The Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands


Physical Beginnings, Potential, Growth, Action, Initiative, Creative, Inspirational, Drive, Ambition, Adventure, Excitement, Fired up and Ready to Go, Thumbs-Up, Green Light, Confident, Travel, Movement, One, Single, Original, Optimism, Fertility, Conception, New Lease of Life, News,



The Ace of Wands heralds the birth of creative action, energy and movement. When this card appears for you it is a sign that you have been looking for change for some time now and at long last it is here.  Nothing is going to get in the way of this change.  It is the “Thumbs Up‟ card for getting stuck into a new project or moving forth with plans or ideas. It gives you the  ‘Green Light’, the ‘Go Ahead’ sign for whatever it is that you are doing or want to do.  Great energy and enthusiasm is suggested.  With this cards comes a stong sense of self-belief, self-esteem and dazzling confidence.

The Ace of Wands does not sit around thinking about what to do or considering how it feels about doing something.  On the contrary, this Ace is a card for doing.  This doing could be connected to anything; a new job, setting up your own business, a new relationship, moving house or travelling.  You may be embarking on getting fit and losing weight by adopting a new lifestyle of exercise, diet and activity. Whatever this Ace represents for you, you are guaranteed definite action combined with a determination to succeed.  Great optimism arrives with this card.  You now have a magic wand in your hand and have the power to conjure up whatever you will.  You are being given a new lease of life and your energy levels will soar under the influence of this lovely Ace.

The Ace of Wands can possibly signal the start of a new cycle in life which brings much excitement, enthusiasm and need for you to be busy, busy.  You may receive a letter bearing good news in connection to your situation which will need to be responded to quite rapidly.  The Ace of Wands suggests that you have a firm grasp of your situation and know what you are about.  It tells you to confidently grab hold of the situation,  and get stuck in.  The time is right to get up and get moving! You are ready and eager to take on any challenge that comes your way.

The hand that grasps the Wand reminds us of a relay race where a baton is passed from one runner to the next.  Each runner does his stint and then passes it on to the next runner who has then to do his bit.  This symbolically tells us that the baton (POWER) is now in your hand and it is not a time to sit around thinking of what you should do with it.  Immediate action and movement is expected of you now if you are ever to win the race.

The Ace of Wands is one of several cards, which indicate travel.

In a relationship reading, The Ace of Wands would suggest the physical start of a new relationship or someone met while travelling or connected to travel.  It may also suggest that a relationship you have hankered after for some time is now firmly in your grasp.  It also can suggest a new stage in an existing relationship such as deeper commitment or deciding to start a family.  This card brings great enthusiasm, fun, laughter and much activity to a relationship.  It suggests a trouble-free time for couples with much positive activity in and around the relationship.  Things are certainly happening and this may suggest a couple moving forward with plans by actively pursuing them.

The Ace of Wands is a phallic symbol and so suggests fertility.  Conception may be a strong possibility when this Ace appears but one would need to look to surrounding cards for confirmation.  Other pregnancy cards may include the Ace of Cups, three of Cups, the Nine of Pentacles, The High Priestess, The Magician, The Empress, Any of The Pages.   It is not necessary to have every one of these cards present at the same time and there are even more cards that can suggest pregnancy. It really depends on the reading, the spread and your own intuition.

In a career reading, The Ace of Wands would indicate a new job or type of career or even a new position within an existing careerThe Wand extended by the hand in this card may be the offer of an exciting new job or work-related opportunity.  If you are happy and content within your career, this Ace suggests that you are getting stuck in and motivated in the workplace.  When this Ace appears great enthusiasm and activity surrounds the work environment at present.  You may be working on a new project that has brought a new lease of life to your job and those you work with.  Your creative juices are certainly flowing right now and anything is possible.

The Ace of Wands is the card for Entrepeneurs, Visionaries and Mavericks – those who see beyond the horizon, those who think outside the box and have the courage and self-belief to seize any golden opportunity that comes their way.  If you are planning on starting a new business The Ace of Wands gives you the thumbs up, the get out there and get going signal.  You have the necessary drive and ambition at the moment to make it a huge success.  Therefore, it can suggest the physical start of a new business.  Because this Ace is a travel card then it may suggest a career overseas or much travel related to your working life.

Depending on where in spread the Ace of Wands appears, it may suggest that you have potential for greater things yet you fail to develop it.  This may be as a result of fear of failure or put downs.  The Ace asks you to believe in yourself and allow others to see what you can do.  Should you decide to be bold and make a move you may be surprised at how much of an inspiration you will be to those around you.




Blocks, Delays, Set-Backs, Lack of Growth, Thumbs Down, Red Light, Pessimism, Impotency, Illegitimacy, Lack of Energy, Lack of Enthusiasm, Unfinished Business, Drop, Disappointing News, Frustration, Impatience,

When reversed The Ace of Wands can still indicate a good energetic and enthusiastic start to a project but progress may be slower or delays and setbacks experienced.  However, this reversed Ace can also signal a ‘Thumbs Down’ to a project as the hand holding the wand now reverses.  A proposal or job application may have been declined or turned down.

