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Introducing The Four Knights of The Court Cards

Hello to all my Tarot Students and Friends,

I have been quiet in the last week, not much writing work achieved I am sorry to say. Unfortunately I was pretty unwell and ended up in the A&E Department of my local hospital.  They say I have Peptic Ulcer Disease and am now on treatment. I am awaiting more tests. I was in terrible pain and quite unable to sit down to my computer. Yesterday and today have been my first okay days, so here I am, back at my writing once again.

I do hope you enjoyed the First Instalment of The Knight of Wands Drama and the Second will follow later this week. In the meantime, I have been working on The Knights Introduction Page and I think it is worth taking a visit to read about these dashing young men before you begin studying the individual Knights.  Here is an excerpt from The Four Knights Intro. Just click on the link after the excerpt to take you directly to the The Four Knights Introduction Page.

Happy Reading. I will get back to my work now on The Knight of Wands himself and of course the Second Instalment of his Drama. Once that is all complete, I will rapidly move onto re-working and re-writing The Knight of Cups, The Knight of Swords and The Knight of Pentacles.

The Four Knights – Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles

Knight of Wands Upright Knight of Cups Upright Knight of Swords Upright Knight of Pentacles Upright

The Four Knights in the Tarot represent people, situations, atmospheres, advice or messages, based on the Elemental Energies of the particular Knight. They generally represent males between 22 and 30 years of age but they can represent a female if their energy fits and she is displaying Knightly qualities. If a Knight turns up and the Querant is convinced it represents someone much older than 30, then it might suggest there is immaturity evident in this person.

The Knights represent the Fiery part of the Suits. Regardless of which Suit The Knight represents and his Governing Element, he will also be influenced by the Element and Energy of Fire.

Fire has very obvious effects on the individual Knights. By their very nature, age and archetypal personality, a Knight is expected to be able to call on Fire at will when the situation warrants it.  In fact, those in his Kingdom would think it odd, if not unacceptable for a Knight not to display his Fiery side. How would a Knight be able to ride into battle and face the enemy without Fire bravely driving him forth? How would a Knight defend the honour of The Queen and King, or race to the rescue of a Damsel in Distress, if he had not the energy of Fire to ignite his passion and interest?

Without Fire coursing through The Four Knights, they would stay at home in their castles pampered and fussed over, lounging around all day letting others do all the hard and difficult work for them. They would come across as weak in themselves, lacking in spirit, motivation and initiative. They would be enthusiastic for nothing and too tired to go anywhere.

History would have to re-write itself, and for certain most traditional romantic novels too. Rapunzel would still be locked up in her tower, Sleeping Beauty still deep in slumber and jousting tournaments too dangerous to participate in. Kingdoms would lie in ruin and pillage because of their Knightless defence. Brave battles would never be fought, corrupt rulers never ousted, risks never dared and challenges never risen to. We would never have heard of Sir Lancelot or Sir Galahad.

Want to read more? Then click on the link below to go straight to The Four Knights Introduction Page

Take Me To – The Four Knights Introduction Page Now


Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn



Story Time – The Knight of Wands

Hello to all,

While I am re-working The Knight of Wands I have decided to write a fictional drama around him and will probably do so for all The Knights as I get to them. I hope you enjoy these mini dramas and that they might help you get to know our lovely Knights a little better. It is all great fun playing with their characters and creating dramas, plots and romance around their lives.


The Drama of The Knight of Wands Part One – The Homecoming

Knight of Wands Upright

As we enter the action of The Knight of Wands Card, The Knight is nowhere to be seen. Instead we find ourselves in the cold cobbled inner courtyard of a 16th century castle. The place is a hive of activity with men and women of all ages running to and fro, fetching and carrying all manner of items, even furniture.  Tall ladders line the strong stone castle walls, while young boys scurry up and down them to hang garlands of dark green foliage and rich red berries. Everyone is extremely busy, even the Smith whose hammer rings out sharp and clear in the cold morning air, as it connects with hot metal somewhere in the distance. A rotund red-faced young girl runs shouting from a doorway and attempts to round-up a goose that has tried to escape its fate. As we take in the scene around us, we realise it is one of preparation and anticipation. The Castle is being lavishly decorated for a celebration of some kind, even the entrance gate just across the drawbridge and under the portcullis is draped with flowers and greenery.

A clatter and thud of loud hooves in the outer courtyard draws everyone to attention. The Castle Guards rush forward and hail the rider who carries The Royal Standard. He dismounts and breathlessly shouts out loud and clear ‘Hear ye, hear ye, The King is nigh, prepare for The King’s arrival’. A mad rush of sheer frenzy follows as all involved must cease their activity and line up to greet their King. Our eyes are drawn to the second floor window on the west wall of the castle. Three, maybe more young women’s heads bob back and forth. These are The Ladies of the castle and from what we can see, look beautifully dressed and groomed.

A trumpet sounds loud and clear and a voice calls out ‘The King is here, The King is here’.  And with that, three horsemen thunder across the drawbridge, under the portcullis and appear through the gateway in a cloud of steam. Horses call out to each other as they circle excitedly among those who stand waiting for orders to be relayed to them. The three horsemen seem in high spirits and shout and laugh as they greet familiar faces.

For a moment silence descends upon the courtyard as all drop into a low bow, eyes to the ground, they hold their stance agonisingly long as The King takes in his surroundings before giving the signal for all to relax. Grooms then spring into action and move rapidly to take care of their charges.   The three horsemen quickly dismount. They lead their steaming horses steadily away so that they can be fed, watered and brushed down.

The King and his two companions disappear at haste up steep stone steps and enter the castle hall through its thick oak doorway.  We follow unobtrusively behind them, eager not to be seen. There is an air of excitement and anticipation in the way everyone seems to be hurrying and rushing here and there. The mood is light and jolly.

