The Eight (VIII) of Wands

Life Taking Off, Speed & Activity

8 of Wands Upright


Hard Work Paying Off , Completion, Conclusion, Solutions, Results, Hitting The Target, In the Lead, Ahead of The Field, Stong Position, Wind in Your Sails, Thinking on Your Feet, Up and Away, Taking Off, Coming Together, In Common, Well Matched, Speed, Action, Movement, Activity, Haste, Hurry,  Rush, Race, Momentum, Mobilised, Momentum,  Energy, Busy, Positivity,Activity, Quick Action, Jump In, Springboard, Shoot, Move/Go Now, Charged, Strike While the Iron is Hot, Get Going, Goals Realised, Stress Free, Trouble Free Time, Freedom, Holidays, Holiday Romance, Cupid’s Arrows, Getting Carried Away/Swept off Your Feet, Infatuation, Obsessed, Travel Across Water, Exciting News, Thumbs Up, Fame,



Card Imagery Description

If you can cast your mind back to with its single Wand being grasped firmly by the Hand of Spirit then you may remember me likening it to a baton in a relay race. The Ace was giving you the ‘Thumbs Up’ to get going.  The baton was being handed to the Wands Man by spirit because Spirit knew he would be good at it and had what it took to succeed. Spirit believed in him yet the Wand’s Man in Card 2 had to have a think about it before fully accepting it.  It didn’t take long for him to arrive at a decision for Spirit had been very convincing and it all sounded very exciting.  He knew he was a competitive, ambitious and determined person.  He also knew he was physically strong.  Yes, he had what it took so in Card 3, he made his decision, accepted the challenge and headed off to sign up.

After much training,  The Wand’s Man was singled out to take the Baton in the last stage of the Race.  He would be the last handover, the last man to carry the baton and it would be up to him to complete what the previous team members had started.  The last handover of the baton was to take place in a small mountain side town.  The town had gone to great lengths and much expense to create a wonderful atmosphere for both competitor and spectator. Garlands and bunting draped all windows, trees and shop fronts.  Tables loaded with food and refreshments were looked after by colourfully dressed women.  The townspeople and visitors were enjoying a welcoming festival atmosphere and there was much cheer and goodwill in the crowd.  Everyone had turned out to help and make this a day to remember.  Family, friends and fans lined the streets of the town, ready to cheer on their special competitor. 

On the handover line, garlands hung from specially erected arches while beautifully dressed ladies waved bouquets of flowers to welcome the competitors as they arrived to take their position in Card 4. As the competitors lined up, the crowd became silent. Everyone was waiting for the first competitors to round the corner and the handover to begin.  A Race Official had the job of firing a signal shot to announce the approach of the first runner.  The bang echoed through the air and within seconds, several men came charging up the street with batons waving wildly by their sides. The Wand’s Men on the handover line became tense and agitated as each one pushed and shoved or tried to block the other’s view.  The crowd began to scream and cheer as the runners quickly descended upon their team members, eager to handover the baton.

The handover of the batons happened in close succession. Some were neck to neck as they reached out to their fellow team members in front who had already started to run ahead of them.  The batons exchanged hands without either team member breaking their stride.  Those who had relinquished their baton, had fulfilled their mission, reached their goal and done their job.In the scramble and confusion of baton handover, a tangle of bodies in different team colours emerged from beneath the garlanded arches each carrying their baton/wand.  An almighty struggle ensued as each competitor fought for space.  Then suddenly they were off and away down the narrow streets of the town still battling with each other to get up to the front in Card 5.     

The pressure was on each of them to make good speed and cross the finish line before anyone else did.  The Wand’s Man took off at a spanking pace, sprinting effortlessly down the track, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.  However, this was no ordinary relay race and certainly no typical race track.  Looking back on it now, it really was more of an obstacle course pitted with pot holes, hurdles, hills, rivers and even some mountains.  Those who entered this particular race had to be up to the job. Being able to run was not just enough to get them through. They also had to be built like an Army Marine and have nerves of steel.  The competitors just fresh from Boot Camp were tough and sturdy.  They were able to run while carrying heavy loads on their back, barely breaking a sweat in the process.   It was all up to those who now held the batons.  This was the final leg of the race.  There would be no one else to hand it over to now. Only the strongest would survive.

No one really knew how the course would run and certainly there were no clues given out in advance.  It was every Wand’s Man for himself and he would just have to figure it out as he ran, jumped, climbed and swam.  As the competitors raced from through stage after stage, they experienced it all.  Some parts of the course were smooth and the going easy while other parts were tricky and tough.  At Stage 6, the competitors were clocked to see who was in the lead and as the results came out, word had filtered through the spectators that short of a bad fall or broken leg, there was definitely a likely champion to put your money on.   There was a clear favourite. However, the race was not over and even though they were getting nearer to the finish line, some of the toughest parts of the journey had still to be encountered.  The competitors with aching muscles and bones needed to maintain their stamina. 

At Stage 7 they hit their first wall, or should I say mountain.  Carrying their back packs and Wand, their test of endurance was to climb the mountain. The first person to the Top would gain extra points. Each competitor had to come up with a strategy on how to climb the mountain.  This was ‘thinking on your feet’ time. The fastest route had to be decided upon. On a countdown the competitors were eventually given the off and the battle for the summit began in earnest. Each carried their Wand or Baton as they climbed and there was a mad scramble for a particular aspect of the mountain for most had worked out which was the fastest route to take them to the top.  Wands were poked in each other’s faces and there was particular pushing and shoving.  They all had chosen the same route. 

In the middle of all the dust and scuffle, one Wand broke loose and suddenly he was ahead of the rest.  Scrambling like a crazy man he climbed over rock and rubble, through mountain scrub and gorse. On his tail, were the other competitors closing in rapidly.  Their roars and shouts echoed throughout the mountainous terrain.  There was a definite man in the lead. Yes, it was the Clear Favourite and he was not going to let his side down. He had been announced as the favourite at Stage 6 and they had not been mistaken. All he had to do was keep going and not lose his nerve.  He could hear the voices of the other Wands behind him but instead of looking back to see where they were he just kept moving forward. 

