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Hi Everyone,

The Magician (I) UprightQueen of Wands UprightTemperence Upright

Just dropping by very briefly to share my Daily Card Reading with you. I can’t stay long as I have an important appointment to keep with a Chiropractor.

As, you all know I had Major Surgery only 8 weeks ago today. The surgery has worked out very well for me and that end of things seem to be fine, but in the last few weeks an old enemy has flared up, probably from my weakened Body after surgery. My neck, jaw, upper back and arms are in a mess. All the muscles have tightened and knotted leaving me unable to function properly. Sitting at my desk and typing is very painful and cannot be endured for very long. However, I persist. This problem appeared a few years ago and got so bad I lost my balance for over a year and couldn’t drive. I was in and out of hospital with  no success. Eventually on the verge of despair I found an Osteopath in Dublin who helped me, along with a Trigger Massage Therapist. I also had some acupuncture and reflexology. It never went fully away but I could get on with my life.

It is now back with a vengeance and a new twist. I feel as if there is something out of place and that I am being pulled internally within my head, neck, jaw, ear, shoulder and upper back. It travels in a line, and to be honest is making me feel very nauseous. Last Friday, I went to see the consultant who looked at my jaw before and was given some Diffene Gel to apply and muscle relaxants to take. I felt that because I was still in recovery from surgery, I should go to the hospital before seeing anyone else. Neither the Diffene Gel nor the muscles relaxants have worked.  I have broken down in tears each evening for the last three days and this morning said enough is enough.  I could not get my Osteopath, but managed to get an appointment with a local Chiropractor.

I am a desperate woman at this stage, so desperate, I am prepared to knock on the Devil’s door to get help.  After getting off the phone with the Chiropractor’s Secretary, I pulled Three Cards. My question was, Will this Chiropractor be able to help me with my neck and jaw problems? My Cards were as follows:

The Magician (I) UprightQueen of Wands UprightTemperence Upright

Now, I am not going to build my hopes up, but these Cards look very promising indeed. Could it be so? There is The Magician, the man of science and knowledge, skilled and ready to get to work on me. He has all the tools of his trade on the table and is well qualified for the job. I feel confident that he has turned up and believe he is a representation of The Chiropractor himself. The Queen of Wands represents me; want to be active and busy. Have things to do, plans to follow and goals to achieve. I do not have time to feel like this. I am very frustrated with the limitations my condition has put on me. I really need this Chiropractor to free up whatever is causing the problem so that I can get on with my life. Temperance is the Ultimate Card of striking the right balance, finding the right blend and bringing things back into alignment. This is what I need badly. My physical body is out of alignment, probably my emotional and psychological ones too at this stage. I need the Chiropractor to find the problem and then do whatever adjustments are necessary to allow the natural flow of energy once more. These Cards do give me hope, so please all of you, keep your fingers crossed for me this afternoon.

I will let you know how I get on. I do hope my over-riding desire to be fixed didn’t taint the drawing process. I tried to stay disconnected from the outcome. Hope these Cards are  not just a reflection of wishful thinking. I hope.


Vivien x

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  1. Dear Vivian, the balance between the inner an outer worlds is happening for so many of us now. I have my own version, the wanting to get on, fix stuff, do stuff, resistance to my limits etc, this is now showing in the inbalance of our body. The days of doing are now becoming the ones of being, this is hard for us. i am in the same kind of situation as you are, bodys not able to work so well to do the things i want and need to do, i am being asked to go within, patience is needed as the desire to just want to get going is before me most of all. I just saw this, i have not read/seen it myself yet, but i send it in the hope it may assist u in some way.http://nblo.gs/11q9j2 i am not a reader, i come here to your web page to help me understand the cads when i try to use them and i feel lost, so thank you for all you share and your work is fantastic and the best i have seen so far. I hope you get what you wish from the treatment today, but should it not be as you wish, then take another way of moving through this, one that comes not from out there, but from in here as i feel this is going to be how we live. I acta;;y saw this imbalance in one of my little dogs, who is now not well, his body was pullled, lopsided, then his front paw he couldnt stand on, then i just kept on trying to push myself, and i am also in the body imbalance thing, but still i tried to press on… It seems like a stop sign, and if we dont take heed then…. i send love for your healing, i do understand, and i am a old hand at not listening, or taking the time to really focus on what really matters. Hope to hear how you got on today. xxx


  2. These cards do look promising, and as a beginner i understood how you read them, but also i wondered about the Temperance card, could she be asking you to try and get through your tasks with moderation, the Queen of Wands to me likes to push on and be busy, perhaps you’re trying to do too much so to me Temperance is saying “do what you need to do, but in moderation” I hope your man does his stuff and you feel better soon x


    • Oh Sue, you were so right about Temperance and The Queen of Wands. I know it myself, but at times feel powerless to rein myself in. I try to ignore the signals from my body to slow down and lighten the load as I have got away with it for years, but now I am feeling the pain of it all. I am working hard on finding some form of balance. Little steps at a time. Thanks for your advice, very astute.




  3. I’m sorry that you’re suffering so. The cards do seem promising, and I will take a few moments to send you some healing prayers. I hope you feel better soon.


  4. I wish you the best of luck and hope that the cards are right. Take good care and wish you the best results out of your appointment. Take care!


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