Seven (VII) of Wands

Seven (VII) of Wands

     7 of Wands Upright


Challenges, Opposition, Enemies, Rivalry, Competition, Gritty Determination, Tenacity, Stamina, Stand Your Ground, Holding Your Own, Fighting Your Corner, Territory, Maintaining Power/Control,  Refusing to Budge, Resistance, A Stayer, Staying at The Top, Resolve, Leader, Power, Control, Principles, Taking The Higher Ground, Holding Your Own, Territory, Strong Personality, Assertive, Being Certain/Convinced, Being Forceful, Firm, Relentless, Defensive/Aggressive, Under Attack, Fighting, Giving It All You’ve Got, Hands-Onm, Taking Advantage, Gossip, Put Downs, Blame, Harassment, Scapegoat, Saying No, Commitments, Obligations, Demands, Stiff Competition, Tough at The Top, A Hectic Schedule, Busy Lifestyle, Control, Caught Off Guard, Don’t Give Up, Hang On in There, Find a Way, Resisting Eviction,



The Seven of Wands is a Card of tenacity and standing your ground. There may be many who seek to take your position from you which can highlight strong rivalry or competition in your life.  Fighting off stiff competition will either strengthen your resolve or leave you weakened and exhausted. You may be fighting to hold onto possession of something you consider rightfully yours.  Others seek to take it from you or are hell-bent on destroying it.  You cannot stand by and let this happen. You must come out fighting and with a game plan otherwise you may lose everything you have worked so hard for. You may have to act assertive and defiantly.  Don’t yield to the pressure.  Oppose all challenges and prepare to defend your territory. You may have to fire a warning shot to show those around you that you mean business.

The Seven of Wands can highlight the need to be on your guard at all times and having to watch your back. You may feel alone in a situation and that you are surrounded by enemies and can trust no one. Everyone seems to be out to get you or is set against you.  Step back from this situation and have a good think about it.  You may be getting worked up over nothing or have let your imagination get the better of you. Generally, in the Upright Seven, what you are fighting for is of worth and is valid.  You can prepare to be seriously challenged when this Card appears but stand your ground and don’t give in.  Your views or opinions may be questioned or you may feel that your actions or feelings are being disputed.   You may have to defend your principles and beliefs or you may be taking the higher ground in a situation. This demands courage and stamina of you. Don’t give up without a good fight.

The Seven of Wands appearing for you acknowledges that you have a very busy and demanding life. No doubt it can get hectic at times and your commitment load seems to be increasing.  Even though you feel overwhelmed by this, you have the stamina to deal with it all as long as you know when to say enough is enough.  You have a wonderful positive personality and strong minded, if not bloody minded at times.  You also have a tendency to underestimate the amount of time it is going to take to complete a task. Before you take on anything else, try to clear up and sort out the ones you have already. When this Card appears it is highly likely that your In-Tray is laden down and your Pending Tray overlfowing too.  Time to do some sorting and filing. Clear your desk before you go any further otherwise you will lose track of what you are doing.

It’s tough at the top isn’t it, but that’s the price you pay for success these days.  The Seven of Wands can appear in your Reading after you have obtained a long sought after goal or achievement.  What you have striven for or fought for is now yours but it does not appear to be bringing you the happiness you had hoped for.  What it has brought you is a lot of extra work and a massive headache.  You may not have time to enjoy your success as it can be very demanding.  There may be a sense of anti-climax.  Of course once you have achieved success, it then must be held onto.  We can all show strength, fortitude and brilliance for a short period of time in order to attain a goal.  Just like the athlete who sprints across the finish line after launching from the starting blocks seconds earlier.  His stamina and tenacity keep him going long enough to cover the distance, but what if he had to keep on running and running and running? It certainly would be hard work and more than likely joyless.  You may have given birth to a massive baby, (your success/goal/achievement) but now it demands to be fed constantly.

This Card may be letting you know that you have bitten off more than you can chew.  Your commitments are demanding more and more from you.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t give your achievements back so therefore you must hold tight and hang on in there until things improve or until you at least get used to the situation.  With the Seven comes introspection and the need to review your plan, as a different approach may be necessary. It is important not to get into a panic with the sheer volume of work that is required but rather break it down into smaller more manageable tasks and then prioritise them.  If demands are too great then you may need to delegate for it is certain that you cannot do it all yourself. You may not be good at Time Management either and could probably benefit from attending a workshop in this area or keeping a Daily To Do List and sticking to it.

