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Please Note that I can only take bookings for In-Person Readings. I no longer offer distant readings via, Skype, Email, Phone or Audio.

At present, I offer Holistic Tarot Readings through the following Mediums:

  • Private In-Person Readings. Suitable for Clients who live in Ireland or are on vacation in Ireland. I operate from two locations; Kildare and Clonakility, Co. Cork
  • For your convenience, I accept Payment via PayPal.

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Select Your Tarot Reading – See Booking Form Below

Personal/Private In-Person Readings – €65 (1.5 hrs) €85 (2hrs) €120-150 (3.5hrs+)

Price Depends on Reading Selected and time involved. (See listings for Readings below)

Standard Reading  (7 – 10 Cards)  €65   (approx.1.5 hour)

This Reading will concentrate on a particular focus area of your life to gain insight, explanation, understanding and guidance. Candid and enlightening, this is an empowering reading which will assist in positive progression and development.

In-depth Reading (10-20) Cards   €85  (approx. 2 hours)

This Reading dives deep to the heart of your issues to find the root or origins of your problems. A multi-faceted Reading, it can cover several areas of your life and will reveal underlying currents, subconscious urges and the level of conscious will-power that is driving the issue. It highlights Karmic Lessons, internal and external personality conflicts and childhood conditioning. An empowering reading which gives clarity and insight into some of your most challenging issues while offering compassion and guidance tools for progression.

Personality Profile Analysis Plus In-depth Tarot Reading – €150 (3.5hrs)

Discover who you truly are and how your personality formed from birth to current day. Understand the elemental influences that molded and shaped your journey through life. Reveal your Dominate Element and how it influences you. Uncover your sub-personalities or personality aspects that have been suppressed or sacrificed. Expose personality aspects that hold you back or block your progress. Confront your Reversed Personality Aspects and decide what to do with them. Tap into your hidden strengths and become acquainted with your natural gifts and talents. Self-Knowledge empowers. Take control of your personality instead of it controlling you. Take steps to change what is need and encourage development of suppressed or weak aspects of your personality. Discover your perfect personality blend and find your way back to the true you.

Chart Your Progress Reading Package €250 (4 Readings)

Chart Your Progress Readings work by regularly monitoring a defined situation, issue, challenge, project or goal over a series of 4 separate readings. Readings are spread over an agreed period of time, e.g. 1 per month for 4 months.  The first reading exposes the challenge and any issues connected to it. Insight and clarity is sought and guidance to action that needs to be taken. Subsequent readings determine how the issue or challenge is progressing and highlights areas that need attention. As the weeks go by, it is quite clear to see in the Cards how the situation is developing for better or worse. If there are apparent negative, or unwelcome cards in the earlier Readings, their absence in later Readings can indicate successful management of the issue. If these Cards, or similar ones, repeatedly turn up, then it can highlight on-going blocks or set-backs to progress.

Blatantly honest and illuminating, this Reading will help you stay on track and focused. It will highlight any areas you are failing to address or follow through on. (Available by Phone, Skype, Audio and Private Face-to-Face)


Payment will be requested on day of Reading. I accept payments for Readings by Cash, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

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I am unable to offer refunds once a reading has been completed as much time and effort will have gone in to compiling it. To avoid disappointment or misunderstanding, please read My Code Of Ethics and Terms of Conditions before requesting a Reading.

Holistic Tarot Reading Booking Form

(Please Contact Me Directly at if you have not had a response from me within 48  hours of submission)

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How It Works

Once you have decided which type of Holistic Tarot Reading you would like to book (see list below, please select and fill out The Booking Form Below.



Focus or meditate on the area/s of your life you need insight or guidance on. It is a good idea to write them down in order of priority. A well thought out question makes for a more in-depth, enlightening and empowering reading.

Carefully word your question so that there is little room for error in interpretation. I am an Intuitive Holistic Tarot Reader.  Try to hone in on the key areas and be as specific as possible. When asking your question, do not leave it open to literal interpretation or vagueness. Ensure your intentions are clear.

Holistic Tarot Reading Booking Form

(Please Contact Me Directly at if you have not had a response from me within 48  hours of submission)

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