Suddenly, he found the top. He had reached Stage 7. His calf and thigh muscles burning from exertion.  Standing up to get his bearings, he took his first look back down the track he had just ascended.  Right below him he saw the Wands of his six fellow competitors.  They were not far behind him but not close enough to be of any real threat to him.  However, the race was not over yet and anything could happen between now and Stage 10.  All competitors were still in the game, still in with a chance so he could not afford to take a rest.  Turning quickly and grabbing his back pack and Wand, he moved to the far side of the mountain top and took a look down at the course track below him that would take him to Stage 8. What he saw in front of him was a mountain bike track and for a moment was confused until he noticed a line of bikes propped up against a rock to his left.  Making his selection he hopped on board and pushed down onto the track. 

The bike gathered speed rapidly as it hurtled down the side of the mountain.  The Wand’s Man, whooped with the sheer exhilaration of it.  His aching muscles no longer having to push and shove. The bike was carrying him forward at a phenomenal speed.  It was like sitting on a rocket after it had been launched.  There was no use applying brakes for the bike had taken on a life of its own and the Wand’s Man could do nothing but sit back and enjoy the ride.  This part of the race was taking care of itself.  He had been in the lead up until now and all he had to do was hold on and keep the bike on track.  This was a ‘piece of cake’, the easiest part of the race so far.  The Wand’s Man was going to savour this moment. He had put in so much work to get here, suffered many set-backs and delays but now it looked like it was all coming together and he had the finish line and trophy well within his grasp now.  He could already taste his success. Suddenly he heard the roars of the other Wands behind him.  They too had found their bikes and were now in hot pursuit. Everyone was back in the race again and some were risking life and limb, bouncing their bikes over large boulders, sailing through the air and then bouncing back onto the ground again. Everyone was doing what they could to get ahead. Most competitors were neck to neck but there were a couple who lagged slightly behind.

Down below, at the foot of the mountain, a river meandered by.  There was a wide ramp on the near side of the riverbank that was well flagged.  The Wand’s Man was rapidly approaching the ramp. He realised what it was for and what he had to do.  The other competitors were closing in and he could hear their bikes drawing ever nearer. The tension was high but there was no fear among this group of Wand’s Men.  This was thrilling, awesome, death-defying and mind-blowing.  The sheer speed alone was incredible.  Never had they travelled so fast. This is why they had entered the race and once completed, they would head on to another and then another, each chasing the dream, trying to re-capture the magic and feeding their adrenaline rush addiction.

Buzzing with adrenaline the Wand’s Man out front hit the ramp just at the right point, letting out a crazy roar both he and the bike sailed high into the sky. Down below him the river ran and for a moment he was suspended in time.  It was the most amazing feeling to just soar through the air. What a rush, wow! Suddenly the bike made contact with the ground again as it landed safely and upright on the other side of the river.  As he cycled on to check in at Stage 8 he could hear the collective manic screams of his fellow competitors as they experienced the same thrill.  What a heady experience he thought, and wished he could go back and do it again.  Alas, he still had a race to win and he was not home and dry yet.  He knew, the reporters on the finish line would be waiting to ask him how he got on but he hadn’t a clue how he would put what he had just experienced into words for you really had to be there to know. The Sports channels would show the speed of their exhilarating descent for some time to come.


In this card we see 8 Wands hurtling through the sky as they cross water from one body of land to another so travel is obviously suggested here. The skies are bright and clear. The persistence and tenacity of the Seven has paid off and by not succumbing to the competition, the difficulties have passed allowing the full strength of the Wands energy to flow unhindered. This just how Fire likes to move and is probably why we do not see any characters in this Card. With only Wands and the open space around them they are unhindered in their flight. The Wands are seen coming in to land suggesting that goals are now in sight and close to being realised. At last, They are free to be who they want to be and go where they want to go. Activities and energies are mobilized as everything begins to speed up.

The Wands travel in unison, not clashing or crossing in their journey. In fact they gather momentum with each second they travel. At this stage there is no point trying to make any changes or attempts to re-route them as they have taken on a life and powerful force of their own.

For the Wands, a period of trouble-free progress is suggested and they may proceed towards their goals without any major obstacles. As the Wands come into to land, they use the Earth Energies to successfully ground their goals. All the ideas, plans, dreams, visions and aspirations of the previous Seven Cards are eventually coming into manifestation and the Wands can begin to see the longed for positive results of all their actions.

The Eight of Wands frees the Wands from any restrictions or binds.  Like arrows released from the archer’s bow, the sheer force of Fire Energy is overwhelming.  The blazing arrows scorch the skyline with their dazzling glow of blazing orange and red creating a festival or carnival atmosphere of celebration, fun and incredible positive energy.  A rush and buzz of excitement travels earth-bound with the Wands.  Wherever they land will explode into action and colour.  It will be party and holiday time all round. The arrow-like Wands are on course and have their target well in sight.  A tail wind increases their speed, and like comets, they explode into the atmosphere.  Everything appears to be coming together for the Wands who now look in a very Strong position altogether.

As the Wands soar through the Air and are seen to  cross a body of Water, we get a strong sense of travel associated with this EightFire once released and freed from all restrictions likes to move or spread as rapidly as it can, so travel from one body of land to another or over water is strongly linked to this Card.