Inside the Great Hall, we encounter yet more servants and maids in a flurry of activity. Two scullery maids tending the large roaring fire in the Great Hall blush with mortification when the three men come upon them unexpectedly. They had been giggling and chatting instead of working and under normal circumstances would have been severely chastised, but The King, whose mood today cannot be broken, laughs with them before sending them on their way.

The King and his companions stand by the bright burning flames and warm their cold bodies. A manservant arrives with a tray of wine and some bread and ham for the exhilarated, yet weary travellers to break their fast with. They had been riding all night and were eager to fall upon their food.

The approaching Manservant once  in the presence of The King drops his head and stares to the floor until he is given permission to rise. Taking a liberty, he speaks out,  ‘my Liege, it is good to see you returned safely to us once more. And your son, The Knight of Wands, has he safely landed too?” The King turns to his trusty manservant and dispensing on this occasion with formalities he gives him a friendly pat on the back. ‘It is certainly good to be back home for a while, and yes, my son will be here before nightfall. I trust all is in place for the festivities tonight and for the Jousting Tournament tomorrow?  My son, The Knight of Wands, will be bringing some people with him, new acquaintances. We want to make a very good impression on them and I am happy to see how well the castle is being prepared for their arrival. They come from some of the most noble and aristocratic families in Europe, and this visit, once successful, will strengthen the allegiance between us. Nothing must go wrong. I want their every wish, desire and need catered for. These are my orders and make sure everyone is informed and aware. Do you understand?”  The King stared into his Manservant’s eyes and held his gaze just long enough for him to be totally clear of his instructions. The Manservant nodded silently and with bowed head backed slowly and quietly away from his King and Master.

The King returned his attention to his two companions, now nicely warmed by the blazing logs and the pungent heat of the strong wine. Feeling restored after their long ride, they settled into deep conversation about the imminent arrival of The King’s son, The Knight of Wands and the important Royals who would visit with him. We listen to them speculate about The Knight’s overseas adventures and conquests. They voice their concerns about the ongoing battles over territory and power, allies and foes, and discuss strategies for future battles. They also discuss in-depth the entourage who will later arrive with The Knight of Wands.  Which ones can they trust? Which ones will join forces with them and who will ride out with The Knight of Wands to lead their armies to glorious success and triumph? They decide to closely observe the other Knight’s qualities, skills and strengths at the Jousting Tournament the next day.  They will also watch closely to discover their weaknesses.

Up the stairs and at the far side of the inner courtyard, sits The Queen of Wands with her Ladies-in-waiting. The Queen’s rooms are known for their liveliness and good humour. Her Ladies-in- waiting are the envy of all, for this Queen is bright, sunny and generous. Her energy and spontaneity keeps them all on their toes, and boredom at bay. The Queen likes to sing, dance and laugh, and provides daily entertainment in her rooms for those closest to her.

The Queen of Wands hates to sew and becomes quickly impatient with all the needlework she is expected to be a part of. Today is no exception but there is an extra restlessness about her which makes her pace up and down her Royal Apartments and draws her frequently to the window, or to the chamber door, where she shouts out enquiring of The Guards ‘any news yet?’ Her Ladies-in-waiting do their best to engage her with snippets of gossip from Court life, a new style of hood that is very ‘French’ , and about the excellent form of her big hunter on his last outing. Nothing seems to impress or hold her attention as she paces anxiously, yet excitedly around the large inner chamber. Even the offer of the bright gold silk thread to embroider the sun cannot capture her imagination.

The Ladies-in-waiting all looked to each other and sighed. They all knew The King had arrived and his very presence in the castle had created strong energy vibrations all around.  His presence today also meant that his son, The Knight of Wand’s arrival was imminent. The Queen of Wand’s limited patience had been severely put to the test these last six months. Both her strong, powerful husband, and vibrant, virile, son away overseas fighting battles and defeating the enemy, while she had to stay at home and keep busy.

Trusted implicitly by her husband, The King of Wands, thankfully she had not suffered the same fate as many other wives left to entertain themselves in their husband’s absence. The Queen of Wands had been left in a position of Governing Power. Not full power of course, but he knew he could rely on her to do what had to be done, and also to keep an eye on those who could cause trouble for The Kingdom in his absence. He knew she was no fool, and if the situation called for it would be able to confidently rule The Kingdom herself without any help from him. She was strong-headed and feisty, with an independent nature and natural curiosity. Nothing would slip by her attention, and all within the Castle were well aware of the power of their Queen. The Queen knew she was an excellent match for her husband’s mite but remained vigilant about not appearing to be in competition with him, or too forceful in her opinions. Being a clever woman, she had ways of getting what she wanted. However, being a Queen, she had to bow to the etiquette and protocol of a Queenly life which is why she now waited to be summoned by her King instead of just running to greet him as she wished to do.

One of the Queen’s Ladies-in-waiting picked up the gold thread declined by The Queen and began to embroider the sun. Her own hair, although mostly covered by her fashionable hood, was just as bright and dazzling as the silk thread. In fact, she believed her own hair would make a more suitable match for the sun than the expensive silk thread she drew between her delicate fingers. Outwardly she appeared calm and consistent, just as she did every day, but inside her heart pounded in her chest. Every time a horse and rider arrived in the outer courtyard she nearly dropped her needle, and it took all her concentration to steady her hands. Her eyes darted from the window to the door, waiting and willing for something to happen. She thought she would go mad with all this waiting. She understood how The Queen felt, but unlike The Queen, she was frustrated for a very different reason.

