Destiny Number

Numerology – Destiny

Destiny Number

Your Destiny Number represents the karmic lessons you will experience during your lifetime. The Destiny Number is the most important number in your numerology chart. When you came into the world the energies represented by this number were activated. Herein lie the forces that determine the potential of your destiny.

Write down the date of your birthday including the year you were born. For example, I was born on the 29th of April 1962.

2+9+4+1+9+6+2= 3+3=6

So my Destiny Number is 6

The effects of my 6 Destiny maybe intensified or weakened by the proportion of other numbers in my numerology chart. However, my zodiac number is also 6, which strengthens the meaning associated with this number.

Destiny Number Profiling Below is taken from a book by Hazel Whitaker called:


A Mystical Magical Guide

Book available from Amazon – Click on Link above for Info.

Destiny Number 1

Signifies originality, independence and leadership. Number ones tend to stand out in the crowd. They want to take over, organize and offer inventive ideas.  They want or demand to be in charge. Often unapproachable, other people lean on them for guidance, depending on the One personality to come up with solutions to their problems. The number One destiny attracts expectations of high achievement, success and the fear of failure.  They have a competitive spirit and a determined, decisive mind.  They often consider themselves to be superior beings and as a result can find themselves aloof and alone even though they enjoy centre stage and oodles of applause. Not happy with second best, at their best they shine like their ruling planet, the Sun.  However, the Sun can get in your eyes. When they become so full of themselves they begin to believe they can do no wrong and can end up as tyrants, intolerant and judgemental.

Ruling Planet –  The Sun

Colours –  Yellow, Orange, Gold

Gemstones – Topaz, Amber

Health Problems – Blood pressure, heart disease and eye problems

Destiny Number 2

Twos are timid and this comes from the Moon’s influence on its duality. They prefer to follow and please. Versatile, sociable, approachable they love conversation and can hear both sides of a story. Karmic lessons of the Two often create frustration, as they are afraid of choice. Many Twos follow Two career paths. They lack a sense of direction and find it hard to focus.  They are gentle souls with intuitive and emotional natures.  The Moon’s influence makes Twos insecure. Mood swings and emotional fragility can cause despair and self-pity. Twos are romantic and sentimental.  They are the peacemakers of the planet. They do well in the hospitality industry and are good negotiators. They also make excellent teachers. Two people make good friends, have a good sense of humour and are good entertainers. Two children are prone to peer pressure as they aim to please and like to be popular. Often if there is an abundance of twos in a person’s numerology chart this personality may have some degree of confusion about their sexuality.

Ruling Planet – The Moon

Colours –  Green, Cream

Gemstones – Pearl, Jade, Moonstone

Health Problems – Digestive and stomach problems. Depression

Destiny Number 3

Threes are multi-talented. Creative and imaginative they have artistic talent, are versatile and good-natured. Their Karmic Lesson is to teach them that hedonistic behaviour can be the result of too much luck and too much talent. They favour the good life and are blessed with luck. They are rarely upstaged because not only are they gifted, they are also fiercely competitive. The entertainment industry is overflowing with egotistical number threes. Generally happy people they do not harbour grudges for long. Even as children they shine and are witty and amusing. Charming and unpredictable they make exciting lovers but are capable of trading in and trading up when a partner becomes too possessive or boring. Other careers include musicians, journalists and advertising executives.

Threes will try to utilise all their skills but can be found to have too many irons in the fire at any one time which can make them a Jack of all trades and Master of none. They are highly sensitive and can acquire excessive and addictive behaviour patterns. They can be overgenerous and wasteful.

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Colour – Purple, Lilac, Mauve

Gemstone – Amethyst

Health Problems – Skin problems and stress related illnesses.

Destiny Number Four   

Practicality, stability, dependability, and good organisation.  They are the planets cornerstones of society. They can limit themselves in their efforts to secure a safe environment. Hardworking and faithful they have a steadying influence on everyone. They rarely reap the credit they deserve. Born worriers, even in childhood, they take life very seriously and suffer headaches and nervous tension early in life. They lack confidence and their greatest need is to be needed. They are always looking for approval but don’t often get it. Conscientious as adults, they make dependable good friends, spouses and parents, but can be overprotective and sometimes possessive, causing their children to leave the nest early. Muscle spasms and neck and head problems tend to plague them in later years. They have a tendency to be too serious, dull, and gloomy or worry too excessively. They can be blunt and outspoken.

