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Site Hacking Alert Over – Clean Bill of Health

Hi to All My Tarot Friends Around The World,

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Further to the possible Site Hacking Post I published on September 20th, I have spent the last couple of days following the advice of WordPress Staff and Forum Members in taking certain steps to flush out any unwanted activity on my site. This involved me having to totally overhaul my site and email programs. Thankfully nothing was found, and both WordPress and I feel confident that all is well. However, I would like to thank the site follower who took the time to bring the potential site hack to my attention. I did a lot of research after this and discovered that so many site owners haven’t a clue their site is being hacked as the hacker configures the virus to identify the administrator in order to keep them out of the picture. Unless someone contacts the administrator to tell them of issues on their site, the hacker can continue without any challenges. Sites can lose traffic along with their reputation and credibility if hacking becomes widespread.

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I am the sole site creator, developer, content author/creator, administrator, social media manager and a list of other things for I am also developing a new site for Truly Teach Me Tarot at present while working on separate web builds for friends and acquaintances. I have a tonne of correspondence to reply to everyday and work hard to keep on top of it. The idea that my site could possibly be hacked without me knowing about it, never entered my head at all. I just don’t have the time to check up on such things. With the self-hosted sites I have built for others, there are security plugins in place to inform me immediately of the slightest breach in security. I get emailed if someone attempts an unauthorised login for example. employ a huge number of people whose job it is to keep our sites safe and secure. It is highly unlikely that the breach in security will come from their end. We can all sleep more soundly as a result of this. The vulnerable areas where a hacker can find a backdoor into your site is through your browser or browser add-ons/extensions being infected with malware or adware. This issue may also be with the site user’s browser and not the site itself. Email accounts are also vulnerable and should be protected with super-strong passwords.

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Knight of Swords UprightKnight of Pentacles Upright


So, I have learned a lot in the past two days and feel quite empowered by my new knowledge. However, the scheduled post containing the next section relating to The Pentacles -Love and Romance Associations will now be delayed by a couple of days. I apologise for this delay but it was vitally important for me to attend to the defense of my site. I do hope you all understand.

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So back to business, but I will be on my guard from now on!

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  1. You are my “go to” person whenever I have questions or are looking for alternative meanings in a reading. Have you published a book and if so, what is the title.


    • Hi Deborah,

      Am touched by your message. No I have not published a book yet. Maybe one day when I have more work done on the site. I think I would need someone to step in and do it for me as I don’t know where I would find the time. One day, it will happen. Thank you again.



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  2. I just loved how you told the story with the tarot cards. I´m learning so much from your work, and hackers also destroed my website. Thank you so much for your work. Be strong! (Strength card)


    • That is terrible to hear. I cannot understand the enjoyment they get out of ruining someone’s hard work. Thankfully WordPress are super vigilant with our sites. It turned out my site was fine and more than likely was the site viewers pc or browser causing the issue. Can never be too careful though. I am always using the cards to tell stories!



  3. So pleased to hear that everything has been ironed out, Vivien. This site is such a wonderful source of information. You have a strong ‘word spirit’ and the amount of writing you do when it comes to describing each card in amazing!


  4. Hello

    How are you? Can you please explain celtic cross in details of a particular situation. Thank you in advance. 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile


    • Hi Rumatarotreader,

      I am feeling much better now thank you. I will be doing a feature on The Celtic Cross in the coming weeks. Strangely enough, I rarely use this Spread but do teach it. I have several versions of readings I taught in class format and will be rewriting them for online use. I have highlighted your request on my list of things to do.



  5. Vivian, You need to publish a book! Even if you took each page of your course and organized and bound it. It is such comprehensive information. I would buy it immediately!


    • Hi Gary,

      Thank you for such encouraging words. Yes, many of my readers are asking the same. I will look into it in 2016. Until then I have a lot more writing to do. It would be a dream of mine to see my work in print. Thank you again.



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