Suddenly voices came from outside and there was the familiar noise of The Guards standing to attention.  The Queen stopped her pacing and faced the door as it flung open before her. She dropped into a low curtsey before The King, as did all her Ladies-in-waiting, eyes cast down, stomachs a flutter with nerves and anticipation. The King moved swiftly, and breaking all Kingly etiquette and protocol, swept his wife into a passionate embrace before holding her in his extended arms for a closer inspection. The Queen’s face was radiant and alive with happiness. Taking her arm in his he marched her out the door startling The Guards into attention once more. The Queen’s Ladies-in-waiting rose to follow their mistress but The King waved them back and announced that he wished to speak alone with The Queen. Embarrassed looks were exchanged all round as The Ladies-in-waiting dropped into sweeping, acknowledging curtsies.

Once the door closed behind The King and Queen, all pretence at focusing on needlework was gone. The Queen’s Ladies scattered about the room exchanging excited chatter as they danced around in circles. They ran to the window seats and climbed up high to view the activity down below in the Courtyard. They strained their eyes as far as they could see in search of the Royal Standard that would herald the arrival of The Knight of Wands. Still nothing on the horizon. They turned back to each other to breathlessly discuss the festivities and celebrations the coming night would bring; the dancing, the entertainment, the merry-making, the courting, flirting and possible lovemaking.  It was all possible now that the men had arrived home. Court Life could begin in earnest once more, and tomorrow there was The Jousting Tournament to look forward to. Life had certainly picked up. Fun was in the air again and the promise of exciting days ahead. The Knight of Wands had been sorely missed.

A message arrived to The Queen’s Chambers dismissing her Ladies-in-waiting until later when they would be expected to return to prepare and dress their mistress for the night ahead. Their Queen knew how excited they were about the return of The Court and was happy to allow them some time and freedom to prepare. She had chosen her Ladies for their engaging dispositions, enthusiasm and liveliness. She despised the boring, dull, lifeless faces of some of the other Ladies in the Castle. Ladies who had nothing to say for themselves, no opinions and no interests, other than their husbands’. She felt in a wonderful mood and couldn’t wait to see her son again but in the meantime, she had matters of State to discuss with the newly returned King.

Giggling like children, The Queen’s Ladies ran skittishly down the corridors, while The Guards smiled and admired them from behind. The sound of a trumpet in the courtyard below sent them into a mad tizzy. Orders were called out from one Guard to another as the message was communicated rapidly around the castle confines. ‘The Knight of Wands had arrived, he was home at long last. After a six months’ absence travelling to far distant lands, facing the enemy, marching into battle, seizing territory and conquering all who stood in his way, The Knight of Wands had returned in a blaze of  triumphant glory. News of his conquests had travelled ahead of him and whereas he had departed a Knight who showed promise and skill, he had returned as a Knight who had proven his mettle and had already become a living legend, a Warrior Knight of Knights.

In the kitchens they spoke of their Knight as invincible, immortal, fearless and lion-hearted. In the Queen’s chambers her Ladies spoke in hushed whispers of his virility, strong athletic body and handsome looks.  They were all in love with him, all vied to catch his attention and all longed to be the chosen one. Tonight, all would dress to impress their young and dynamic Knight, hoping his gaze may fall upon them, yet at the same time fearful of swooning if their wishes did happen to come true.

One among them, she with the golden hair, secretly entertained more than just a look or gaze from her dashing, brilliant Knight. Indeed she intended to take up where she had left off six months ago when The Knight of Wands gallantly rode out and away in the early morning summer mists, to lands far away, and an enemy known for his brutality and menace. She had stood on the turret stairs then, sobbing and weeping quietly to her brave and courageous Knight, begging him to stay, yet equally proud of his willingness to lay down his life to protect his country and his family’s honour. As she secretly watched his departure that early morning, she could still feel the heat of his body on her skin, the tautness of his muscles as he had held her in his strong embrace, his passion intense and wild. She had abandoned herself to him, risked discovery and ruin, as she ran her fingers through his coarse dark auburn hair in the candlelit enclosure of his bedchamber. His Guards, sworn to secrecy had smuggled her into his room that eve anxious to gain the trust of their Master who may not return from the battle fields so far away.

On the turret stairs he had held her close and whispered promises of love and a lifetime of passion when he returned. She had let him go that morn and vowed she would love no other but him, and would count the days away until his return. She had pulled the silk scarf from around her delicate shoulders and shivering in the chilly air insisted he take it as a talisman that would protect and keep him safe. The Knight of Wands had accepted her gift and said he would tuck it away safely inside the cold heavy armour he would ride out to battle in.

And so she had waited, six long months for this very day. Her passion and love burned strong and deep and she congratulated herself on keeping their secret safe and sound. Not even The Queen had guessed of their secret romance. Her heart beat so hard, she thought it could be heard echoing around the stone hallways of the castle, but no one seemed to notice. After all this time, The Knight of Wands was close by, so close, she would soon hear his voice, see his rugged face and  those striking emerald-green eyes. She knew she would have to contain herself, not show her real emotions. She would have to wait until he summoned her later. Then, and only then could she fall into his waiting arms. She would soon lie beside her man once more, her Knight of Wands, and release the passion for him that burned so strong inside.

Trumpets and horns sounded loud and sharp in the clear winter air of the courtyard as under the portcullis came the thunder of hooves and loud cheering voices. The Queen’s Ladies ran to the nearest windows and throwing formalities and ladylike behaviour aside, climbed up onto the narrow ledges to get the best view.

The Royal Standard billowed in the evening breeze, showing obvious signs of stainage from the long journey it had endured. It momentarily blocked the Ladies’ view forcing them to scramble along the window ledge to see around it. Suddenly, there he was, he, The Knight of Wands, returned from battles in far distant lands, home once again. A joy to behold. The Ladies standing on tip toe upon the window ledge all gasped as they took in the scene below.

To be continued………..

The Court Cards – Lesson 1

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Thanks to all

Hello to all my Tarot Friends around The World,

Wow, thank you for contributing so eagerly to the Practice Daily Card Readings and also for coming to the aid of a Tarot Student who is in a bit of a bind at present and having difficulty with certain Cards that keep popping up.  Well done everyone.