On examining the Eight of Wands, we must also look at the possibility that each of the Wands depicted symbolically represents a project, issue, job or demand that the Wands are famous for collecting.  So full of positive enthusiasm and excitement, our Fiery friends as we know, can be too eager to say ‘yes’ to everything that comes their way, once it captures their attention or imagination. They like to become involved in the interesting or creative stage of something but have a reputation of getting bored when things get too settled, mundane or tedious.  They dislike the detail of things and prefer looking at the big picture.  The Wands can end up with their fingers stuck in too many pies and can even be found to stick their toes in once they run out of fingers if they allow themselves to get carried away.  This leads them to be ‘up to their eyeballs’ with work and busy all the time.  The Wands in the Eight were launched at some stage and by somebody, but there is a possibility that they have been forgotten about or neglected.  However, ready or not, they are now on their way home. Once the Wands have those around who can complete the tedious part of the task or job, they can get on with doing what they do best, but regularly they can realise all too late, that they have taken on too much or bitten off more than they can chew.  The Eight Wands coming in to land simultaneously, can symbolically represent the weight of their responsibilities and demands all striking at the one time.  When this happens, excitement goes out the door and is replaced by stress and physical exhaustion. This Eight can show the results of moving too fast and being too impulsive. Their Wands are going to touch down at the one time and at this stage it will be impossible to stop them. They may find it impossible to deal with all, so some can get dumped indefinitely in the ‘Pending Tray’ gathering dust and disturbing their peace of mind.

In many traditions of Tarot, the Eight of Wands is often referred to as Cupids Arrows.  With the Element of Fire driving these arrows then the romance or amour attached to this Card will be wild, passionate and intense.  This is not just falling in love but rather being swept off your feet.  The Wands fall in love with an intensity that would make the average Cups blush from head to toe. We will get to examine this aspect of The Eight of Wands in the Meaning below.

Let the momentum and sheer drive of this Eight bring you safely across the finish line. Speed is definitely involved here in whatever situation surrounds the reading. Things are reaching their natural conclusion.


8 of Wands Upright


Hard Work Paying Off , Completion, Conclusion, Solutions, Results, Hitting The Target, In the Lead, Ahead of The Field, Stong Position, Wind in Your Sails, Thinking on Your Feet, Up and Away, Taking Off, Coming Together, In Common, Well Matched, Speed, Action, Movement, Activity, Haste, Hurry,  Rush, Race, Momentum, Mobilised, Momentum,  Energy, Busy, Positivity,Activity, Quick Action, Jump In, Springboard, Shoot, Move/Go Now, Charged, Strike While the Iron is Hot, Get Going, Goals Realised, Stress Free, Trouble Free Time, Freedom, Holidays, Holiday Romance, Cupid’s Arrows, Getting Carried Away/Swept off Your Feet, Infatuation, Obsessed, Travel Across Water, Exciting News, Thumbs Up, Fame,

When the Eight of Wands appears in your Reading in the Present, Near Future or Outcome Position then you best prepare yourself for your life is about to hot up and speed up.  This Fiery Eight rushes in such a belt of red-hot energy it will blow you right off your too comfy seat and set your world a spin. Your life is about to take off.  The Eight of Wands brings Speed, it brings Action, it bring Movement. Let us hope you got some good sleep and are eating well for you are going to be very busy indeed.  There won’t be a spare or dull moment as your life is going to be full of places to go, people to see and things to do. Quick action and quick decisions may be asked of you too so you will need to think on your feet and on the run.  You may feel charged up with energy and find yourself rushing around here and there organising and arranging things, meeting yourself coming back. Normally this would stress you out but when the energy of this Eight is around, you manage to remain on top of things with little stress.

The Eight of Wands can herald a period of frenzied activity with phones ringing non-stop, letters, email inbox overflowing and faxes spitting out one after another.   They are all bound to contain or carry exciting news and keep you on the go. Something really interesting must be going on to create all this mad rush.  You may have urgent deadlines to meet or have been given short notice about a course of action you have to take.  Whatever it is, has your head in a spin but this is not an un-welcome card.  The Eight of Wands often appears in a Reading after a period of restriction, set-backs, lethargy or apathy. The Eight of Wands acts like a tight coil of rubber band that is suddenly released. Ping! Bang! as it ricochets off walls in its speed to be free.  ‘At last, at last’ I hear you cry as you jump up on and down on your bed with excitement, ‘something at last is happening’.  You have been given the ‘Green Light’ to forge ahead. This Card brings a wonderful sense of Joie de Vivre. Life is surely good when the Eight of Wands is around and it will hurl you out of any rut or stale place you might be in.

Any issues or complicated situations you have been involved in are now reaching their natural conclusion or a solution has been found that is agreeable to all.  The Eight of Wands, allows you to finally draw a line under any unfinished business.  It might feel a bit like clearing your desk of any outstanding work before leaving for a two-week vacation. Clear desk, clear mind.

Partying, socialising and plain old having a great time is found aplenty in this Card. This is a time for looking good and feeling fantastic.  You may be drawn to the shops to buy a wild new wardrobe to keep up with all your invites.  You best make sure to book your hairdresser well in advance cause with this Eight shooting in, he or she is bound to be very busy too. There is a great buzz in the air for sure.

The Eight of Wands confirms that The Gods are smiling down on you and encourage your advancement. You will be able to do pretty much whatever you want without any restrictions or hold-ups.  Real progress can now be made. You have the wind in your sails now, the skies are bright and clear so steam ahead with whatever it is you are doing.  You can really see where you are going now. Your aims, dreams, goals and ambitions are on track, on target and coming in to land very soon.  Nothing is going to stand in your way now and you can proceed at will. If you have been struggling with an issue that has been complicated or intricate, then the Eight arriving will unravel it fast and you fill find it then comes together quite rapidly.  At long last you can draw a line under certain things, issues or situations in your life as you mange to close up on and complete any unfinished business or tasks.  In fact you will find that certain issues will reach their natural conclusion. This will free you up to move on and getting going with what you really want to be doing. If you have been working hard on a project or plans then they will suddenly take off too and you will have to run fast to catch up with them.