When the Seven of Wands appears you may ask yourself what you have done to deserve all this stress?  You may feel impatient and frustrated with tedium and detail.  Something is blocking or standing in the way of you making the progress you desire.  There is no way around this and it will not go away of its own accord.  Deal with it efficiently and effectively. Compromise and communication is essential but work from a basis of good sound morals and principles.  Maintain your integrity at all times and deal with the problems bit by bit.  Don’t be drawn into open warfare or react in an aggressive manner.  Before you know it you will have broken through and out to the other side.

The Seven of Wands signifies a time when you must stand up for yourself and not let others take advantage of you. You may feel that everyone wants something from you and that you are at everyone’s beck and call.  You may have been taking on too many commitments of late and as a result people are getting used to presuming that you will be available and agreeable all the time.  These people may be family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues who see you as obliging and helpful or possibly just take you for granted.  Catering for their needs may leave you with very little time for your own.  Be firm when necessary and learn how to say ‘No’.

If you have decided to take legal action against an organisation, company or the system, then the Seven of Wands can highlight the lone stance you are taking and the courage and determination it will take to face your opponents.  Providing you have just cause to take this action then you must remain firm and not let yourself be intimidated by the numbers or importance of the opposing side.

The Seven of Wands during these times of Recession can symbolise the demands of family and overheads.  It may feel like a constant battle catering to the needs of partner and children, not to mention keeping a roof over everyone’s head and bills paid.  And as typical as it gets, everything comes in at the one time and demands your full attention.  The message with The Seven of Wands at this time would be to hang on in there and don’t give up. This is only a temporary situation that will pass soon enough.  You may feel like throwing the towel in and are tired and fed up with all the pressure but you do have what it takes to endure this time.  The Seven of Wands can also symbolise the battle to hold onto your home during times of repossession.  You may decide to hunker down and resist all attempts by the authorities to evict you.

The Seven of Wands in a Reading can suggest that there is an ongoing battle with neither side prepared to back down. The original core of the argument or conflict may be long forgotten but heads are locked and lines are drawn. Others may see you as aggressive or constantly looking for a fight.  You may be seen as the sole cause of problems and conflict.  If you are in the wrong, be mature enough to admit it and step down from your high and mighty stance. You must decide whether the battle is worth fighting.  If you are considering entering a battle then you must ask who will be on your side? If you have no grounds, then you may have no supporters.  Are you prepared to do battle alone? If you have fired the first shot then be prepared for a counter attack.

In a Relationship Layout the Seven of Wands can indicate a time of great challenge within the relationship. One partner may have to defend their position and justify their actions to the other.  Your relationship may have changed. There may be the arrival of a new baby which is exciting but challenging at the same time as you try to be everything to everybody but don’t have any time for yourself.

If you are attracted to a certain person there may be much competition for their attention.  Do you feel that you are constantly warding off unwanted attention from love rivals?  Do you have to watch your back constantly for fear that someone will snatch your partner.  Constant vigilance and checking of text messages and emails may be a sign of paranoia and possessiveness. Rivalry and confrontation in the relationship may be evident.

When the Seven of Wands appears, it may also be a sign that your relationship is disapproved of by friends and family. You may be constantly defending your partner and your relationship and as a couple it can leave you feeling very isolated.  You may have lost your family and friends as a result of this relationship.  Then again, if you have recently left a relationship or marriage the Six Wands being brandished may be the in-laws having a go at you or bad mouthing you. It may also represent the determination of one partner to hold onto or stay in the home despite court rulings on rights of ownership. If you are going through the divorce courts then prepare for an almighty battle but you should come out on top.

In a Career Reading the Seven suggests that you must fight to stay at the top. This is a daily challenge and the position you fought for in the Five and won in the Six must now be retained as others quite possibly are after your job. You may be taking a stance in the work environment that is generally unpopular but you are prepared to stand your ground and stand up for your principles. You may be handling a lot of competition in your job such as sales or drawing up tenders.  Meetings, negotiations and conferences are suggested with much opposition and criticism from the majority. Here we see the debates in Parliament where Politicians tear strips off each other in the fight to gain or retain territory and popularity. This sort of work environment would kill most of us but remember we are dealing with the Wands here. No matter how stressful the situation, the Wands type would enjoy all the fire and risk that goes with the territory.