Ruling Planet – Uranus

Colours –  Blue, Gray

Gemstone – Sapphire

Health Problems – Headaches, excessive worrying, neck ache and ulcers

Destiny Number 5

Extrovert, energetic, resourceful, productive and adventurous, they are impatient and hungry for the taste of life. Fives will try anything at least once and will usually go back for a second serving even when the adventure is dangerous. Expect the unexpected, go with the flow and look before you leap.  Very sociable people and they love to talk. Fives can be highly strung and are mental and physical contortionists. They are unpredictable characters with an insatiable appetite for life. Under stress they can become sarcastic and critical, are far too impulsive for their own good and often regret their hasty behaviour. They are exciting to be around and have more casual than lifelong friends. The media attracts the five destinies. They find boredom intolerable. They have a tendency to be frivolous, argumentative and changeable. Their moody traits can cause Five people strife. Number Five children should be kept occupied to prevent them becoming hyperactive. Adult Fives can be found amongst the sexually overactive community as they are prone to becoming bored in the bedroom all too easily.

Ruling planet – Mercury

Colours – Gray, White

Gemstone – Diamond

Health Problems – Accident-prone. Can get hurt swinging from the chandeliers or driving too fast. Insomnia. Mental disorders

Destiny Number 6

They are romantic, peace loving, homely, family oriented, compassionate and considerate creatures who live to love. They are credited with the title “The Beautiful People” because they are addicted to beautiful things and are born romantics. The homes of six people are often filled with arts and crafts of their own creation. They love to potter around making pottery, jewellery, painting or writing. Their imagination and creativity gives them a flair for interior design. Musicians, poets, artists, interior designers they also make excellent marriage guidance counsellors. The spouse and children of a six parent are well blessed, because it is within the family environment that sixes excel. They can however become overly protective of their loved ones. They can become perfectionists, which can be difficult when living on an imperfect planet.  Sixes resent constructive criticism. They should guard against vanity.

Ruling Planet – Venus

Colour – Blue

Gemstone – Emerald

Health Problems – Poor circulation and heart disease. The throat and kidney areas are also weak spots.

Destiny Number 7

Intellectual, philosophical, imaginative, solitary, imaginative and psychically gifted. They are attracted to the ocean’s vibration and its green/blue colours as they like to live near the water.  They are very private but not necessarily unapproachable. They are attracted to all things mystical and mythical.  An intense personality, they constantly search for the meaning of life and the hereafter. Intensely sensitive to vibration, they must have a tranquil environment in which to live and work. They are in tune with nature. They are very psychic beings and the solitude they seek intensifies this ability. They love to explore religious and spiritual beliefs of foreign cultures. They are often found in scientific research, libraries and bookshops. They make excellent writers and musical composers. Negatively they are impractical, secretive, unapproachable, moody, lazy and unrealistic. They live in a world of their own and must be careful not to cut themselves off from society. Seven children should be encouraged to share their gifts with the rest of the world.

Ruling Planet – Neptune

Colour – Green

Gemstone – Moonstone

Health problems – Nervous Disorders and depression. Problems with their “water works” and kidneys.

Destiny Number 8

Number eights have an appreciation of the material things on the planet. They have ambition, drive and tenacity. They admire those who are strong willed and strong minded.  They are outspoken and opinionated, but very loyal. They have feast or famine destinies and all or nothing attitudes. They were born “old souls” which make them appear to know it all even in childhood. “When they are good, they are very, very good, but when they are bad they are horrid” fits eight people. Born organisers, they rarely try anything unless they are sure they will be good at it.  Corporate business, the law, merchant banking and accountancy suit their tastes. Their inner strength is tested constantly and it is difficult for them to understand their karmic lessons because they are not tangible. They have a tendency towards arrogance, obstinacy, extremism and ruthlessness. They also suffer from depression.