The Eight of Wands can be a sign that you have been swept up in a crazy wave of enthusiasm about something.  This something can be related to any area of your life. It may be a person, a place you have just discovered, a property you have fallen in love with,  a business idea, opportunity or project. You are bound to be carried away with the whole thing and feel energised and eager. You want to be a part of it all and you might be putting a huge amount of effort into it which you are thrilled to be able to offer.  Things are beginning to move into action now as adrenaline fuels your system.  It is time to make a move so get moving. You must now strike while the iron is hot and when you are so enthused.  You have real momentum building behind you so all you have to do is take the first step and it will snowball after that.

The Eight of Wands often suggests opportunities and sometimes several of them appearing all at the one time.  Each opportunity will appear exciting and wonderful.  Each will be hard to resist but it will not be possible to take them all on board. Wands are a Suit of Action and Doing.  They are drawn to exciting opportunities and are usually the first to sign-up.  In a short space of time they can accumulate a lot of ‘things’ they are involved in.  With fingers in many pies, they are perfectly happy to juggle them all, that is as long as they keep them up in the air. The Eight Wands coming in to land, may symbolise the consequences of previous hasty action.  Eight flaming Wands suddenly descending upon your front lawn, announcing that they have all come home to visit at the same time, can be a bit daunting to say the least, even for the Wands.  In the Upright Eight, the demands of all commitments and obligations are met, even if it does involve being absolutely and totally rushed off your feet.  There is a certain buzz that comes with being overstretched as long as it is quickly released. Also, there is an even greater adrenaline rush when everything happens at the one time but is managed efficiently and sorted accordingly.  It is in the Reversed Eight we see the overstretch that goes on too long, eventually snapping and breaking after too much pressure exerted.  Then demands cannot be met and instead of a rush, there is overwhelm. Unfortunately, they are stuck with their Wands whether they like it or not.

Travel across water or air is often strongly indicated by the Eight of Wands. Depending on the question it may be work-related or just travelling for pure enjoyment and fun. Holiday time, getting away from it all and taking off without a care in the world is highlighted.  The Eight of Wands is a very welcome card in any Reading for it brings great freedom, excitement and anticipation. When I look at the Eight Wands coming in to land they often remind me of a holiday Jet touching down in an exotic foreign destination as the happy passengers stare out the windows ‘oohing and ahing’ at the warm ocean waters below and the shimmering tarmac on the runway. After all the hard work, the saving, countdown to vacation, shopping for new clothes and beach-wear, packing suitcases, taxi to the airport, shopping in duty-free, boarding, excitement and chat as seatbelts are buckled, take-off, cheers as plastic glasses of wine are clinked, landing and finally disembarking into that warm sultry heat, The Eight of Wands has truly arrived and flown right alongside you. It is now going to make sure you enjoy every second.

In relationship spreads, the Eight of Wands are often referred to as Cupid’s Arrows and can represent the heady intoxicating stage of romance and courtship, which brings joy, excitement and the ability to brighten the dullest day. You may be swept off your feet by someone you meet, causing you to fall wildly, madly and deeply in love. This relationship will be intense, passionate and such a whirlwind of social activities, your feet will barely touch the ground. Unable to get through an hour without seeing or hearing from each other, there will be mad texting, marathon phone calls and staying out all night. You just can’t get enough of each other right now.  You will not only look stunning but feel it too, putting a glide in your stride and a pep in your step.  This relationship will move fast, travelling like a comet through the night sky.  You are on a high or adrenaline rush right now and probably don’t even need to eat or sleep as you have energy to burn. Try to pace yourself for this relationship may be travelling a bit too fast.

 As this Card is associated with travel then it may highlight holiday romances or someone you meet while travelling. As a couple, the Eight of Wands indicates a strong, healthy, positive and high-energy relationship where both partners share the same goals yet manage to retain their independence. This couple is very busy and with active, full lives but manage to maintain a very dynamic relationship. Even so, it would advise that you pause for a while every now and then to check-in with each other to see if needs, ideas or plans have changed on either side. It symbolises a time of free-flowing energy within relationships, with few challenges or conflicts. If you have been putting a lot of effort into your relationship of late, then the appearance of this Card suggests that it has paid off and you will begin to see the positive consequences of taking such action.

As a couple, you may decide to travel the world or re-locate. If you have been single for some time, then you will find yourself suddenly in big demand.

In regards to careers, the Eight of Wands often suggests travel in connection with work. For certain, your work schedule is very hectic and busy.  Your job requires you to think on your feet and be able to multi-task.  This is a high-energy work environment where there is much activity and certainly a lot of travelling involved.  Travel does not have to be long distance but you are bound to be out and about for appointments, presentations and meetings.  This Card also suggests a very competitive work environment or working with very evenly matched professional ambitious people.

If you have been trying to further your career, then the Eight of Wands is a very positive Card as it can suggest that your career is beginning to take off. You may be making a name for yourself and may very possibly have done something recently which has facilitated or triggered your sudden meteoric rise.  It will be very easy to get caught up in all the rush and activity that will be coming your way but you must also take time to pause and reflect on where you are going.  Make sure you are still on track and heading in the direction you want to be. Travelling at such a high-speed, it is easy to get confused or lose your way. Go back to the basics and work it out.

The Eight Wands hurtling through the sky can represent CV’s in a Work-Related Spread but can have different interpretations depending on the Querant’s situation.  If several CV’s  or applications have been sent out, then the Eight of Wands appearing in the near future position generally is a good indication that the Querant should be confident of receiving some good news and possibly many offers.  However, if the Card falls in the ‘action to take’ or ‘advice’ position then the Querant may be narrowing his chances of acquiring employment due to failure to circulate sufficient CV’s.