Oops, you dropped the baton, you will have to do a lot of work to catch up with the other competitors now.  You may not have enough energy or enthusiasm to get a project off the ground or maybe the opportunity has passed.  You may be eager to get going with your plans when you are not yet ready.  Some things may need to be sorted, loose ends tied up or unfinished business attended to before anything new can start.  You might very well have too many projects going on at the one time leaving you with precious little time to give them the attention they need.   Have you taken on too much by any chance?  You are bound to feel frustrated and impatient with all the delays and set-backs when all you want to do is get going.  You may feel that there is too much red tape surrounding everything you do and that others are moving too slow for your liking.  Take a deep breath and relax.  There is nothing that can be done at this moment in time.  While you are only interested in looking at the big picture others have to deal with the tedium of the boring practicalities of every move you wish to make.  Let this happen and then when you are free to move you will be in a much stronger and safer position.  Attempting to force things now may lead to failure.  Arrogance and boorishness will get you nowhere.  Those who you are relying on to open doors and give you the go ahead may feel you are too hot to handle.

Travel plans could be delayed, rescheduled, collapse or cancelled.  The Reversed Ace of Wands may sometimes suggest the completion of travel.

When it comes to news The Reversed Ace of Wands may bring unwelcome news in relation to your situation or plans.

As this card is a phallic symbol, when reversed, impotency problems may be suggested which may cause problems within a relationship. There could be trouble with a birth or conception.  Again, you will need to look to surrounding cards for confirmation.   Traditionally this card also suggested illegitimacy.

In relationships, you might need to cut the ties with a previous relationship before proceeding with a new one.  The Reversed Ace of Wands can suggest a reluctance to get involved, commit or take a relationship to the next stage.  You may be guilty of deliberately letting relationships drop (the baton) before they get too serious (the finish line).

Career related, there may be disappointing news regarding a job interview or a plan may be rejected or turned down.  You may be experiencing delays and setbacks in moving on to a new job or position.  You may be fired up with enthusiasm for ideas and plans but your superiors don’t share your vision.  Work has become dull,  monotonous and boring.  There is an air of lethargy and disinterest in the workplace with staff doing the bare minimum.  No one seems to give a damn anymore.  It might be time to start looking for a new job or how about starting your own business?

The Reversed Ace of Wands can suggest that you have unfinished business in connection with your job or career. Resolve whatever it is that is holding you back before you can turn your attention to any new ambitions.  However, you may be lacking the motivation and energy to tackle the demands of a project or job.  It is time to give yourself a good shake up and find your mojo again.  Once you start showing enthusiasm, it will become infectious and the whole work environment will change for the better.

Let me introduce you for the first time to the results of too much Fire on the body when the Wands cards reverse.  There is a downside to all the activity, enthusiasm and high energy of the Wands and this is always highlighted in the reversed cards.  Of course surrounding cards will need to verify this but when a reversed Wand card appears in a reading then the question must be asked as to whether stress and exhaustion are causing problems.  The Fire in Wands once it has got out of control can either burn everything in its wake or burn out completely.  This Burn Out is usually as a result of taking on too much work or too many projects.  Taking some time out to rest and catch up on sleep is all that these exuberant Wands need in order to bounce back again.

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  1. If this card appeared in “fears” or “what you could be avoiding” would it be that you are fearful of starting something new or you may be resisting moving on?
    Great website, I’m learning loads


    • Hi Sue,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but one of those weeks where life keeps getting in the way of getting work done. However, you didn’t really need me for I would be thinking along the same lines as you. The Ace of Wands coming in for fears or what you could be avoiding I believe is exactly as you say, the fear of starting something new or resisting moving on. You may feel too old to start over or to begin something that might require a bit of effort. It depends what the question was about. It might be the fear of going back to college or starting a new course of study, or getting a trained in a new skill for work. You may fear or avoid starting a new relationship for with the Wands involved it would mean having to shake you up out of your tired old habitual self. Wands love change and all that is new or novel. They also love adventure and travel which sound like fun to many but for others it can be loaded with fear and some people will go to great lengths to avoid it. Wands love to be fit, active and exercise so it could be the avoidance to getting your act together where that is concerned. It may all seem like too much hard work. It is a conception and fertility card so there may be a fear or avoidance in getting pregnant or starting a family. There are umpteen ways of looking at it. Well done.




  2. Hello, I asked what my ex ” thinks ” of me. I got World, Heirophant and Ace of Wands. ( past, present and future spread). Might the Ace of Wands indicate a new spark or beginning for us? Any insight would be appreciated thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Susie,

      Aha, could this be a case of only realising what one lost after it has gone? The Ace of Wands may indicate a new spark or beginning. Could your ex be now thinking of a deeper commitment if you were to reunite? Had there been mention of marriage or formalising the union before you broke up? The Hierophant could suggest a traditional commitment but it could also imply not wanting to get tied down if viewed from the reversed aspect. The World and Ace of Wands are both strongly connected to freedom and travel. The Hierophant is quite the opposite. Was this an issue between you? Did your ex want their freedom or to spread their wings?



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