The Seven of Wands often highlights bright burning ambition. It suggests that you are going after what you want and are prepared to fight your way to the top. Your personality is strong and forthright and you are very confident in your approach.  Your convictions are strong too and you believe passionately in what you are doing. Make sure to pace yourself. You do not want to burn out before you reach the finish line.

You may also be working in an aggressive environment.  You could be taking the sole blame for a mistake or error. A finger always has to be pointed at someone and that someone may be you.  People may be using you as a scapegoat. Your work may be coming under fierce criticism and opposition. If you have exposed corruption in the workplace, others may feel that  you have betrayed them.  A counter attack may be launched.   Then again you might just be asserting your rights in the workplace.

If in Business, then you may not be too popular as a boss or is it possible that you find it hard to delegate? You may feel it necessary to do everything yourself or do not trust others to do it properly.  You may think that you are being hands-on but this may be intensely annoying your staff.  You may also be extremely passionate about your business and expect everyone to show the same enthusiasm and loyalty as you do.  However, you must remember that most of your staff look at their work as just a means to paying their bills.  You need to step back from your business and appraise it from a distance.  You can then make some positive changes that will benefit all. You may also be acting very rigid with your staff and rigorously oppose any challenge from them.  Your authority is absolute.

You may be feeling the pinch with Global Recession business wise.  Price cutting and fierce competition keeps you on your toes constantly.  If you are thinking of setting up a business, then be sure to do some proper market research as you may be setting up in an over-flooded market where only those top of their game can survive. Time to review your Business Plan or find a new approach.  You may be hungry to get started in business and have what it takes to succeed but you may need a new product or idea.

The Seven of Wands can also suggest a career in competitive sports and in this Card we see the champion being challenged time and time again.  For example, the boxer, tennis player, jockey or athlete who is being challenged for his title.  It can also highlight the downside of fame and the world of celebrities who must work hard 24/7 to keep their name and face in the public eye.

A career as a defense lawyer can also be suggested.


7 of Wands Rx


Overwhelmed, Overcome, Defeat, Too Much Competition, No Stamina/Staying Power, Overselling, Over-Estimating,  Admit Defeat, Giving In, Battle Fatigue, Mob Mentality, Stepping Down, Quitting, Set Backs, Blocks, Weakness, Timidity, Lack of Courage, Indecision, Doubt, Lack of Self-Belief/Confidence, Powerless, Sacrifice, Exhaustion, Stress, Burn-Out, Worn Down, Aggressive, Overbearing, Forceful, My Way, Paranoia, Resolution, Let Go, Giving Up, Giving In, Scandals, Embarrasment, Being Caught Out, Fall From Power/Grace/Respect, Delegation, Unpopular, Criticism, Troublesome, Gossip, Slandar, Ruin, Foul Play, Losing, Stength in Numbers, Resolution, Compromise, Sharing Territory/Space, Hand-Overs

When The Seven of Wands Reverses, the Six Wands now have the advantage.  They may have launched a dawn attack by approaching from behind rather than in their predictable manner.  Dirty tactics may have been used. The Man has been caught of guard and is ill-prepared to deal with the onslaught. Weakness and lack of staying power often accompany this Card.  The Strong Leadership skills he professed to have may only have been a front and he is losing power or it is being taken away from him.  He may lack the courage to face up to his enemies or flees before they can get to him. He is not so mighty after all as the mob storm his castle. He should have left or handed it back long ago before it got this far.  Stepping down and letting go is a hard thing to do but is the only way when you have lost control.

When this Card appears Reversed it can go two ways.  You can expect serious challenge, but don’t expect to win for the odds are against you or those who have been challenging you either back off or a resolution is found.   Sometimes people just get tired of the fight and this is where the tenacity of The Seven of Wands comes in.  Some have it and some don’t. Therefore, don’t enter battles unless you have good cause to and have the stamina to last the course.  If you are fighting a battle then it may not be worth it and you stand to lose more than you gain.  Get out now while you can.