In Business, The Eight of Wands is a wonderful Card and can suggest that  your business is really beginning to take off. All the hard work put into setting up your business has been worth it as goals are realised and begin to manifest.  Your struggles for the moment are behind you as everything falls nicely into place. It may even feel like the business is running itself with little effort on your part.  That is because it has now taken on a life of its own and for a while the pressure will be off you.  Your business may be entering a trouble-free time where it experiences no challenges or problems.  With the energy of the Eight of Wands around, much work can be achieved. If working on a project or business plan, a successful end is in sight as all your Wands come into land and on time.

You may be launching a new Business or product and even though there is a huge amount of work to do, the excitement is unbelievable.  There is so much to sort and organise, people to phone, social media sites to set-up, emails to send and meetings to attend.  After all the hard work, the planning and idea stage, the time has eventually arrived. A heady time in business for sure.

In business, there may be the potential to break into the overseas market or even just expansion on a local or national level. You may be thinking about setting up an online shop for your business and products. This will help spread news of you and your business globally but you must guard against having too many products.  Stick with your strongest sellers.  Online selling will require a lot of administration work and keeping in touch with all your overseas clients.  It will be a full-time job in itself so prepare to be busy.

The Eight of Wands is a great Card for heralding the end of a struggle, especially where others have been involved.  If there have been any struggles in work, personality clashes with staff or a team not pulling together, the Eight blows all that away.  Instead of the Wands all hitting and bashing each other as we have seen in previous Cards, these Eight Wands travel in unison, along parallel lines, neither touching off or interfering with an another.  There appears to be a sense of joint effort and common ground.  They all share the same Goal as the Wands all seek the same landing spot. However, this does not mean to say that competition is not rife in the workplace.  Rather the opposite, as competition is no fun unless you have others to compete with.  This Card does bring a strong Competitive Race element to it and we can see the horses, thundering down the track, neck to neck but each keeping a safe distance from each other.  This speaks of fair play where all are fit, able and eligible to compete. Each knows they are up against others who are as good as them, if not possibly better, but the thrill is being part of the Race.  The Best Man will win but these are professionals who will acknowledge the ability of their team mates or work colleagues. All gain from the experience.

You may be travelling the world promoting a new product, your book or music.


8 of Wands Rx

Anti-Climax, Slow/Lack of Progress, Straggler, Delay or Cancellation of Travel Plans, Struggle, Obstacles, Restrictions, Blocks, Grounded, Missed Opportunities, Tedium, Irritation, Stress,  Chaos, Panic, Rush, Drama, Hysteria, Unfinished Business, Incomplete, Fail to Deliver, Lack of Stamina, Impatience, Frustration, Impulsiveness, Haste, Mistakes, Out of Control,  Runaway, Out of Contact, Restrictions, Lack of Energy, Slow Progress, Poor Timing, Returning from Holidays, Poison Arrows, Relationship Upsets, Domestic/Marital Disputes, Arguments, Quarrels, Strikes, Rows, Blow-Ups, Jealousy, Busbody, Interfering Third Party, Trouble-Maker, Volatile, Rivalry,  Clashing, Bitching, Rudeness, Late-Starter, Also Ran,  Bad News Travels Fast, Gossip, Lost Post,

When the Eight of Wands Reverses all the action, movement and speed goes into reverse or extreme.  Instead we find set-backs, delays and obstacles to progress or impulsive actions, rush and panic. You may not be able to finish anything you start or complete important tasks on time.  You might lack the enthusiasm and motivation to get you moving. There is a definite lack of interest, drive and ambition. Then again, you may have a tendency to leave everything to the last moment, creating unnecessary stress and panic all round.  Maybe you are not cut out for what you are trying to do. It might all sound great in theory but putting it into action requires skills and drive that you lack.  If you are not fit enough or have not earned the right to be in the Race, then back out now. You really should have built up to this instead of just jumping in, thinking it would be plain sailing.

With the Eight of Wands Reversed, you are likely to be feeling very frustrated and irritated.  You know what you want and where it is but no matter what you do, you just seem to continuously run into problems of one sort or another. A lot of the time the problems are being caused by others and this can lead to aggressive outbursts and extreme rudeness.  Everyone seems to be getting in your way and on your nerves, slowing you down and dissipating your energy.  It all seems perfectly clear to you yet everywhere you go, you encounter people who don’t see things the way you do.  It’s just maddening. They disagree and find fault with your plans, nit pick over finer detail and tell you that you have to wait, they have to think it over or not to rush into things.  Some may even accuse you of being impulsive or too hasty which will make you want to explode. You are going nowhere fast and precious time is ticking by. Others seem to steam ahead leaving you straggling behind cursing and swearing.  What do they have that you don’t? What’s your problem, that you can’t keep up with them?

You might feel like a horse in its stall waiting for the off at the beginning of a race. You have the bit between your teeth and are rearing to go but your door gets stuck or fails to open.  All the built up energy is there but with no release. You may feel like you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity or experience because you are forced to stay behind or just can’t go for one reason or another.  Everyone else seems to be having the time of their life while you have to watch from the sidelines chewing your fingernails off in rage.

Unfortunately, all the above may be simply down to unfinished business that you have to attend to or draw a line under before you are free to do or act as you please. You may need to go back to the Seven of Wands where the struggle and conflict exists before trying to fly with the Eight as they are preventing you from getting on with what you want to do.  It may appear that time has stood still and that you will never get to where you want to go. The desire to free yourself so that you can move on to exciting fresh territory or projects is tempting, but until you deal with what you already have on your plate, which is more than enough, you will make little progress. There are tedious, annoying and frustrating issues to be sorted and you just don’t want to be bothered with them.  However, time spent now addressing or sorting them will be well worth it. It is essential and before you know it, the Eight of Wands will Upright itself and your energy will be able to flow freely once more. You will enjoy yourself even more, safe in the knowledge that all your problems have been dealt with.

