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Vivien Ni Dhuinn Tarot Consultant

A Professional Holistic Tarot Consultant, Teacher and Writer of Tarot, I was drawn to Tarot in 1997 and have been working and evolving with it ever since. The culmination of this experience, knowledge and insight eventually led to a desire to pass it on to those who would follow in my footsteps, and appreciate the level of commitment I have given since the launch of my Truly Teach Me Blog Site in 2012. The manner in which I write about Tarot and the methods I use to interpret spreads on this site gives a true picture of the type of Holistic Tarot Reader I am.

As I have grown and matured as a Tarot Reader over the year, I discovered a dual aspect in my character that has influenced the way I interpret the cards.  A true believer in natural magick, spirit energy, and other planes of existence, I am also an academic at heart. My approach to Tarot is grounded in practicality, logic and common sense. I also teach Tarot in the same no-nonsense manner as I read it.  I disassociate myself from any superstitious connections with Tarot and view them as the perfect working tool of self-governance and guidance for the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual aspect of our personalities. They act as that true elusive best friend, who not only has your back, but isn’t afraid to be honest and upfront when you need sorting out or a good talking to.

I do not declare myself to be a Psychic, Medium or Spiritual Guru of any sort. I gained my knowledge of Tarot through hard work, focus and determination. I interpret Tarot in an Intuitive and Academic manner based on personal experience, psychology, analytical deduction, metaphysics, and a solid knowledge of the working principles of Tarot.

Along with Tarot, my work as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Dowser and Crystal Healer has contributed greatly to the Holistic approach I take with Tarot Reading. I have also read and studied several academic counselling and psychology text books and have a ferocious appetite for History. I have a keen interest in medicine, law and world politics.  When I interpret Cards in a Spread, I analyse them on many levels. For me, the Elemental Associations are particularly powerful and telling, along with driving Archetypal influences, Numerology, Symbolism and Colour. I take a lot into consideration before arriving at any interpretation.  I completely disassociate myself from Fortune Telling or claiming Absolute Predictive Abilities. Unfortunately, I cannot, and will not, tell you exactly what is going to happen in any situation, or whether you must follow any particular course of action. That interferes with Free Will which is against Universal Law.

Because Tarot is subject to interpretation this means it is not an exact science. What is seen today may not be seen tomorrow. Also, humans have the power to change their outcomes by changing themselves. What is seen by me, may be seen completely different by another. We must also remember that in any given situation, regardless of how one might think they are the only one involved, there are millions of possible external or internal changes, subtle or strong, that can influence or impact the issue at any time. It is impossible to account for each possibility, probability or eventuality.

What I do see and advise on is the probable or most likely outcome of events based on the current actions, mind-sets, feelings and needs of those involved in the situation the Reading is based on. A Reading is never orchestrated to be destructive or negative. Even the most unwelcome cards have something to teach us. It is through awareness and knowledge we become personally empowered. We can choose to remain in the passenger seat and let life take us where it will. We can become a victim of circumstance, hurled here and there, or we can grab hold of the reins; change direction, slow down, speed up, or lift off. Holistic Tarot Consultancy gives you the tools to master your life by becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and by highlighting any repetitive negative cycles or unhealthy influences. We learn to understand ourselves better, discover what drives us to do, feel, think, and react in the way we do. Through Holistic Tarot Consultancy we are given the opportunity to stand outside the window of our life and view ourselves as a third party might; in an objective and analytical manner.

Please note that I do not do Third Party Readings. This means I can only read for you and not for another person you seek information on. If information about this third party is relevant to you it will turn up in your Reading.


Some Sample Readings


Chart Your Progress Reading –  4 Weeks





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