This Reading is a current real-life scenario and not the normal free-style dramatic versions we have been working with in the Daily Two Card Readings.  Yes, this is a real dilemma. The Tarot Student has been following all your interpretations and theories very closely. I was asked to post this message to all of you on their behalf.  So there is a possibility that these Cards will be added to or as I suggested, a Reading done based on The Seven of Cups and The Eight of Swords to determine why they keep coming up and how to find a way out of all those Swords.  The message is posted below.

“Hiya Vivien, would you please pass on my thanks to everyone for their thoughts.. i really appreciate their perspective. I still haven’t done a further reading.. I guess I’m too scared what I might see… but when I do I will let you know. Thanks for your support and insight. Love and light.”

When my site is completely ready to switch over to I will be installing a plugin that will allow for a Forum. You will then find it much easier to share your card readings, interpretations, discussions and network.


With Regards to Daily Card Reading Practice, here are two, Billy my partner pulled yesterday. Remember, he is still on the trail of property hunting following the disappointment of The Dream House in Dingle failing the Survey Engineer’s Report. I have asked him to share his own interpretation of these in the comments section of this Post today. I already have my own theories.  You are also welcome to offer your opinions too if you wish. But before you do that, I want you to take into consideration one of his Daily Card Readings from last week, which you will find further down the Post.

Yesterday’s Cards – King of Pentacles and The Five of Wands

  King of Pentacles Upright5 of Wands Upright

While he was waiting for me at my training last week, he decided to go for a drive to a coastal town that was nearby in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland. It was his birthday that day and the sun was shining. He went for a walk on the beach, strolled around the seaside town and had a cappuccino outside a quaint little coffee shop.  He had a lovely time and did a little bit of exploring.

When he picked me up a few hours later, he was gushing about how beautiful Greystones was and how he had looked in some of the windows of Estate Agents. He spoke of a couple of houses he had seen and how well they were priced. My goodness, I thought, from Dingle to Wicklow all of a sudden. On the drive home, he chatted about how convenient to Dublin, it was, with trains getting one there in a matter of minutes, yet still being in the County that is known as The Garden of Ireland in Wicklow, and beside the Sea too.  We could pop into Dublin any time we wanted to go to concerts or  the theatre. We would be ideally located.

I listened and oohed and ahhed in all the right places, but to be honest my mind was on all I had learned at the training and worrying about how I was going to manage it all on my own. I was also exhausted from information overload. We went home and further discussed it over dinner and our usual glass of wine.

The next morning Billy did his Daily Card Reading. He drew The Six of Cups and The Queen of Wands.

 6 of Cups Upright Queen of Wands Upright

He read up on their meanings but was unsure of how they were connected to him.  I was quite busy working on my computer so did not have much time to give it a lot of thought. However, later in the day I called out to see where he was as the house was very quiet. I had been so involved in working on my new site I was unsure as to whether he had left the house or not. I wanted a cup of coffee and a break from the keyboard. 

I found him upstairs on his laptop looking at property websites. He was scouring through property for sale in Greystones and had already selected a few he intended to go and see. He certainly was spreading his wings a bit and being more adventurous with his property searching. I told him that the kettle was boiling so coffee would be ready, like now!

Back in the kitchen, I passed the two Cards he had drawn and The Queen of Wands caught my attention. What are you doing there I thought but it struck me quite fast what was going on. It was The Queen of Wands who was encouraging him to think outside the box and not restrict himself to the possible rose-tinted idyllic, romantic version he had of moving to Dingle.  She was whispering to him about the benefits of being near to the cultural and historical city of Dublin. Reminding him of all the places he likes to go to and the things he loves to do. She was telling him that he might get a bit closed off in Dingle, lovely and all as it is, he might long for the buzz of the city. Could Dingle end up being too far away? I am not sure The Queen of Wands would like to be so restricted. She was getting him to use his imagination and open his mind to the possibility of other places to live. Places that would be fun and exciting, and still tick all the boxes.

I saw her sitting beside The Six of Cups and felt a pang of sadness for Billy. The Six of Cups highlighted how nostalgic he felt about Dingle. After all he had spent many, many, happy boyhood summers attending the Gaeltacht in Dunquin, Dingle where he learned to speak Irish fluently. He had fallen in love with it as a child, and since then has been trying to find his way  back to it.  He called it is his Spiritual Home and dreamed of retiring there.

I too have my own connections and nostalgia attached to Dingle. It was my son’s favourite place on earth, the place he chose to spend his last holiday before he died from cancer in 2007. For many years too, I have also dreamed about moving to that wild Atlantic coastline where next stop is America.  However, The Six of Cups sitting beside the bright and bold Queen of Wands made the imagery look quaint and cute. Would our coloured memories and desire for the dream, in reality turn out to be very different. The Dingle of today, may be very different to The Dingle of Billy’s distant boyhood memories.  The Queen of Wands was certainly making him sit up and take a good look around at his other options, even encouraging him to think of buying overseas. Yes, Dingle remains the top of the list, but maybe there is somewhere else he should be looking too. I felt grateful for her presence and the influence she was having over him.  I want him to make the right decision and for all the right reasons.

We discussed the relevance of his Cards over coffee and he has decided to do as The Queen of Wands suggests. He will be a little more open and adventurous in the search for his dream home while keeping a tight eye on Dingle too.  From now on, he, or should I say we, will be leaving our Rose-Tinted glasses at home when we go property hunting.

Come on Billy, share your thoughts!




Calling All Tarot Students – Your Opinion is Needed

Calling all Students and fellow Tarot Readers.

A Truly Teach Me Tarot visitor and fellow Tarot Student contacted me last week and asked if I might post this on their behalf without disclosing their identity. You can read their message below and post your comments in the comments box. Please do not be afraid to offer your insights. The person in question may do a fuller reading based on these Cards to gain further information. If so I will post those when they are sent to me. The person, Querant, will be reading your comments and understands that the Cards are subject to the individual’s method of interpretation, is open to all suggestions, but bound by none.