When The Eight of Wands Reverses,  we see the same Wands but now they appear to take off from land and into thin air. When and where they will land is anyone’s guess. You may have been overly eager and too hasty in doing something or getting involved in a situation (releasing your Wands). As a result you now have little control over the outcome or consequences of your actions  (where the Wands land or how far they go). You may have given little thought to how everything was going to work out or possibly thought that it would sort itself out without any input from you.  You may feel a bit anxious now or stressed with all those Wands flying around and about.  You may not be able to undo what you have just done as either Upright or Reversed, once they are out there, they are out of your control. When there is no control, as with everything in life, they can take on a life of their own for good or bad.  Act in haste, repent at leisure but then again, you know that saying well, for it is not the first time that you have been in this situation is it?  Rushing in where Angels fear to tread, has got you into many a bind in the past. You may need to douse some of that fieryness as it can easily get you into trouble.

Speaking of trouble, this Reversed Eight of Wands, makes a regular appearance to highlight an interfering third-party causing problems and mayhem.  Don’t be so quick to stick your nose into other people’s business no matter how dramatic the situation, as it is highly unlikely that you have all the facts at your disposal.  Now, I am not pointing the finger directly at you, for it may well be you who is at the receiving end of a busybody’s meddling.  There is likely to be considerable drama attached to your situation and emotions may be running very high.  Keep a bucket of cold water handy for when hysteria hits as this situation could get quite volatile very quickly with all those sharp arrows (Wands) flying around.

The Eight of Wands Reversed can also suggest that the fizz has gone out of your Fire.  You may have got yourself all excited and worked up about plans and ideas only to lose motivation and interest after a short while.  You may lack the staying power to follow through or on closer examination what you first thought to be amazing and brilliant has turned out to be too much trouble and not worth the effort. You may feel a sense of anti-climax, deflated or relieved depending on the situation.

In the Upright, we saw Fire use the Energy of the Earth Element to ground the Wands for a practical result but in the Reverse the overly enthusiastic Wands have fired off, literally into space, with no earth to ground them and so they are not able to realise their goals.  You may have run with an idea or course of action without thinking it out clearly or carrying out proper research.  No one can accuse you of lack of motivation, energy or enthusiasm, but you may not have worked out the practicalities.  You may have wasted a lot of energy, time and resources and have very little to show for it.  You may have launched your plan or idea before it was ready, at the wrong location, with or to the wrong people or possibly the timing of it was off.  Who knows? It all happened so fast.

Then again, we could have a different scenario altogether.  You may be throwing out a few wild ideas here and there, deliberately pushing the boundaries or entering into unchartered territory just to see what will happen.  This may be a very liberating experience for you as it frees you from your normal approach and opens you to new possibilities and fresh experiences.

Where travel is concerned, expect delays and cancellations.  There may also be confusion over bookings or dates. Mystery tours and surprise holidays.  Last minute notification of travel or holiday may leave you in a tizzy regarding organisation and packing.  Allow extra time when travelling and take extra care when boarding planes and trains. There is a risk you might get on the wrong one and end up in the very last place you expected or wanted to be.

When it comes to Affairs of The Heart, The Eight of Wands Reversed dumps Cupid’s Bows into the nearest ditch and fires off Poisonous Arrows or Darts instead. Alas, it was all too good to be true and probably all too fast. Can one really fall deep into love so quickly, so successfully? Instead of adoration and infatuation, wild passion turns to jealousy and rivalry.  Suddenly you can’t for the life of you see what you saw in your partner in the first place.The rosy glow has worn off and your bullshit detector is back in action.  Back stabbing, bitching and plain nastiness kicks romance out the door.  The magical excitement of the upright may have worn off and instead of falling into love you now fall heavily out of it.  To your fury, you may discover a third person in your relationship or the interference of a third-party. Love turns sour and revenge may be on the menu.

Domestic disputes, household disharmony, rows and marital upsets abound. Your relationship may indeed be up in the air with no knowing where it will land and what is to become of it. The Eight of Wands Reversed may also suggest having to say goodbye to your holiday romance as your charter plane takes off returning you home and to your normal life once again. It was all great fun while it lasted.

Career wise, The Eight of Wands can suggest that you are struggling to get your career off the ground, ahead or your field or that you are expecting too much too soon.  You may be qualified in an area of speciality that is no longer in demand due to recession or changing trends.  Whereas once you were flying high, earning big bucks and regular promotions, you may now be bottoming out, dealing with salary cuts, demotions and layoffs.

Quarrels, disputes and jealousy may govern the workplace with staff stepping on each other to further their careers. In the Reverse our attention is drawn to the Wand that lags behind the rest.  This may be a sign that you are not pulling your weight or are struggling against stiff competition for a job placement, recognition or promotion. You may lack the energy and enthusiasm to push you to the front.  You may be sending out plenty of CVs but are failing to hit their target. Put some effort into acquiring the correct contact name and departments to ensure they fall into the right hands and are exposed to the relevant people.

In Business, your product or services may not have been received too well overseas or you may have launched them before the time was right or with little research. The business that showed such exciting possibilities in the Upright may be slow in getting off the ground. Have you possibly forgotten a business plan?

However, the speed associated with the Upright Eight may now be in extreme. You may have left everything to the last-minute and now find that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  You may be rushing around in a blind panic, firing orders left, right and centre.  Stressed out of your brains and living on nervous energy you may not be able to take in what people are saying to you. You could take down the wrong phone number or forget the directions you have been given. Your brain is addled and overwhelmed with data and deadlines. You have to be everywhere and all at the same time. Frustration could reach fever pitch when you find it impossible to get through to the right person on the phone or are told that you have just missed them.  Emails bounce back undelivered or texts go to the wrong person, causing even more frustration, misunderstandings and delays.

If you are waiting for good news regarding contracts or business deals then you may be waiting a long time.  It might never arrive or arrives too late to be of any use. Worse still, the good news may go to another and not you.  If sending important post, make sure to register it as there is a likelihood that it will go astray or disappear. Check addresses, contact details and postal deliveries in advance to ensure any important parcels are delivered to the right person, at the right place and in time.

