to a friend of mine who worked in that position for 5 years. He said it was easy work. It’s not exciting. I originally took the maintenance test in 2007 in which I qualified for a level 7 position. I turned down 2 offers in the past ( again the comfort zone). I only have to study electricity basics now. I will be tested when they send me for schooling. My friend said he would give me the study manuel for the class work. The job is indoors. Hours will probably be 5 am to 130pm. There will be 5 openings in the near future. They will have different days off and maybe hours. We have a union. So all positions you bid on are based on seniority. They had a outdoor position with the same pay level 7 but I turned it down. It gets to be 110 degrees here in Las Vegas in the summer. In my current position my hours are 6am to 230 pm Saturday and Sunday off. As a custodian I do a variety of tasks. I clean toilets, mop floors and empty over 100 garbage cans. The post office where I work had 3 custodians but upper management got rid of the other 2 positions (cost cutting). The post office wants to get by with less which does not make me happy. There needs to be 2 custodians here because of the work load.
    I won’t retire until at least the age of 60. I have recently asked the Divine Source for more abundance in my life. Maybe this is the response?. Any thing else you would like to know I would be happy to reply. You are a delight to correspond with.


    • Hi Philip,

      Thanks for all the background information. You seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place right now. Those looking in at the situation without hearing your concerns wonder why you are hesitating. There seems to be a lack of negatives about the job except you say that the work is boring. You are not in love with your current position either but the new one does offer more abundance in your life financially, and wait for this, will force you out of your comfort zone too. Both are pluses. Now the quandry would be if you had been considering leaving altogether to go seek a new position or work for another company, but that does not seem to be so. You do plan to retire in about 6 years so I presume you are looking for stability and security until then. The new position offers similar hours to the one you have now, so there will be no great change in that regard. You have a friend who held the same position and told you that it was easy. You also took and passed the Level 7 test in 2007 so you have been aware that you could move up the ladder for the last 8 years or so but have chosen to stay put. You even turned down two offers in the past. I understand why the outdoor one would have been unattractive. However, the fact that you have been offered these higher level positions suggest that your employers believe you to be competent enough to carry out the duties or job spec that comes with them.

      You say there were originally 3 custodians but due to cut backs they let go two of them. Does that mean you are doing all the work on your own? You believe that 2 custodians are necessary for the workload. Because of your seniority, were the other two custodians younger than you? Is that why you were spared? If so, could it be that you feel pressurised about accepting this job because you feel you are been forced into it? Do you feel the position of Custodian could be phased out altogether or given to outside contractors? This may go further than not wanting to move out of your comfort zone. What if you took the job and decided 6 months later that it was a mistake. Could you apply to move back to a similar custodian position or will there be no way back for you should you accept?

      Philip the reading below is purely my interpretation based on the cards I pulled for you after requesting my input. My reading is not meant to replace your own desires and beliefs but simply to offer an objective opinion on your situation and possibly help you view things from a fresh perspective. Tarot readings cannot accurately predict the future for anyone and this reading is certainly not a definitive guideline on how to handle your situation or lead your life. Only you can determine that. It is on this understanding I share this reading with you. I do however hope it helps in the long run.

      So I am going to ask the Cards the following questions:

      Will Philip benefit from moving out of his comfort zone and into this new position? Will he settle into this new role and feel content with his decision?

      Three of Wands – Moving forward and embracing the new will take you away from the indecisiveness of the Two of Wands. This card shows you taking positive and progressive action. It shows you leaving the past position behind and turning towards a new future. The Three of Wands releases fresh energy into a stagnant situation. It also allows exploration of new territory and your own abilities. It is a card for being optimistic and enthusiastic for what lies ahead. Yes, new experiences will bring challenges but this card suggests much growth as a result. Do as much research into the new position so that you are well informed as to what is expected of you. The thing about this position which differs from your present one is that no two days will be the same. That is where the challenge lies. The Wands bring unpredictability which will cause some days to be more stressful than others when machines refuse to cooperate regardless of how well you maintain them. The Wands consider it ‘all in a day’s work’ and get on with it.

      The Ten of Pentacles – Here we see a money card, and with it being a 10 we must also look at the long term financial benefits of accepting this new position. The Ten highlights the more stable finances as you head towards the final years of your present career. It certainly will give a boost to your pension, which will bring a sense of security to you in the coming years. Financially this is a ‘thumbs up’ card for the accepting the new position, but remember money is not everything, and means little if you are miserable in your job. You need to understand that too.

      The Six of Cups – To me this card suggests that you will slot into another comfort zone as you settle into the new position. You are still amidst familiarity with no obvious drastic change should you decide to make the transition.

      What is the Best thing that can happen should Philip take this new position?