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Colour – Black, Purple

Gemstones  – Ruby, Amethyst

Health Problems – Skin problems, troubles with their teeth and rheumatic complaints.

Destiny Number 9

Cats have nine lives and humans live in cycles of nine years. Nine destinies are humanitarian creatures who wish to save the world. They are very old souls and therefore psychic.  They literally see red when injustice is done. They are sensual people, easily attracting the opposite sex with whom they love to flirt, being naturally hot-blooded. Their Karmic Lessons involve the global wellbeing of humanity. Missionaries and visionaries, they flock to underdeveloped countries fighting for the spiritual and physical growth of humankind. They can sometimes be martyrs to the cause. They pursue their goals with grit and guts. They are intrigued by the paranormal because they have great insight and innate psychic powers. They crave affection and are passionate lovers. They are super-sensitive, are easily offended and do not forgive too easily. They are attracted to the medical field, welfare, religious orders, veterinary science, animal welfare, parks and wildlife, environmental organizations and the visual arts. Circus people often have multiple nines in their charts. They have a tendency towards possessiveness, neurosis and volatility. God help the person they are fatally attracted to as they won’t let them out of their sight for long. Promiscuity can be a problem for them.

Ruling Planet – Mars

Colour  – Red

Gemstone  – Bloodstone

Health Problems – Problems around the genitals and kidney disease

Destiny Numbers 11 and 22

Those with the destiny of 11 and 22 are very important and unusual. They have strong psychic ability and appear highly evolved spiritually. They will bring lasting powerful influences to the planet.

Zodiac Number

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has an important number attached to it. The planetary influences as represented by the Zodiac Number have a strong influence on your personality traits. Sometimes these are compatible with your Destiny Number and sometimes they are incompatible. This can make the difference between a smooth passage through life or a rough one. You may wish to take this number into account when you are searching for lucky lottery numbers, or if you want to assess its compatibility with a present or prospective house number you wish to purchase. This number’s planetary influence shares equal value with your Destiny number in these matters. Remember that an abundance of the same numbers may lead to an excess of the energies associated with it.

Zodiac Number Graph

Aries – Mars– 9   Taurus –Venus – 6    Gemini – Mercury – 5   Cancer – Moon – 2

Leo – Sun –1     Virgo – Mercury – 5   Libra – Venus – 6   Scorpio-Mars-9

Sagittarius-Jupiter-3   Capricorn-Saturn-8    Aquarius-Uranus-4    Pisces-Neptune-7

Your Birthpath Number

Your Birthpath Number represents some of your personality traits but is not anywhere as important as the Destiny Number. Your Birthpath Number is calculated by adding and then reducing the number of the day you were born. Eg

2+9= 11 (1+1=2) So my Birthpath number is two but because 11 is a master number I can choose between both.

Lucky Year Number

As everyone knows, some years are lucky and happier than others. It is considered to be a lucky year in numerology when the value of positive and compatible numbers is evident. So, which are your personal lucky years?

In numerology, the world turns in nine-year cycles, and when your Destiny Number is the same as the Universal Year Number, this is considered to be one of your luckiest years. This blessing, however, occurs only once every nine years, but of course there is more than one lucky year in the cycle. Another fortunate year is when your Personal Year Number coincides with your Birthpath Number. Yet another pleasant year is forecast when the Personal Year Number and your Zodiac Number are the same.

On the other hand, when your Destiny Number, Birthpath Number, Zodiac Number and Personal Year Number are all the same, then you are in a year of extremes and it becomes truly a “feast or famine” period.

Numerology  Personal Year Number

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  1. I was pleased to find out that I have both the master numbers! My destiny number is 11 (2+2+1+1+9+8+6) and I was born on the 22d.
    I have always thought that being born on the 11th or 22d was pretty special, and so 33 would be if there were 33 days in a month) yet I never knew until now that these numbers were actually CONSIDERED master ones in numerology! Pretty cool. Well, at least this info let me know that there’s some potential in me as for developing psychic abilities.
    How can I figure out “my” arcane? Would it be the XI arcane? Which is either The Force or Justice , there is still no consent on this issue.
    Now I know where my dual nature comes from 🙂
    Thanx Vivien


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