In the workplace, strikes and disputes may be causing discord between staff and management.  They will also be causing delays and setbacks to the normal flow of business. Some orders may get cancelled or valued customers are lost to a competitor.

* When we next visit the Wands in Card Nine IX, it will be interesting to see how they are getting on. Will they manage to sustain their speed and energy?  Will they still be the frontrunners, ahead in their field? Will they be happy with what they have achieved or do they want more? Will their Fires still be burning brightly or will they have burnt out? Has it been worth all the effort?


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14 replies »

  1. I suppose the 8 of wands would be a good omen in a health reading? I’ve been having some health problems and have been under much stress. I asked would there be a solution to my issues. I pulled the Ace of Pentacles, the 8 of Wands and the 3 of cups (which left me a bit confused) I would assume the 3 of cups would be look to alternative options? This site has been so valuable to my tarot journey!


    • Hi Nicoleh, Without knowing the ins and outs of your situation, I would have mixed opinions about these cards. They could be viewed simply as follows: Ace of Pentacles, the need to invest your time, money or commitment to health issues. It is something that has to be worked on and you have been putting it on the long finger for too long. Time to begin a new approach to feeling and being healthy. Effort is required of you now but the rewards will be worth it. It is the only way forward. The Eight of Wands, would tie in the Ace by asking you to get up and moving. Get active and exercise. You may feel too busy to simply enjoy yourself but taking time out to have fun creates more energy. You need to kick start a flow of energy. The Three of Cups to me would suggest more down time. Being more sociable but here is the crunch, being sociable in a healthy manner. If you only see your friends when it is down the pub time then a change is needed. Also team related activities may keep you motivated. If you feel down or depressed, don’t keep it to yourself. You have friends who care. Another way of looking at this is The Ace reflecting the need to look for a new job or career. Are your health issues coming from your work? Eight of Wands, you need a break or maybe think of spreading your wings. Everything might seem dreary and dull. A change of location could work wonders. Could geopathic stress be causing your health problems? How healthy is your house or workplace? The Three of Cups again suggests the need for a bit of lightness in your life. All may be too serious. When did you last have a good night out or spend time dressing up to go somewhere?

      Hope this helps,


      Liked by 1 person

      • Goodness, Vivien! This was amazing! I really don’t have fun. I just work, come home and tend to my daughter and I never thought that contributed to my health; had some tests and blood work done–I’ll be happy when this is over. Again, Vivien, thank you!


      • Hi Nicoleh. Yes you are busy, busy all the time and that may seem as if you are active but it is a negative form of busyness and activity. The 8 of Wands and 3 of Cups suggest a totally different level of activity. One that will release the much needed energy that I can sense has been drained out of you. Believe me, it can be hard to find time for what you may at this stage consider frivolity as you have become conditioned to just doing for others, working and bringing in the much needed money. You have forgotten your own needs and your body will let you know. Let me know how you get on with the bloods and tests etc. You may be burned out and those Cards could also point to that. Did you shuffle and reverse any as you went, or did you keep upright? There may be no time for relaxation in your life. email me at and let me know what you symptoms are along with the type of work you do and how many days a week you do it. Also the age of your daughter and your own age.

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  2. I asked the cards how much my fiancee/future wife loves me.
    It was just a 3 card reading, and I got

    8 of Wands (Reversed)
    Queen of Wands (Upright)
    9 of Wands (Upright)

    That’s a lot of wands lol, but the 8 of Wands Reversed is scary, as that can mean stopping. The Queen of Wands was there though, and Upright, so I’m assuming that’s her. The last was 9 of Wands and I don’t really know what that means besides persevering. Was this good or bad? Haha ^^’


    • Hi Matt,

      I know this is rather late in response but better late than never. I think the Eight of Wands suggests a mini crisis or falling out between the two of you. A lovers tiff or argument. The Queen of Wands can possess a fiery temperament and sparks could fly at times but she does not take it seriously. It is just her personality asserting itself. The Nine of Wands I feel suggests the end of the crisis approaching. It has gone on for some time and really everyone has tried to hold their territory and not back down. This card highlights the need to find a resolution so that life can get back to normal. Someone has to apologise or offer forgiveness. With the Nine of Wands we could be looking at repetitive cycles of behaviour and suggests that this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last. This situation can keep the spice in a relationship or wear it down. Think about which one it might be.



  3. I struggle with interpreting eight of wands as a crossing card in a Celtic cross spread. I just did one for near future as I’m in a tough spot. Heart of the matter is King of Wands and 8 of wands was the crossing card. To me reversed 8 of Wands is setbacks, delays, and obstacles. Irritation, frustration. But this is a crossing card not reversed. So, how would you read it? Differently or the same? The near past was Justice (having to make a major decision), near future 6 of wands (which I always end up seeing as a victory and positive), the best you can hope for was 4 of Pentacles. Self 6 of Swords, Card 8 (environment) Knight of Swords (someone near me wanting to get into an argument or fight. I’m pretty sure I know who that is.). But then both cards 9 and 10 scared me. Card 9 (hopes and fears) is Death. Card 10, the outcome, is Tower. Since my question dealt with my home situation, Tower and Death scare me. I interpret this spread that if I do nothing and cling to my current situation (4 of Pentacles) then it’ll result in Tower (massive collapse of something), but if I Self (6 of Swords) – go away from what is going on, leave the current situation, then what? Can you please help shed some light on this? Thank you so much.


    • Hi India,

      I have attempted to do a brief reading for you based on the cards you have supplied. Without proper background information it is difficult to understand the nature of your intent. Your question is about your Home Situation but not which aspect of it. I typically rely on the question, background info and two-way communication to suitably zoom in on the area of intent. Then the cards relate back to the issue instead of spreading wide and far. This is just one interpretation as I could have applied several so do not take any of it as being definitive of your situation. It is just one story of many possibilities. Again, the reading will only be as good as the quality of information provided. This is a common issue when doing readings for people.