7 of Cups Rx  8 of Swords Upright

  “Hi Vivien, Can I get your opinion please…or even that of other students on the site…On Tuesday i did my 2 card draw. I got the 7of cups reversed and the 8 of swords. Today I got the same cards again.. although the 7 of cups was upright. I am obviously being told something but I’m not sure what. My career is stalling at the moment as my employer is bringing in big changes and I don’t know if I shall have a job at the end of it. With this in mind I paid to do a course( quite expensive) to boost my skills.. unfortunately the course and its provider didn’t match my expectations and in the end I have put it on hold while I have a think. My practical self says just do it, get it finished….don’t let yr money go to waste, but my heart says run away as fast as you can. I see these cards as telling me to look hard at where I am,be clear about what I want and be aware of the hazards and pitfalls that may lay ahead… so give up the course as a bad job. Any thoughts you have to clarify this would be much appreciated. Thanks”

7 of Cups Upright8 of Swords Upright

All contributions greatly appreciated. I have already offered the student my initial reactions but do think more cards may help, especially as they are repeating themselves. There is a definite message here but we might get more with additional Cards. I will be interested to see what you all think.

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Site Update and Practice Readings

Hello to all my Tarot Friends, 

Just to let you all know that is now under construction.  It is open to view but has not been formatted. It will take me about a week and then I will do the full switch over.  On, one has to select everything as opposed to the ready to go sites in This means I have a lot of decisions to make which I wished I didn’t have to. Result, time-consuming and tedious.

However, in the meantime, I will continue to work and post on my current site, this one, until everything is ready. So please keep using this one for the moment until further notice.

Yesterday, I spoke of the horrors of my site crashing and being unable to get back in. It is now sorted but to get it back they had to disable Jetpack and any of you who know what that plugin is and how important it is, will understand that my site cannot exist without it so I will be heading to the Forum to see if I can find answers there.


So to get back to the practice readings we have been working on and developing, This contribution came through on my other site. It is from thyworkingactor who has been very involved in these exercises. She wanted to share her interpretation on the following Reading. Because the new site is not yet ready, I feared some of the viewers would miss out on reading her excellent interpretation, so I have copied and pasted into the body of this post and beneath her interpretation you will see my comments.

This Reading was originally : The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed

8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed

We Then added: The Five of Swords and The Moon for further insight.

    5 of Swords Upright      8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed  The Moon Upright

thyworkingactor commented:

“So I’ll continue with relationship dealing with the 8 of cups and ace of wands. With the addition of the 5 of swords and going with my previous storyline I think this is why the querent wants to leave. Perhaps the partner is a bully. Since this is an air card the I would say mental abuse, or lots of arguing, blame pointing. Where the moon comes in I believe that they may be putting on a brave face for friends and family and all the drama is going on behind the scenes, but in reality the fire is gone. OR the person could have already started a romance with someone else with whom they are more in love with. The moon I think can tie in with the 8 of cups. Interestingly enough the moon appears in that card as well. There is a lot hidden, unknown. So I believe that there is a third person whom the querent is involved with. But the current problems presented by the 5 of swords just adds fuel to the flame of what this person will want to leave and be with someone else.”

My Response:


“If you ever think of giving up acting then there is always the tarot for you. Only joking of course! I love the way you have linked these Cards. Your theory about the Moon and things going on beneath the surface is very Moonish indeed. Secrets, mystery, lies, deep undercurrents and hidden emotions, as well as emotional turbulence. Not everything is as it seems to the casual observer when the Moon is involved. One would need to dig beneath the surface to reveal all that is hidden. Yes, the Figure in The Eight of Cups may have met someone else but but will it work? Will he or she be able to leave their partner or will they be too riddled with underlying fear and worry to do anything about it. The Moon also suggests an unnerving and fearful road that one must travel if they wish to progress and enter the light of The Sun. The Figure in The Eight of Cups will need to be very brave to make that journey. If their partner is a bully, will they be able to stand up to him or her? With the Moon I would be worried about irrational fears and blowing things up out of all proportion. However, if there is a bully involved, this would have been a systematic and gradual breaking down of their partner. The bully would have conditioned their partner to become nervy and anxious about everything.

Then again, if there is a third person involved, and the figure involved in the Eight of Cups is engaging in clandestine meetings and secrecy, they are taking a big chance. What would happen if the bully found out?

I am going to copy and paste this into a post on my site as I am experiencing problems with this site while it is under construction. I don’t want anyone to miss out on your interpretation.

Keep up the good work,”

Vivien (your tarot teacher)


If anyone else would like to comment please use the comment box below on this site.

See you soon,

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

I Want to Go Home!

Hello to all my Tarot Friends,

Well, let me tell you this whole moving from to has been a nightmare. On the 10th of September, I went for my official training and boy, was there a lot for me to take on board. I couldn’t keep the Theme I have been using so I settled for another one instead.  However, when I came home I spent a day fiddling around with things, trying to get the look I wanted, but instead got my self into a right state and panic because I couldn’t get anything to work for me.  I liked, and was used to working on my site (this one). I wanted it back so I searched and found the theme I had been using and decided to upload it to my site. I didn’t really understand much of the techie wording involved in doing this but blundered my way through regardless. I took a gamble that blew up in my face.

Bad mistake, very bad. I suddenly got a white screen with a Fatal Error Message and quickly entered break-down mode. ‘oh my god, what have I done?’ Screams and panics brought my partner Billy rushing to my side. I couldn’t explain to him what had happened because I was so upset. I tried to get back into the admin side of my site but all I got was the Fatal Error Message. Billy was in distress now because he thought I had lost absolutely everything, all my years of work, and not just that I had messed up the new site.

