Personal Year Number

Personal Year Number


Please note that the information below is not essential for Tarot Card reading but can add a bit of novelty and spice to a reading.

Becoming aware of our Personal Year Number empowers us to use the energies or influence of that particular year to our benefit. It also helps us to accept and understand that when our Personal Year presents us with challenges and struggles, it is only a phase we are going through. Life is energy and energy is in constant flux. If we try to stay still and resist change life will eventually move us on whether we want to or not. The Death Card in the Major Arcana brings this truth home to us in vivid detail. The Wheel of Fortune also in the Major Arcana is in constant rotation and when we are experiencing abundance and good times and luck that this time too will pass as our time on the top of the wheel again starts to rotate downwards and those on the downward rotation begin their climb to the top.

To calculate the Personal Year Number you may find the Universal Year Number first as opposed to calculating it as a whole e.g As we are in 2012 it is added as follows: 2+0+1+2= 5  Therefore 5 is the Universal Year Number for 2012. This can then be added to the birth day and month.

Personal Year Number is calculated as follow using the Universal Year Number method:

My Birthday is 29th of April.  So we are looking at my day and month of birth plus the Universal Number for 2012 to see what forces are driving me this year.  Remember that the Universal number for 2012 is 5.  Therefore my Personal Year number is calculated as follows:

2+9 (Day)+4 (Month) +5 (Universal Year Number)  = 20  – 2+0=2

Therefore I am currently in my Year 2.  The implications of Year 2 are:

Two Year     Peace, harmony, balance, communication. This is a year in which you want to develop personal relationships, while many people marry or make commitments. This is a year of decision making.  Although a year of harmony the two influence can also bring opposition, extremes and painful decisions.

Once you know your Personal Year Number you do not have to go through all the calculations again next year as the years go in chronological order.  So if I am in Year 2 now in 2012, it means that from January 2013 I will be in Year 3, Year 4 in 2014. 

Your Personal Year starts from January but comes into full force on your personal month as in the month you were born. Its energies vary at certain times of the year.

Your Personal Month Number is the month of your birth added to your Personal Year Number and reduced or not if a Master Number.

 4 (Month April)+2 (Personal Year Number) =  Personal Month of 6

 My Personal Year Number at present is 2 which suggest that this is a year for balance, harmony and commitment but, the 6h month (June) may be of importance to me as it brings harmony and peace and security into my life.  This reinforces the energy of the 2 so June maybe a month for me to really relax.   

Your Personal Day is calculated by adding your Personal Month Number to the current calendar day. Today is the  6th of March.

6 (6th+ 6 (Personal Month) = 12 – 1+2 = 3

So with 3 being my Personal Day today, it is a day for working towards my goals and being very productive.  I should have the energy to get a lot done today.

Generally speaking , the Month, and to a lesser extent, the Day that has the same personal vibrations as the Personal Year Number, will be the most important and should be watched closely for either the positive or negative influences it may bring.

Use the descriptions given for the individual Personal Year Number to do a numerology reading. The meanings for the Personal Month and Personal Day should be lessened in strength in comparison to the Personal Year Number. 

Therefore with my Personal Year Number being 2, the second day of each month or the Month of February (2) may be significant for me.  Obviously the 2nd of February this year would be significant as in the 2nd  day of the 2nd month of my Year 2.  


The information below is mainly taken from a book on Numerology by Hazel Whitaker called


A Mystical Magical Guide


I have taken the liberty of adding my own comments along the way.  Numerology is a separate specialised area of study which as students of the Tarot you may decide to explore further.

Master Numbers 11 and 22

Most numerologists attach a great deal of importance to the Power of 11 and 22, preferring not to reduce them to Number 2 or 4. 11 and 22 often belong to people whose destiny is important and unusual. They have strong psychic ability and appear to be highly evolved spiritually.  It is your choice as to whether to recognise them as individual numbers or to reduce them.  


One Year

In this beginning of a new 9 year cycle Fate gives you a clean sheet of paper and says write your own script. You are in control of the events in your life and should make the most of new beginnings and fresh adventures.

Two Year

Peace, harmony, balance, communication. This is a year in which you want to develop personal relationships, while many people marry or make commitments. This is a year of decision making.  Although a year of harmony the two influence can also bring opposition, extremes and painful decisions.

Three Year

Your creative skills should be used to their full potential in this year. It is a fruitful fertile year and lucky because of Jupiter’s influence. A good year to start a family. It is a year of growth, creativity and personal development .

Four Year

Concentrate on building up your resources and person and family securities. Also favourable for focusing on study and working hard towards a goal. It is a year for settling in and consolidating your situation. A year for being practical and finding stability.

Five Year

Expect the unexpected. Travel, change, challenge, new experiences, conflict, loss. It’s a year of adventure, but flow with the tide, because a Five Year is like a kaleidoscope, forever changing patterns. You need to be energized, alert and ready for the challenges this year will bring.

Six Year

Fate demands you take care of the family in a Six Year. Family matters should be settled, the beauty of family life is appreciated. This is a year of romance. After the hectic and often unsettling Five Year, the Six Year brings rest, peace, harmony and a sense of lack of urgency.

Seven Year

During this year of introspection you should take the opportunity of examining your inner being and bringing to fruition intellectual pursuits.  This is a year of challenges but also of luck and magic.

Eight Year

This year attracts conditions which bring financial benefits or losses. It’s a time when you feel strongly about your finances, at one time saving every cent then going on a spending spree. People in an Eight Year often seem moody and changeable. It is a year when life seems to speed up and you feel energised. A year for what goes around comes around.

Nine Year

This is your emotional spring cleaning year. Take all your emotional experiences out into the open, bringing back only those things of proven value. Add only positive emotional experiences. Any emotional excess baggage you might have been carrying during the previous eight years must be dealt with and abandoned in preparation for the new beginning of a one Year. You are coming to the end of a chapter in your life. Doors are closing, some by your own hand and others by those around you. Time to move on and find a new lease of life in Year One. Another chance to live your dream and be who you really want to be. As we get older, we become more aware of the Nine Year approaching. We usually are more in control of our lives and willingly and voluntarily surrender to this time as we actively seek and choose change and closure. It is only when experiencing our first couple of Year Nines that we are often in conflict with the energies and influences it brings. This is due to immaturity.

Eleven Year      

An inner year it is not a good time to start material things or seek self-advancement. A time to listen to the voice within and from afar. If those celestial voices are heeded, this year can mark the raising of consciousness.

Twenty-Two Year

This year belongs not to you, but to humanity. It is the year to harness your energies in the interest of others and build to bring them to fruition.


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