      Justice in past with 6 of Wands in future suggests that the major decision you made in the past will begin to feel right to you in the future, even if you are concerned about it now. Then again, Justice may also be telling you of the decision you should have made. I wonder if the major decision involved the King of Wands? If so, I feel he was asking something quite big of you. Did he want you to go away with him, to travel, to change your life considerably? Did what he suggest seem too radical for you? He is in his upright aspect so he may also have been advising you of action you could take that would be of benefit to you. Perhaps it is work related, that there are better prospects for you elsewhere. Perhaps he is a boss, or offering you a position. He is a male in a position of authority. His advice or suggestions may leave you feeling uneasy. He is very enthusiastic about it, and may see it as a no-brainer. He looks to Justice and determines that under the circumstances this is the best thing for you. He looks to the Six of Wands to showcase how great things will work out if you will take up his advice or offer. However, the Eight of Wands crosses the King, so I feel that for you to get to the lovely success of The Six of Wands, you may need to travel, make a move, make changes. The King of Wands sees this as positive and exciting for you. That you should be jumping up and down feeling you can’t wait to get going. Indeed, it is a positive thing but change is not easy. This is why it is appearing as Upright in a the Crossing Position. What others see as great news and opportunities, you are viewing as problematic or too extreme. Can you leave everything behind and head off to the new future that beckons?

      What is the best you can hope for in your current situation? The Four of Pentacles. Clinging on to what you have, trying to keep change at bay, struggling to stay afloat. In the Six of Swords you seem to hope for some form of improvement, hope your current situation will get better bit by bit. You fear the radical change of the Eight of Wands, would feel less threatened by the slow progress of the Six of Swords. You may believe you will continue to manage your current 4 of pentacles situation, but what if the boat in the six of swords is already taking in water? How much further will you be able to travel in it. How much longer can you sustain your situation?

      With the Four of Pentacles I feel money issues might dominate your world. You struggle but are not really getting anywhere. YOu have a choice. Stay with what you have, or change everything. In the Four of Pentacles we see stagnant energy. It is as if your life is blocked from evolving, from progressing because you hold onto it so tightly. No new energy can come in. There is no energy exchange, so it has all become bogged down. The Eight of Wands offers release, freedom from your current and ongoing Four of Pentacles existence. It is a breath of fresh air and a whole new load of energy release. But it crosses you. It is a blessing, but one that does not sit comfortably with you right now. You would need to change your whole perspective on life for it to better align with you.

      The Knight of Swords in your Environment may not be looking for a fight, but rather suggesting you take swift action. Get moving and do not let a worthwhile opportunity pass you by. The Knight of Swords is quick on the uptake, so he would have up and gone long ago. He won’t hang around letting the grass grow under his feet. He may be asking the same of you. Perhaps you only have a small window of opportunity to take advantage. He suggests a lot of mental activity going on and the need to face your fears and do it anyway. Don’t think about it forever, holding on in the Four of Pentacles, waiting for things to change of their own accord. The Knight is more forceful. He initiates his own change, launches it into action. He suggests fast moving energy, just like the Eight of Wands does. Think of the Eight as the last train or plane out of your situation. It is departing soon and you must make up your mind if you want to be on it or not. There may not be another for some time, if at all. The Knight has already made up his mind and is galloping off to catch the plane onto the next stage of his life. What is it you want?

      Death in Hopes and Fears suggests you are seeking the very change you worry about, but are fearful of what that entails. You have come to the end of the line in some area of your life or relationship. If you resist the necessary change as in holding on in the four of Pentacles, then sometimes the universe steps in and does it for you. This can result in the Tower entering the scene. You hold on as in the four of pentacles only to have it ripped away from you regardless. Sometimes things happen that force us to move on. They are often perceived to be disastrous when they happen only to become a blessing in disguise when viewed in hindsight.

      You say your question dealt with your home situation and without information I cannot determine if that is to do with the house itself, worry about having enough money to pay your bills and make repayments or is it the environment in your home situation, such as your relationship with those who share it with you. Then again, it may pertain to finding work in your home environment. Jobs may be hard to come across. With Death and The Tower I feel change is coming anyway no matter how hard you try to hold onto your set up in the four of pentacles. This may leave you in a state of the six of swords as you have to slowly navigate your way out of it. You may look back at the eight of wands wistfully and wish you had taken the chance while you had it.

      So India, the above story is what came to me as I quickly read through your message. You have not provided much information or background so my reading may be very vague. Without information I aim for a catch all, one size fits all reading. This results in some information being relevant while the rest is not. Unfortunately I no longer offer readings online as I prefer to have the person sit with me so we can chat and discuss the reading as we go. Otherwise the reading can be far too broad and not focused.

      I hope you get something out of it.



  4. Vivien, I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful and in-depth comment. It helped me immensely with understanding the spread and especially with understanding the 8 of wands as a crossing card. I didn’t put more specifics in my question because I didn’t want to ask you for a free reading. Do you do skype readings?
    In terms of my specific question, I was asking for what will the near future bring to my home situation/marriage. We’ve agreed to divorce and my husband, who has anger rages, recently over pretty much nothing, all of a sudden got very aggressive with hurdling furniture across the room and breaking things. I did the reading that evening because I was pretty shaken up. He doesn’t hurt me physically but will toss things around and gets insanely upset verbally. I’ve been dragging my feet in the filing, afraid of what change will bring. Your interpretation is very on point – I’ve to make a move now or the universe will force me into it. Death scared me as in terms of my safety. But I think it’s more of what you said that I’ve come to the end of my line. You’re right – I am. This cannot go on as it’s only getting worse rather than better. Again, thank you so much for your insightful response. I very much appreciate it.


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