      King of Swords – suggests taking control over illogical thought processes. You will feel mentally more alert and self-governed. The King of Swords uses his sword to cut away any negative inner chatter allowing for clear thinking and common sense. He logically analyses all situations so uses his head to find solutions to problems. It is certain that you will feel a sense of empowerment. Any training or courses taken will waken up your brain. You will feel your mind becoming more active as it assimilates new information. Knowledge is power.

      Ace of Swords – Moving to a Higher Level (7) will bring a new mindset with it too. You will easily grasp the skills that are required and will wonder why you worried so much about it in the first place. This will be a major breakthrough for you as you leave behind self-limiting attitudes and beliefs about your abilities. The start of a new phase of mental development and awareness. You are well able for it once you make the final decision to go for it.

      The Nine of Pentacles – This is yet another money card and is traditionally associated with retirement and pensions. So yet again we are being reminded of the financial rewards that will be forthcoming with this new position. The Nine of Pentacles reminds us that the rewards are not that far away once hard work and effort are sustained. I see the King of Swords and The Ace of Swords pointing towards the Nine of Pentacles as they say ‘it’s a no-brainer’ Their logical thinking cannot see any reason why you would not want to choose the route that would take you into the energy of The Nine of Pentacles. However, the Swords do not always take feelings or emotions into consideration when making decisions so their advice is not always that easy to take on board. It can be all black or white to them. Same with the Pentacles where money is concerned. They would want you to make the most financially rewarding decision. It depends on how much extra money means to you.

      What is the Worst thing that can happen should Philip take this new position?

      The King of Swords – That you will take the position not because you actually want it but rather that it makes sense to do so. You will consider only the logical and practical aspects of the new position. You might feel under pressure in the new role, that others expect you to solve problems for them. You might question your own ability to take charge of this role. Maybe you prefer to follow rather than lead. You could feel uncomfortable with extra responsibility. You may feel that pressure is coming from the top and that you are expected to take the position.

      The Nine of Pentacles – Same as the King above. You take the job just because of the extra money and higher status but your heart is not in it. You might have to work harder or put in extra effort to complete your tasks. You might feel concerned about staying in this position until retirement.

      The Six of Pentacles – It’s just a job at the end of the day, a means to earning money and paying your bills. It really changes nothing in that regards. You feel the same in your current position, so there will be no dramatic changes there. The scales are balanced, you will still feel like you exist just to work, and not the other way around. You may also worry about losing your job.

      What is the Root Origin of Philips Fears in relation to this position?

      Six of Swords – Psychological baggage that has pursued you relentlessly. There is a quest to steer clear of anything that may rock the boat or prove to be challenging. I feel you avoid situations which you deem to be too stressful as I don’t think you cope with stress all too well. It is an underlying current that prevents you from facing your fears and overcoming them. You choose to move away from difficult scenarios and like to keep your head down as much as possible.

      The Reversed Ace of Wands and The Reversed Nine of Cups– I will combine these two cards as they are very similar. To me these cards point to lack of confidence, lack of self-belief and lack of self-esteem. These are blocks in your personality that prevent you from progressing in life as you should. These cards bring in a negative and pessimistic attitude about your life and a belief that you are not up to scratch. You almost expect to be looked over for anything good that might happen. I may be forward in saying this but there may be a desire to stay out of the limelight and avoid attention being drawn to you. This may come from childhood conditioning.

      What Action should Philip take to make progress in this situation?

      EIght of Swords Reversed – Free your mind from restricting and self-limiting beliefs. You have gotten quite worked up about your situation and let your imagination get the better of you. It is as if the key of the prison door is being offered to the prisoner, but he is afraid to take it and let himself free. He may not have realised he was imprisoned in the first place. One can spend a whole life-time caught in the energy of The Eight of Swords and not even be aware of it. You will have to rip the blindfold off and take a close look at what you are worried about. The King of Swords will help you see things clearly. Clear your mind of confusion and negative chatter. Action of some sort needs to be taken.

      The Page of Wands – Develop a curiosity about the potential of this new position. Look on it as a positive and not something to fear. Think of what doing something new will feel like and accept that you will, to an extent, be a student or apprentice once more. The Page of Wands is optimistic and enthusiastic. You may find the journey exciting and certainly vastly different to what you do now. You are not too old to learn something new.


      • Hi Vivien
        Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I appreciate the reading and your opinion on my situation. You are very insightful . You have been very helpful to me. One thing I have learned over the last couple of years studying spiriuality is that while we are here on earth we can make our lives more comfortable with more money . I know I am a soul living in a human body. The soul doesn’t need the money. But while earth bound abundance can facilitate my metaphysical studies now and the future by having me not worrying about my finances . Thank you


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