I could feel my neck and jaw acting up, and then felt drained and tired. I wanted to lie down and cry. I rang the Hosting Company but support was closed for the evening. I sent an email to my trainer.  I would have to wait.  I typed the address of the site into the address bar and there it was. I could view it from the outside but I could not get in the back door to do any work. It looked a right mess, and still does, but I am powerless to fix it until my Hosting Company can get me back in.

I still have my site in working order thankfully so will continue working on it until I can get sorted out the other side.

The other thing that has happened is that some visitors have been on the other site and have posted comments and contributions to the Daily Card Reading Practice. Thankfully, these comments are being forwarded to my blackberry email so at least I can reply to them. The Daily Card Reading contribution I will actually post so here so we can all have a look.

I continue to sit here waiting for my Hosting Company to let me back in, but while I wait let me tell you of the Two Cards I pulled that Day. This was the day after my training, when I started to mess around with the settings and things.

The Six of Pentacles and The Four of Pentacles

                                                                    6 of Pentacles Upright       4 of Pentacles Upright

Well, I wasn’t exactly sure what they had in store for me when I drew them early that morning but as the day wore on and the mess got messier, their messages began to filter through.  Certainly by the time Billy was removing me from the computer screen that evening, and placing a glass of wine in my hand instead of the mouse, the Cards’ messages were coming across loud and clear.

In The Six of Pentacles there I was handing out my hard saved money for my training. Here is €€€€€ for you, and in return you are going to show me how to completely build a website and manage it.  Simple, a fair exchange, and an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Both of us were happy with the arrangement and even though my Trainer could only pass over to me a certain amount of the knowledge that I needed (the imagery of the few coins falling into the palm of the needy person) due to time restraints and the danger of information overload, we achieved a lot that day. I went off happy and looking forward to my next day’s training in a couple of weeks’ time.

However, there I am sitting all hunched up holding onto my Pentacles, and rigidly closed to change in The Four of Pentacles.  Sobbing over my glass of wine, I thought of the possibility that I had wasted my money, because I may have undone all the work my Trainer had set up on my site, Google Analytics, Google Translator, Facebook, Twitter etc and a heap of other things. Had I lost everything? Would I have to go back and pay her again to do what she had already done. The financial outlay was weighing heavily on my mind. What had I done?

Regret at changing over in the first place also began to set in. I wanted things back the way they were. I wanted my old site back or to be able to bring it over completely intact to the one. I wanted to hold onto things as they were. I suddenly felt insecure and wanted familiar territory. I don’t want to let go and be open to the change and uncharted territory of building a website from scratch. I want guarantees that it will all be fine. I want to see the finished product before I begin.  The Four of Pentacles was singing this loud and clear to me. It is one of the Cards for Taurus along with The King of Pentacles and The Hierophant. I am a Taurean too, and whereas I am always preaching in my writing about learning to let go, and to allow yourself to be open to change, it is very often a case of do as I say and not as I do. I get quite unsettled about change and like to feel stable and secure. I like to know what I am doing and work in a very thorough and methodical way. I also can get quite intense and fixated about my work and worry too much about the details of everything.

My partner Billy was telling me that all would be fine, and that it would just take a bit of time.  I just want to get back to my normal routine and back to my writing instead of wandering around clueless as to what I am supposed to be doing. I want things to settle down so that everything feels familiar again. I am sure it all will, but for the moment, forgive me if I act a little bit obsessional like the figure in The Four of Pentacles. 



Moving to 10th September 2013

Hello to all my Tarot Students and Tarot Enthusiasts Around The World,

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course is moving to tomorrow the 10th of September 2013.  During the changeover, you may find that my site is not accessible and I ask for your patience at this time.

My New Blog Address will be:

Once my site has been moved, WordPress will re-direct all my traffic from to my New Blog Address:

Again, there may be some disturbance in the changeover.  All of you lovely people who subscribe to my site will also be moved over by WordPress during the Site Redirect process.

I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement over the last year. Your ongoing presence and the ever-increasing number of new visitors has kept me inspired and determined to build a truly wonderful Tarot Course for all of you to enjoy and benefit from. I  hope to see you all at my new address in the coming weeks and months. I have big plans for my new site and much work to do as a result.



Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

New Practice Readings

Hi Everyone,

A big thank you to all who contributed their interpretations, theories and musings on the last Practice Reading – The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed.  It was very interesting to see the various individual approaches one can make when connecting and linking Cards in a Reading. Every interpretation was potentially valid and could be applied to a relationship, career or general Reading with only a slight change of wording and emphasis. Each interpretation was loaded with a strong story line that could very easily be expanded upon. I loved the way some of you used the symbolic aspects of the combined imagery of the Two Cards to work your interpretation from.  I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I certainly learned a few more novel ways of looking at the Cards.

After Reading all your interpretations, it left me wanting to know more about the story-lines, where they were coming from and where they would move on to next.  It was like only getting to see the movie trailer and not the full thing. I wanted more, not just from the last Reading but also from the previous one with The Eight of Pentacles Reversed and the Ten of Swords.  We had not allocated positions for the Cards so we used a freestyle version of interpretation, allowing our imaginations and natural investigative skills to deduce what was going on, and when. We had to try to fill in the gaps ourselves as we only had the Two Cards to go on. But, see how much story we did get out of just Two Cards. Quite impressive Indeed.

If we can get so much out of so little, then we should have no problem when we add more Cards, should we? The thing is, the more Cards we add, the more complicated the storyline becomes. If we just have two characters in a movie, then it is much easier to follow the plot than when there are several, and all doing different things, or even conflicting and contradicting each other. What you have proved is that you can begin to start pulling a story together out of your knowledge of keywords, various interpretations and methods of application. Not just any old story, but a story that sounds reasonable and very possible. A story that sounds archetypal, not just a one fit all version, but a personalised one that makes perfect sense and is very plausible.