If you are up against serious opposition, then your competitors more than likely have the upper hand and you will not be able to hold them off for much longer.  Your defense is too weak or you are approaching the situation the wrong way.  They are aware of your weakness and every chink in your armour. You may have felt your opponents getting progressively stronger as they worked on eroding your confidence and line of attack.  They may be using unfair tactics and prepared to do anything.  The battle could get very dangerous. It may now seem that they are coming at you from all quarters and that you are under constant attack. What have you got that they want or what have you done to receive such negative attention? If your convictions are strong and you feel in the right then you may need to get others to help you for you are not strong enough to do this on your own and are liable to fall at the feet of the enemy.

When The Seven of Wands Reverses, it brings with it a feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands and stresses around you.  You don’t have what it takes or think you don’t.  You may have to admit defeat and step down or back from the whole situation before it breaks you altogether.  You certainly have taken on too much and what seemed like a good idea at the time now weighs you down with dreary obligations and drudgery. You may show tendencies of paranoia and feel everyone is out to get you or watching you. Too many people and things demand your attention now and you need to weed out anything that is not necessary in order to lighten your load. You may feel that you are letting yourself or the side down or that your reputation will be damaged as a result but it is probably obvious to those around that you have bitten off more than you can chew.  People are definitely watching and they will have more respect for you if you just admit it.  You have probably had offers of help but pride and an inability to delegate have you stuck trying to do everything yourself.  Time to hand your Wand over to someone else and go have a good rest.  I am sure they will all manage without you for a while.

When the Seven of Wands Reverses, it can indicate that you are on the receiving end of slanderous and vicious comments. You may be struggling to maintain your good name and reputation.  For some reason or other you are not popular and you may feel shunned or harassed wherever you go.  If you have been acting high and mighty, showing airs and graces or looking down on those around you then this may be the cause of it.  You may have broken a promise or reneged on an agreement.  People are angry with you now and may want to get their revenge.  If you are behind all the trouble and conflict then prepare for counter attacks and return fire. What you sow, so shall you reap and the threefold law implies that what is returned to you is multiplied by three.

As a Leader or in position of Power you are not being very successful.  You are losing control and are indeed on shaky ground. You have to realise that you do not have absolute authority and if you want to keep everyone happy and on your side, you may have to sacrifice some of your principles.  Otherwise the situation may get worse. Why has this happened? Did you let the power go to your head?  You may have to step down and let others either take or share your territory. There is a strong sense of having to let go here or having to admit defeat. You may also have to admit that you were wrong. What you have been doing up to now is not working and all the fighting is getting you nowhere. At the end of the day, what has it all been about?  Time to review the situation. Step back and try to see where it all went wrong.

On the other hand you may become unyielding or aggressive as you force your ways on others. You are the boss, the Leader, the one in Power and by God, you will make those below you fall into line and do as you say.  You may be taking an aggressive stance with everyone and are quick to punish those who try to challenge or oppose you.

Here we have the massive fall from power, grace, popularity and fame of someone very important or possibly famous.  Unsavoury truths about you have been revealed or a scandal exposed.  You can lose everything overnight.  Your resignation may be demanded or Sponsorship withdrawn. You may even be sent into exile or to jail.  This can be the business man who is found guilty of fraud, the politician caught taking back-handers,  the sportsperson who has tested positive for drugs,  the celebrity snapped injecting heroin, the priest charged with child abuse.  Their reign of power, prestige and status stripped from them in one go.  They should have played by the rules and ascended to power just like everyone else did, through hard work, honesty and integrity.  Instead, these examples abused their power to get what they wanted at all costs. In their High and Mighty places they may have felt invincible and untouchable. Sooner or later they are all found out and the public demand they pay the price. The mob have stormed the palace

When the Seven of Wands Reversed appears in a Relationship Spread, it is a strong indication of paranoia.  The competition you believe is there is only in your head. Aggressive, stubborn and unyielding stands or behaviour become overbearing, causing problems within relationships. The pressure of a relationship could be getting on top of you and you may feel like you have lost your personality and identity.  If you have married into a strong family then your in laws may pull all the strings and dictate how you run your life.  They may try to influence you into their way of living and criticise everything you do.  They can be overpowering and overbearing. They may be a constant presence in your relationship or visit too much.  You will have to find the strength to stand up to them and your partner.