If we add Two more Cards to each of the above mentioned previous Readings,  randomly drawn, and again with no allocated positions, just freestyle, can we expand on our stories, can we see more and will it become clearer to us what is going on? You will have to decide yourself which Card might be referring to the past, present or future, or perhaps it is just a general overview. So we are going to put it to the test and see what comes up. Giving pre-determined allocated positions may stunt our creative imaginative flow and allow our conscious mind to start rationalising, as it is prone to do. This may block the impressions coming through from our subconscious, so for the moment, just let your mind go where it will. Run with your particular story and be confident about it, strengthen it and build on it. Don’t think for one moment that what you might be saying is silly or wild.  Remember, you do not have any client or Querant in front of you waiting and staring. Think of it as creative writing and not just trying to read the Tarot. This is a brilliant exercise for waking up the imagination and loosening the tongue or fingers on the keyboard. Just let it spill forth and don’t stop to think too much. Be as dramatic as you wish.

So here we go,  The Five of Swords and The Moon have been randomly drawn to add to the previous Reading of The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed.

     5 of Swords Upright      8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed  The Moon Upright

The Three of Cups Reversed and The Nine of Pentacles Reversed have been randomly drawn to go with the previous Reading of The Reversed Eight of Pentacles and The Ten of Swords. 

3 of Cups Rx 8 of Pentacles Reversed   10 of Swords Upright 9 of Pentacles Reversed

Take your time with both these Readings. Mull over them for a few days even and start pulling your story together.  I am looking forward to hearing all your versions.


And for those who would prefer to stay with The Two Card Version for the moment, or do both, here are the latest Cards Drawn – The Four of Swords Reversed and The Nine of Cups

4 of Swords Rx    9 of Cups Upright

And now I must get on with my own work. The Four Knights are awaiting my attention at present so I must be off.  Best of luck.

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot

Daily Card Reading – A Turn of Events

Well I have been missing a couple of days and have not been able to do much posting or writing. I will try to do some catching up today. I had car problems,  hospital visits that involved trips up and down to Dublin and then I have been unwell for a few days, probably after picking up something in the hospital no doubt.  To top it all, I have had little or no internet access for the last two days. Why, you might ask? Who knows? For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I could not get the connection to last any longer than about five seconds. I spent the guts of two days constantly rebooting the modem.  This is Ireland, and compared to a lot of other countries in the world, our so-called ‘broadband’ is extremely ‘narrow and tight’ at the best of times, that is unless you live in the big cities. Of course you still pay the same charges regardless of how poorly your rural service performs in comparison to theirs. 

So it has been a frustrating week and my fingers itched to get to my keyboard. It has also been  a week of disappointing news, but let me stress, not entirely unexpected.

If you have been following my Blogs, you will know that my partner Billy had recently received a top-up mortgage approval from his building society so that he could buy a little house in a most beautiful place in South-West Ireland, Dingle , County Kerry.  We had been monitoring the events surrounding this venture via his Daily Two Card Reading. Being his partner and having an obvious interest in him securing his little abode, we monitored my Daily Cards too.  

The Survey of the house was due to be carried out by a local engineer. This man requested certain documents and certification from the vendor. These documents were sent through to my email address, and being the nosy person I am, I had a read through them. Something was not right and I relayed my feelings to my partner who thought I was just being my overly analytical self. We forwarded them on to both Billy’s solicitor who is handling the conveyancing and to the survey engineer. 

The next morning I drew my Cards – The Page of Swords Reversed and the Queen of Swords. Oh! 

  Page of Swords Reversed  Queen of Swords Upright


Straight Away, I knew I was going to hear something that I would not going to be happy about when I saw the Reversed Page of Swords. It would be to do with legalities, contracts or documents.  The Queen of Swords sitting beside him I knew was me, and the more I looked at her, the sterner her face became. I knew she could go into a terrible rant if she wanted to. I showed them to my partner and started putting the pressure on him to ring the surveyor as soon as he could.  He told me that he would wait another day and then contact him. He must have been mad to think that I would sit around on my throne for another day without knowing what was going on.  I persisted with him all day, constantly surmising about the survey and wondering if the report was done yet. What harm would a simple phone call make just to find out? However, my partner who has a lot more patience than I, felt we should wait another day. I wanted the facts now. ‘Hand them over right away’!!!!

We didn’t have to ring anyone as it turns out because the engineer got to us before we could get to him. He had only done a certain amount of the report but the reason he was ringing us was that there was something amiss with the documents we had forwarded him. These were the documents the vendor had sent to us certifying that all building and extensions had been carried out in accordance with planning regulations.  There was a problem, they were the wrong documents. Wrong by about five years and belonged to a much earlier work carried out on the property.  My partner said he would get on to the vendor immediately and get the matter sorted.  

He rang, but the vendor was away. We checked the name of the original engineer and rang him but he was on holidays. We were going to ring Billy’s solicitor to inform him but Billy quickly remembered that he too would be away for the week.  It looked like we had to wait for two weeks for this guy to come back from his holidays before the correct documents could be forwarded. I was uneasy.

Well, you can guess how mad I was and how much I went on and on about it.  Neither of us could believe that a professional person would sign their name to such an important document without checking the important details such as dates and relevancy.  I got a bad feeling and so did Billy.  Now we had to sit on it.  

Two days later, just before we were due to head off to our singing lessons, we pulled our Daily Cards.  Billy got Justice and The Ace of Swords

  Justice Upright  Ace of Swords


He showed them to me and I explained their significance under the circumstances.  We wanted the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We needed facts now and to cut to the heart of the matter.  It didn’t matter about the house. If it didn’t work out there would be other houses. We didn’t want to be wasting our time and effort on something that would not stand up to close inspection. We discussed it and decided that we couldn’t wait two weeks, and maybe  more, to know our fate. We had to find a way to get the information our engineer was looking for.  Our engineer is a straight talking man. Upfront, forthright and honest. He calls a spade a spade and is meticulously thorough in his work.  Justice told me that he would miss nothing, and if there was anything not quite right, this was the guy who would point it out.  We decided we would start making some phone calls ourselves later that day after our singing lessons.  

So with Billy’s Cards sorted, I pulled my two just as we were going out the door, late as usual. They were The High Priestess and The Three of Swords.

          The High Priestess Upright  3 of Swords Upright

Well, she certainly does show up a lot for me in recent times.  Again I could hear her coolly saying ‘what are you asking me for when you already know yourself. Look to the Three of Swords beside me, what do you think? Good news, celebrations, happiness and joy? ‘. I know, I know thought I, I have had a bad feeling about this ever since I read that document, and why we had to wait so long for something that should have been readily at hand? To my forensic mind, it didn’t add up. There was a blatant inefficiency about the whole thing that I didn’t like at all. The High Priestess was trying to break the news mildly by suggesting that you don’t get ‘too upset’ when you get the bad news. She reminded me that I already had my reservations and she was merely turning up to confirm them.  Her presence told me that there was certainly information that was being concealed and possible secrecy involved. She was also telling me to trust my gut instincts more because they would rarely let me down. 

And so we headed off to Dublin and our singing lesson. Later as we sat outside in the sunshine eating our shop bought sandwiches, I suggested to Billy that he might ring the surveyor to check if he had done any more with regards reporting on the house. Maybe he had managed to get the missing documents himself. Billy picked up his phone, it was still on silent after the singing lesson. He had forgotten to put it back to normal setting.  He had a missed call from the survey engineer. We rang back and thankfully got him.  Without going into detail, the news was not good. He had a long list of problems.  I am not sure if everyone is familiar with this saying but the house was ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ . What that means is that on the outside and to the inexpert eye, everything looks wonderful, amazing and fantastic, but start digging deeper, lifting things, looking under and behind things then you will begin to see the flaws. It is amazing what a good make-up artist can do to when they want to hide imperfections. He told us that he knew we wanted to hear it straight up and with no hesitation.  He certainly was ripping our rose-tinted glasses off and it was just what we needed.  He reassured us that we would find a lovely home and that it wouldn’t take us long. 

After the phone call, we headed home, feeling lighter and less stressed.  Internally, I was angry and gave out the whole way home about this and that, and about how careful we must be the next time round.  It had cost Billy money to be given this bad news, he will have to pay again for the next house he has surveyed. I was annoyed because in my belief, the vendor knew about all the issues, yet said nothing. The vendor had let Billy pay considerably for a survey he must have known would fail.  We talked it to death over dinner. The thing is we both agreed that we were not upset at all by the report, annoyed by the waste of time yes, but not upset. We had sensed something was wrong, had hoped our gut instinct was wrong, but when it wasn’t, we were neither shocked nor surprised.  Neither of us wanted to live in a house that would sprout nasty surprises on us in the coming months and years.

And so the search  continues. However, I must remember to tell you all about how we came upon that house in the first place. How my Dowsing Bobber lead us to it, and how now in hindsight, I had forgotten to ask all the relevant questions about it instead of just the limited few I did. The success of any dowsing activity depends on the effort put in.  You only get back the answers to the questions you ask.  It is often the questions you don’t ask that are the most important. It is quite an amazing story and totally true. 


I will be posting a new Daily Card Reading tomorrow, and later in the week will be going back on some of the previous ones to add another couple of Cards so that we might expand on their stories. 

Daily Card Reading Practice

Thank you to all who contributed their theories, concepts and interpretations on the last Daily Card Reading Practice, The Eight of Pentacles Reversed and The Ten of Swords. Before we move on to our next one,  I would like to add a couple more interpretations.

We must also look at the possibility of The Eight of Swords Reversed representing a Business that is being badly managed. Bad business practices, below standard products, under qualified staff, outdated equipment. Possibly money being spent in the wrong areas, or insufficient funds as a result of bad budgeting, and no contingency plans. The business owner may have taken a gamble or risk, invested in an expensive product or service that no one wants.  He hasn’t got what it takes to be in business and takes his advice from unreliable sources. He really could be involved in any sort of shady business, but it won’t last, and there is a chance he may take down a few with him when it all collapses around him.  He may very well try to save his own skin and live to fight another day, but he will leave a right mess behind him, and others put in very difficult circumstances.

Financially or physically, these Cards may suggest someone hitting rock bottom.

Relationship wise, the figure in The Reversed Eight may be so obsessed and engrossed with work, or just totally negligent and uncommitted, he is not paying attention to its imminent downfall.  His relationship may be on the rocks. If he does not act quickly he may not be able to save it.

Because the ruin, collapse or death-like situation is connected to the Reversed Pentacle, its roots are more than likely in the realm of finances, physical health and the material world; business, property, possessions, money, land, assets

We may come back to these two Cards at a later stage and add a couple more in order to get further insight. It might change the storyline completely or simply confirm our suspicions.

Today’s Cards are as follows: The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed


    8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed

This time I want you to approach them as follows:

  • The Cards are related to Relationship issues
  • The Cards are related to Work/Career/Business issues
  • The Cards are General

Pick any, or all three, and apply your interpretation and story-telling skills appropriately.

Please feel free to comment on each other’s interpretations or simply add to them. I will soon be changing to and will then be arranging a forum plugin to facilitate the group endeavour when doing Practice Readings. I will also be happy to see you do Readings for each other.

Today I start to re-work the Four Knights of The Court Cards and also the Lesson Content for Lesson 9, Part I.  Looks like I will have a busy day ahead of me. 


Vivien, (your Tarot Teacher)