Then again you may feel worn out and isolated as family and friends disapprove of a relationship or lover.  If you have been fighting to save your relationship then this Seven Reversed, depending on surrounding Cards can suggest that it is time to give up and admit that it is over.  You are bound to be worn out at this stage and must now call it a day. If battling through the Divorce Courts then the Reversed Seven of Wands may signify defeat and that the other side have launched a better case. It might be time to strike a deal or agree a settlement now before you lose everything in Court.

Thankfully, the Seven of Wands Reversed appearing in a Relationship Reading can herald a new dawn for a couple who have been locked into battle and confrontation as the door to communication and compromise opens. A new approach is found that is agreeable to both sides.  Again, you will need to look to surrounding Cards for evidence of this.

The Seven of Wands reversed in a Work-Related or Business Reading does not augur well.  It can be a sign of not being able to handle the competition in your job or career. The job you fought tooth and nail for now leaves you worn out and exhausted as the responsibilities that go with the job threaten to break you. You may sell out your colleagues in order to gain favour with the boss and further your career. Boy will you be in trouble when they find out but then again, if you are that type of person, it won’t really bother you.

You may also have oversold yourself for a certain position, doctored your CV in your favour and persuaded your interviewers that your were the one for the job. Now you find yourself out of your depth and struggling to get through the day.  If you sold yourself as a Team Leader then you may be failing miserably as you find it impossible to control your group or encourage their cooperation. You just don’t have what it takes.

A group or click in work may be making your life difficult. They could be sabotaging your work and efforts, making you appear stupid or inefficient.  They may be talking behind your back and spreading nasty rumours.  This may all come down to jealousy and rivalry but it can also be a sign of bullying.  Bullies usually pick on the weakest ones and also tend to hunt in packs.  You may be at breaking point with distress and need to go and get help regardless of their threats.

In Business, your competitors are gaining ground and pushing you right out of the picture.  There is too much competition for the same piece of turf.  What you are doing is not working so you will have to come up with something else.  The presence of the Seven Wands in the Reverse can also suggest that your workers are rising up against you.  Strikes may be looming and you will need to act fast if you want to keep the peace.  You could end up back at the Five before you know it. You have to be honest with yourself and ask whether they have good cause for complaint? Being the Boss or the one in Power does not imply instant cooperation and respect from your staff.  There is more to being a Leader than just giving orders.  Have you not followed through on pay promises or improved conditions.  You may lose their loyalty, support and respect.  You may also lose some of your best staff to the competition.

Then again, you may be relinquishing full control of your business and offering shares to your staff or the opportunity to buy into the business.  Make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons and are prepared to share your territory.  You may also be opening the door to outside investors in an attempt to expand or save your business.

If you have been trying to run your business single-handedly, then the time has come to hire some staff or out-source work because you just don’t have the time to do it all yourself.  Your business will suffer if you continue in this manner as you cannot possibly give the proper attention to each area.

You may be suffering from physical and mental fatigue due to overwork and having your finger in too many pies.  Your health may be breaking down on you as your immune system cannot cope with so much stress and exhaustion.

In  Sports, foul play or very unevenly matched competitors can be highlighted.  Then again, there may be a newcomer on the block who has gained strength and is challenging the reigning veteran champion. Losing to the opposition or being unable to hold onto your title. Success is short-lived.

This Card Reversed suggests that you need to review the situation and make some decisions. What you are doing at the moment is not working so you need to change your way of handling things. If you are a Business owner you may be operating in an outdated mode and need to change your ways and attitudes. You could look to your successful competitors or possibly overseas to see how they do things there.  A new approach is necessary and the positive energy of the Wands will return. If you have been taking on too much it is now time to learn the art of delegation.

In general, The Chariot of the Major Arcana, Card Seven, has overturned or has got stuck in the mud.  Blocks to your progress may seem insurmountable. You may be full of doubt and indecision as to what to do next.  Then again, you may just drive over anything or anyone who gets in our way on your route to the top.  You may also have lost your way on the road and need to go back to the Upright Six of Wands to remember exactly what it was your were fighting so hard for.  You need to feel that rush of exhilaration and self-belief once more before you can drag that Chariot out of the mud and back onto the road again.  You must also ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price for success.  If not, then the time to get out of it is now.

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